Entrance fees for Serengeti national park

Entrance Fees for Serengeti National Park

Serengeti national park is located in the northern part of Tanzania and is among the national parks in the northern circuit. This national park is known for the wildebeest migration and for its variety of wildlife species.

Tourists who visit Serengeti national park pay a fee for entering into the national park which is about USD 71 and it includes taxes charged by the Tanzanian government. The entrance fee is paid at the gate of the national park and is valid for 24 hours.

National parks in Tanzania are managed by the Tanzanian Wildlife Authority which is responsible for the sustainable management of wildlife resources. This organization works together with the local community and other stakeholders for mutual benefits from tourism.

 The entrance fee to Serengeti national park is independent of some of the activities that the tourists such as hot air balloons which are managed privately.

There are also wildlife conservation fees which are paid by tourists who visit Serengeti national park and stay inside the national park. the payments can be made through master card and using a visa card since cash is not accepted as payments for entrance fees to the national parks.

Payments are also made for people who want to have camping as an option for accommodation during trips at a fee of and permission for people who wish to sleep at any of the campsites is got from TANAPA or the park wardens.

Camping fees are paid per person per night and there is no need to book the public campsites in advance. Campsites include both private and public campsites in the national park and they are found in different locations.

The VAT tax of 18% is levied on the components of the safari. There are also charges for transit through the Ngorongoro conservation area when coming from and returning to Arusha and the fee is valid for 24 hours. Payment is made by all those who enter the conservation area even those who are passing through and continuing to Serengeti national park.

The most favorable way to travel without any inconveniences to Serengeti national park is by using a tour operator such as Focus East Africa to organize for the trip which includes all the necessary payments such as entrance fees to access the national park.

The fees paid are valid for single entry and proof of identification is mandatory at the entry gate. The entrance fees for Serengeti national park is nonrefundable when it is paid at the entrance of the national park.

Forms of identification include resident permits, exemption certificate, temporary passes attached with government receipt and acknowledgment letter, diplomatic passport or id for expatriates or residents and their dependents living in Tanzania.

EAC citizens include nationals from Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, and South Sudan. 

Serengeti national park only deals with properly registered and licensed tour operators who are also members of an association of tour operators with exceptions of those who are granted permission in writing by the warden in charge of the national park.

Entrance Fees for Serengeti National Park
Serengeti National Park wildlife 

The park fees also vary from one national park to another depending on the nationality of the person who wishes to visit the national park as well as the age of the person who is visiting the national park that is the entrance fees for children are different from those of the adults.

The entrance fees for Serengeti national park is used to promote conservation purposes within the national park. The fee for entrance into this national park is also aimed at benefiting the tourism sector by improving tourist facilities and infrastructure such as roads, bridges, airstrips as well as catering for the increasing number of tourists and to diversify the tourist activities in the national park.

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