Entebbe International Airport

Entebbe International Airport is the main entrance point to the Republic of Uganda. Entebbe International Airport is the only international airport in Uganda, and is indeed the main entry point to Uganda. Uganda is a landlocked Republic in East Africa, a great and popular tourist destination due to the country’s location and favorable climate. Uganda is a great tourist destination with a variety of attractions including mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, lions especially tree climbing lions, stunning landscapes among so much more that travelers can enjoy while on a tour in Uganda. For travelers to get to Uganda, they shall most definitely have to use the Entebbe International Airport, Uganda’s major entry point.

Entebbe International Airport is located in Entebbe town, at the shores of Lake Victoria which is the largest fresh water lake in Africa. It is about only 10 minutes’ drive from Entebbe town to Entebbe International Airport, and it is only 40kms from Kampala city, the capital city of Uganda.

Entebbe International Airport has two terminals handling both domestic and international flights, serving a good number of international airlines. Common international airlines that Entebbe International Airport serves include KLM, Fly Dubai, South African Airways, Egypt Air, Air Tanzania, Ethiopian Airlines, Etihad Airways, Emirates, Qatar Airways, RwandAir, among so many others. Entebbe International Airport is a hub of the country’s courier, Uganda Airlines which was revamped in August 2019 after almost 18 years of non-operation. Uganda Airlines operates regional and international flights to destinations like among others Nairobi, Mogadishu, Juba, and China; and is still growing and increasing on its scope.

Entebbe International Airport was inaugurated in 1951, when Uganda was still a British colonial country. Entebbe International Airport is currently undergoing construction since the year 2015 all in the bid to expand the capacity of the airport especially of the cargo area, strengthening of the existing runways as well as the expansion of the new passenger terminal building to accommodate up to 930 arriving and 820 departing passengers from 410 arriving and 320 departing passengers.

Entebbe International Airport
Uganda Airlines

Just like any other international airport in the world and a major entry point of a country, there are requirements needed at the Entebbe International Airport that any traveler should have. Before embarking on a trip to Uganda for any reason, you should make sure to have all the necessary documents that shall allow you entry into the country. Below are the various documents that you shall be subjected to availing once you do land at the Entebbe International Airport;

  • A valid passport. To be allowed entry into Uganda while at the Entebbe International Airport, you ought to present a valid passport at the immigration point. Your passport must be valid with t least 6 months before expiry.
  • Valid Visa. A visa is a document that allows one access into a given a country. A Uganda visa can be purchased either online or upon arrival, depending on how much time you have and your preference. For those that shall choose to have visas upon arrival, they can get them from the immigration office at the Entebbe International Airport.
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination card. Travelers should get vaccinated against Yellow Fever which is prevalent in Africa. Have a valid yellow fever vaccination card with you upon arrival lest you shall be subjected to a mandatory vaccination at Entebbe International Airport.

A typical Entebbe International Airport experience

Once your flight arrives in Uganda, you shall disembark from the aircraft and proceed to the arrival terminal from where you shall avail your yellow fever vaccination card. After you are cleared, you shall proceed to the immigration desk from where you shall present your valid passport and visa for stamping and if you are getting a visa upon arrival, you shall get it from here still. Thereafter, you shall proceed to the luggage collection point, pass security and then get out of the airport building to meet with your driver or guide.

Entebbe International Airport Facilities and Services

There are a number of facilities and services that Entebbe International Airport provides to travelers and they include among others;

  • VIP Lounge: this a waiting area for the government officials and diplomats.
  • Airline Lounge: An airline lounge is a privately managed lounge area by a specific airline. Airline lounges are places that travelers using the particular airlines sit while waiting for their departure times. Most airline lounges have internet, a TV, and drinks and snacks among others.

Other facilities at the Entebbe International Airport include the meeting passenger facility, facilities for persons with disabilities and special needs say wheelchairs, ramps, among others, and a baggage facility among other facilities and services.

Entebbe International Airport is also a hub for domestic airlines that operate domestic flights to various destinations in the country, as well as a number of national parks of Uganda like Kidepo Valley National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park among others. The most common domestic airlines include Aerolink and Eagle Air. These domestic airlines have both scheduled and chartered flights to various airstrips around Uganda say Kisoro airstrip, Mweya airstrip, Chobe airstrip, Kihihi airstrip, Kasese airstrip, Kidepo airstrip, Moyo airport, Jinja airport, Soroti airport, among so many others.

While on a Uganda safari tour or just have some time to spare before your departure flight, there are a number of activities in Entebbe that you may enjoy and have time pass as you wait for your departure flight. These include among others visiting the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, Sport fishing on Lake Victoria, visit the Uganda reptile village, enjoy a boat cruise of Lake Victoria, enjoy any of the open beaches and visit the Entebbe Botanical Gardens for birding adventures as well as relaxation.

Planning to visit Uganda for business, education, leisure or whatever? The Entebbe International Airport is surely the one airport you shall use to enter Uganda unless of course you are connecting from other countries like Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania where you can use the well manned border points to get to Uganda. While in Uganda, take time to explore her magnificent beauty. Gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, Uganda cultural tours, Uganda wildlife tours to Queen Elizabeth National park and Murchison Falls National Park are some of the most amazing and most commonly opted for tourist attractions and destinations; and yet there is much more that Uganda the Pearl of Africa has to offer like he Nile River adventure activities like grade five white water rafting, boat cruises on Kazinga channel and more, among so many other attractions in Uganda. Get in touch with a reputable tour operator to give you one of the most amazing packages to tour Uganda.

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