Chimpanzee Tracking Tour in Kibale National Park – Uganda Primate Safari Destination

Chimpanzee Tracking Tour in Kibale National Park : Chimpanzee tracking is an activity that involves in walking through the jungle to search for chimps’, unpredictable experience which can take 2 to 5 hours depending on the chimpanzee movement in their nature inhabits. However, Kibale National park lies in western region of Uganda on the land totaling 766 square kilometers which was established to protect the diverse of wildlife species. The park is famously known for harboring larger number of chimpanzees and other 12 species of primates marking 13 species that are present in the park. Chimpanzee tracking being the main highlight within here and you meeting up with these unique great apes you will leave quite unforgettable experience in life. Chimpanzees are primates said to   have 98% of human’s DNA and the track –trek habituated species where one hour is allowed for visitors to watch the sweet lifestyle of these creature. Or you can opt to do chimpanzee habituation where visitors spend more time with the chimps.

Uganda is primitive country   with a total of about 5,000 chimpanzees and Kibale National Park hosts about 1,500 individuals.

Generally ,Kibale national park  is the top chimpanzee trekking Uganda primate safari destination  and contains one of the loveliest and most varied tracts of tropical forest in Uganda .The park is rich in wildlife with over 70 mammal species , 13 species of  primates including Chimpanzee .Moreover ,Kibale national park  also a stunning location for bird watching with over 360 species ,have total of 500 elephants  along leopards ,buffaloes ,bush pigs ,warthogs ,golden cats ,duiker as well as colorful  variety  of buffer flies.

Note, the park estimate 290 kilometers a tarmac road which takes about 4 to 5hours drive passing via Fort portal to Kanyanchu meeting center.

Chimpanzee Tracking Tour – Kibale National Park

Kibale’s popular done activity is the Kanyanchu primate walk by which thirteen species can be sought as well as a good variety of diurnal monkeys invariably encountered but the most tracked in Kibale’s trail are the chimpanzees. Chimpanzee have been tracked since 1993 and a chance of locating them are rewarding with other species. This activity starts early 8am after visitor’s breakfast and the finishing time in unpredictable it depends on various factors. It’s an impressive primate walk that provides the chance to observe chimpanzees in their nature in habitat. Meaning Kanyanchu primate groups are trained with eye contact to human presence. An activity that allows for registration and briefing is recommended before you set off for chimpanzee tracking. As your tracking, you will have chances of seeing other species like black and white colobus monkeys, red tailed, L’Hoest moneys, birds, green vegetation among others. Once chimpanzees are seen you will be limited with one hour in a group size of 6 visitors. That one hour is given to you to observe them and learn how they spend their day in the jungle, breastfeeding their younger ones, grooming it’s really an exciting time on top of that have memorable photography and video recording. After return back to the lodge or opt to do another activity.

Chimpanzee Tracking Tour in Kibale National Park
Chimpanzee Trekking in Kibale

Note; Participants must be aged 16 years.

For travelers planning a trip on their own requires to obtain chimpanzee permit, as they cannot be amended once booked. The permits costs USD200 per person. So we advise you to book your permit in advance, mostly in the high season which starts from June to September and December to February. You can still visit the park in low season ‘’April, May and November’’ and enjoy the cheaper and quieter places though heavy rain makes hiking difficult and drastically reduce visibility in the forest. All arrangements to do in the park can be helped by the travel agent.

What to pack for chimp tracking?

 Tracking chimpanzees is quite impressive and needs someone to wear full comfortable attires in order to enjoy the activity. Such essentials include; decent walking shoes or boots, sweater, long sleeved shirt and trousers, hat, pair of binoculars, rain jackets or poncho. During tracking expect to carry stinging pants, insect repellents, hands gloves, enough mineral water bottle among others.

Rules and Regulations –Kibale Chimpanzee Tracking Safari Uganda

Keep a distance of 5 to 6 meters away from chimps

 Tracking is limited to the age of 16 years

 Eating and drinking before chimps is not allowed

Ill trackers are not allowed to track

Only digital cameras are allowed

Chimpanzee Tracking Tour in Kibale National Park
what to pack for chimpanzee trekking

Always listen to your guide’s instructions

Don’t look directly in the eyes of chimpanzees

Book now! Be part of life time changing activity of chimpanzee tracking and have a rewardable sight of these great apes in their nature inhabit where large population of chimps can be found in the entire East Africa. Travel today to Uganda safari destination and encounter our closely related popular species to the pearl of Africa, ’the capital of primates ‘’Kibale National Park.

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