Explore Inema Arts Center : Inema Arts Center in Kigali, Rwanda, is more than just an art gallery. It’s a vibrant hub that fosters creativity, personal growth, and community engagement. The village arts and the gallery are the fascinating attractions. The Inema Arts Center is more than just an art gallery, it’s an inspiring venue for sharing different forms of artistic expression while contributing positively to the underserved community. Founded in 2012 by brothers and self-taught painters Emmanuel Nkuranga and Innocent Nkurunziza, the center aims to spur creativity for personal, social, and economic growth in Rwanda. The center is non-organization that provides training and exhibitions opportunity to Rwandan artists

Today, Inema Arts Center has become a beacon in Rwanda for cultivating creative expression. Inema Arts Center is a collective of Rwandan creative artists. Inema Arts Center also provides space for artists in residence to explore their creative talent. Specializing in contemporary African Arts, Crafts, Music, and Dance. Inema’s artists produce paintings, sculptures, and mixed media expressions showcased in, the Gallery at Inema Arts Center. The Center is home to programmes, projects, and initiatives that expand creative arts in Rwanda. Through workshops, trainings, and hands on classes, the Inema Arts Center provides a space to fuel creative.

During a cultural visit in Inema Art Center , you will be immersed with a variety of thrilling activities were you will get a chance of engaging such as Art Gallery and Studio, the center is more than just an art gallery. It’s an inspiring venue for sharing different forms of artistic expression while contributing positively to the underserved community. A tourist visiting the Inema Studio will get a chance to witness creativity on traditional crafts and see artists painting and producing live .The gallery showcases a dynamic mix of paintings, sculptures, and contemporary takes on traditional crafts. Visiting the center will amazed you with special events like poetry nights, workshops and cultural evening’s performances.

You will also get an opportunity to participate in creativity programs such as Art with a mission, this program works with orphans, granting them an opportunity to discover and use their artistic talent. Inema Arts Center guides these young artists, teaching them art as a skill, a talent, an occupation, and an endurance skill.

During a visit to Inema Art center, you will a chance to enter in Nziza Art Initiative and Workshops which showcase the products solely made by the community women were you will get to see amazing products like jewelry, African lines and leatherworks made at the Nziza workshop containing brand names like SONGA, Abraham and Azizi contribute to this initiative

The Inema art center also conduct astonishing Iname dances were you will get to immerse yourself in a magnificent dance performances conducted around the country. The Iname cultural dances not only concentrates in the cultural values but also acting as a way of income generation for children’s school fees.

You will as well take park in Inema Cafe, were you will get a chance to enjoy the taste of authentic Rwandan coffee at the Inema Cafe. The Café offers light refreshments such as wrapped sandwiches, hot and cold drinks, wraps, cakes and cookies from their menu.

The center also designed with many exciting weekly activities showcases each day thrilling such as yoga classes, painting sessions, and personalized guided tours among others to enrich visitor’s experiences.

Explore Inema Arts Center
Inema Arts Center

Aside the creative tour to Inema Art Centre you can also try some other adventurous activities within Kigali City either before or after your visit to the art center. Below are some or the interesting and fascinating place you can visit during the tours

Kigali genocide memorial

The Kigali genocide memorial in Rwanda is a place of remembrance, reflecting and education, dedicated to the memory of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. The Kigali genocide memorial center is situated just near Gisozi of about 10 minutes’ drive from the city heart. The Kigali genocide memorial servers as resting place for over 250,000 Rwandans who were slaughtered during the 1994 genocide. It is operated by AEGIS, a UK-based non-governmental organization dedicated to preventing genocides across the world. Visitors to the Kigali Genocide Memorial can take part in a range of activities. These include guided tours of the memorial, workshops and seminars, and educational activities. The memorial also hosts a range of cultural activities, such as music and dance performances, film screening and art exhibitions. The Kigali Genocide Memorial is an important site for remembrance, reflection and education about the genocide. It is a place of hope and resilience, where visitors can learn about the horrors of the past and the importance of peace and reconciliation.

Visitors on a cultural tour to Inema Art center can also add on their cultural adventure safaris to visit the Bisesero Genocide Memorial Site situated of about 60 kilometers from Kibuye-Rwanda. The genocides contains the remains of over 40,000 Rwandans who were killed. Travelers visiting Bisesero genocide will get an opportunity to be narrated stories of the Tutsi’s struggle against their Hutu assailants in the highlands of Bisesero, where they utilized stones and sticks to repel the Hutu assaults.

Visitors visiting Inema Art center can also take part in Mountain gorilla trekking, this is the great and unique activity to do in Rwanda, famous gorilla trekking is carries out in Rwandans Virungas mountains at volcanoes national park located in the northwest of the province. This fascinating mountain gorillas trekking can only be found and carried out in only three countries such as Uganda, democratic republic of Congo and Rwanda itself. You can also encounter the rare Golden monkey tracking in the park, Volcanoes National Park offers excellent opportunities for bird watching with over 200 bird species exists among others. A visitors can as well embark on the wildlife safaris by taking park in Hiking up through the Virunga volcanoes is an unforgettable experience that should not be missed while visiting Rwanda. Those short three hour treks through gorilla forests are considered one of the best times you can spend in Africa

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