Facts about Uganda Wildlife Safari Destinations : Uganda worldwide is famously known as a hospitable country and a country with good climate loving and attractive thus naming it the pearl of Africa as well as its green land scape and conducive weather. Above all, when it comes to the facts about Uganda Wildlife safaris you will need to know more through visiting the safari destinations on the suggested numbery of days. When we talk about tourism in Africa, Uganda is among the top visited and highly recommended destination because of range of unique wildlife species few to mention the great mountain gorillas, tree climbing lions, bird species among others, major attractions, beautiful scenery all these will just make your journey to Uganda unforgettable experience in life time. Moreover, Uganda’s wildlife is quite broad with so much unique and rare species of mammals.

Below are the facts a traveler may need to know before embarking on your Uganda Safaris.

Uganda has the largest population of endangered Mountain Gorillas in the world.

Mountain gorillas are major tourist’s attraction on Uganda safaris of which these unique species attract millions of people worldwide each year with many visitors coming for Gorilla trekking and Gorilla Habituation experience. Currently, in the wild there left over 1064 individuals and half of the population reside in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park. They are critically endangered and highly threatened by encroachments on their habitat, human encroachment, poaching and diseases. The only way to access these great mountain gorillas is to hold valid permit in order to trek –track these mountain gorillas in their nature inhabitant, I advise you to book your gorilla permit in advance, through ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority offices or by help of a trustworthy tour operator and if you don’t mind you can book with us Achieve Global Safaris through contacting us via Emails. Gorilla permits costs USD700 per person per trek for the foreign nonresident, USD600 for foreign residents and East African member’s costs UGX250,000. Gorilla habituation –a full day activity costs USD1500 per person per trek.

Facts about Uganda Wildlife Safari Destinations
Uganda Gorilla Trekking

Uganda has over 1085 bird species

Uganda has over 1085 species of birds in total, and definitely a paradise of birders with a percentage of 68% of the continent and 11% of the total population recorded in the entire world. The best sites for birding on Uganda Safaris are Mamamba wetlands ,Lake Mburo National park , Murchison Falls National park ,Queen Elizabeth national park ,Kibale Forest national park ,Semuliki reserve ,Botanical gardens in Entebbe and are habitat of forest ,acacia savannah ,grassland ,agricultural lands ,Riverine forest ,Moist woodland ,Borassus palm savannah ,Papyrus swamps ,Lake and Rivers among others .Key list of bird species to see on Uganda birding sites include ;Shoe bill ,African fin foot ,White faced Go-way birds ,Dusky Twin spot , Think-billed and streaky seedeaters ,Rwenzori Nightjar , Cassin’s Hawk Eagle ,Toro olive Greenbul ,Black Bee-eaters ,Red- headed Malimbe ,Grey- headed sparrow ,Papyrus gonolek ,Purple breasted sun bird ,Malachite sunbird ,Rwenzori Turaco ,Cape Robin , Doherty’s Bush Shrike ,Oriole Finch ,Bar-tailed Trogon  ,Lagden’s Bush shrike ,Waller’s starling ,Dwarf Honey –Guide ,Collared Apalis ,Dusky Crimson wing ,Handsome Francolin ,Rwenzori Batis ,African Green Broadbill ,Chestnut-capped Flycatcher ,Pavel’s Illadopsis ,Regal sunbird mentioned but few.

Zika Virus originated from Zika Forest in Entebbe

Zika virus which become a big threat in the world and claimed to have originated from Zika forest in Entebbe. This is the virus which was first noticed in the country in 1947 in monkeys through a circle that researched on yellow fever. Then later it was noticed in humans in the year 1952 in Uganda as well as its neighboring country Tanzania. Despite the virus originated from Zika Forest and also more common in America especially South America. However, Zika forest is one of the best birding areas in Entebbe.

Uganda has more than 345 mammal species

Uganda has a biodiversity of flora and fauna that reflects wide range of habitats that is mountains, hills, tropical rainforest, woodland, freshwater lakes, swamps, and open savannah grassland, wildlife include primates –mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. The country boosts with ten national parks and thirteen wildlife reserves. In total Uganda has over 345 mammal species is all sizes but ranging from large mammals like Gorillas, lions, Buffaloes, Elephants, leopards among others small species are Bats, moles and shrews.

These mammals are grouped into three categories of primates ‘’Mountain gorillas, Chimpanzees and Monkey many more. The carnivores include Leopards, African wildcats, Cheetahs and many, Herbivores are Buffaloes, Elephants and Giraffes and more.

Facts about Uganda Wildlife Safari Destinations
Uganda Wildlife Tours

Uganda has best wilderness in the Continent

Uganda truly a beautiful country with much to see thus making it one of the best destination with the most attractive wildlife. Moreover, Uganda is a gifted country with a very broad species of wildlife species positioned in various sides of the country. It is well known that great mountain gorillas are the signature of the of the Uganda’s wildlife which attracts millions of foreign tourists to come encounter them with their sights-through gorilla trekking or habituation experience where they are given enough time to spend with these unique gentle giants in their protected nature inhabitants.

The best way to enjoy or adventure the real facts about Uganda’s wildlife is to get started now through planning your safari to Uganda with a reliable tour operator. If you don’t hesitate! Book a Uganda Safari with us today and we assure you we shall guarantee you with a wildlife special, in true African wilderness, an adventure you will have and never unforgettable just worth a visit on African continent –Pearl of Africa ‘’Uganda -East Africa’’.

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