Discover Ndali-Ksenda Crater Fields : Stretching over an area of approximately 30 km, Ndali-Kasenda crater fields are scenically situated in western part of Uganda Fort Portal-Kabarole district approximately 350km from Kampala capital city which is also famously known as the tourist city of Uganda. It lies strategically between the national parks of Kibale and Queen Elizabeth making ones Uganda wildlife safaris in these national parks even more interesting due to the ease of accessibility. This region however is spotted with over 60 beautiful crater lakes being mainly explosion craters offering scenic views that makes Uganda safaris among the best possible experience while on an African Tour. However, some of these crater lakes have been discovered to be radiating volcanic gasses and have green coloured water that maybe toxic to human and certain wildlife.

Besides this region having numerous beautiful lakes it is also surrounded with stunning green hills and trees, valleys and this area too is filled with birds which makes it a beautiful beautiful Uganda birding safari destination not forgetting the cultural experience.

The following are lakes found in Ndali-Kasenda Region and beautiful attractions associated with each.

Discover Ndali-Ksenda Crater Fields : Lake Nyabikere

Also known as “lake of frogs “this lake is among the oldest lakes in Uganda known for its beautiful scenery in the surrounding rising at around 1384 meter above the sea, lake nyabikere is found in the tourist district of kabarole in Uganda its name originated due to the fact of it being a lake harbouring very many frogs.

While on a Uganda safari one can carry out many activities at lake Nyabikere such as canoeing on the lake, nature walks around the lake and green forests around the lake, birding would as well serve as a great attraction as the lake and trees are home to numerous bird species such as the great blue turaco, African Openbill, crowned eagle, African fin foot mong others biking and wildlife viewing can also be done at lake nyabikere.

Discover Ndali-Ksenda Crater Fields : Lake Nkuruba

Known for its, Eco tourism which aims at educating tourists on how to conserve the environment, the community around lake nkuruba has long since worked to conserve the nature around this lake however it is not only known for this reason but can be a destination for a Uganda primate trekking safari especially the colobus monkeys. This place also offers beautiful sceneries that are suitable for nature photography and hikes

While on a Uganda safari in lake Nkuruba, one can do a birding safari, forest walks, canoeing, fishing with the locals, chimpanzee tracking in kibble national park, community tours, photography especially while capturing the beautiful sceneries around the lake.

Discover Ndali-Ksenda Crater Fields
Lake Nkuruba

Discover Ndali-Ksenda Crater Fields : Lake Nyinambuga

Formed as a result of volcanic activity lake nyinambuga is located in western Uganda forming one of the ndali- ka    crater lakes. This lake appears on the Uganda 20,000 shillings note and is famous for its beautiful scenery and appearance. It is also known to have very clean waters that mirror the surrounding green hills and vegetation creating a very beautiful scenery.

While on a tour/safari, tourists shall enjoy beautiful birding experience, hiking in nature, photographic activities, fishing that involves spot fishing activities and trying to spot the different types of fish species available in the lake, swimming not to mention but a few.

Lake kifuruka

Sitting next to lake nyinambuga on the west, lake kifuruka is found in Burahya county in western Uganda neighboring villages of lyantonde and kabata. this lake offers tourists the opportunity to at a glance to view the beauty of ndali kasenda region. It also has an eco-campsite owned by the community where tourists are trained on how to preserve the environment around this beautiful lake such that the nature in the area is preserved for ages to come. The campsite her also has a restaurant and lodge where one can enjoy the beautiful local cuisine and also be able to reside in a location where one can view the different scenic sides of kibale ndali-kasenda region.

While on a Uganda wildlife safari on kibale national game park one can take off time to visit lake kifuruka and enjoy various thrilling activities that include the following, birding, community encounter, primate trekking, swimming, taking nature hikes, canoeing, fishing activities which involve spot fishing one can also relax while taking and enjoying the view of the forest while at the community lodges among others. To fully explore this wonderful experience one can book a wonderful Uganda safari with Achieve global safaris which can be tailored to their preference and budget.

Lake Lyantonde

Approximately 20km from fort portal town in kabarole district, lake lyantonde is strategically located 16km from kibale national park a national park known for its great chimpanzee trekking opportunities. This lake offers beautiful opportunities of of beautiful sunrises, lake views and the gorgeous landscape that surrounds the lake.

Lake lyantonde also has an Eco campsite and lodge where tourists can be trained about the different ways of preserving nature. one can also have relaxing activities at the lodge and get an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sceneries right from one’s place of rest.

Activities such as fishing, birding, nature walks, boat cruises, community encounters, hiking, relaxation among others can be enjoyed while on a Uganda safari on lake lyantonde.

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