Family Tours in Uganda

Family Tours in Uganda : Family tours in Uganda are an amazing opportunity for families to travel together and encounter and explore Uganda on a Uganda safari tour fit for just families. Family tours in Uganda that travellers take on have travellers holding all the memories shared close and bonds made deeper. Uganda is one of the countries in Africa and the world that travellers can visit as families with varying ages and still have a wonderful time and take back great memories. Uganda is the pearl of Africa, and has so much to offer to travellers even on family tours in Uganda.

Going on safaris with family is very rewarding, and more and more people are appreciating this. Families are now venturing into traveling together with their little ones including teens to Africa and enjoying amazing Africa safari experiences, and also discover places and cultures beyond their home of origin. For travellers considering family tours in Uganda, there is much one should consider unlike when you would if you were traveling solo or with friends. Considerations like the length of the tour in terms of days, the age of children, activities that all the family can and shall enjoy, considerations of the long road drives in the country that you may have not otherwise been used too, among so many others. Below are some of the considerations you should have or know when planning family tours in Uganda;

  • There are tourist activities that have an age limit. Gorilla trekking and chimpanzee tracking for example have a minimal age of 15 years below which travellers cannot take part in the gorilla trekking adventures in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park which also has a golden monkey tracking activity. Children below the age of 15 years therefore cannot take part in gorilla trekking or chimpanzee tracking; having alternative activities for them therefore should be considered when planning family tours in Uganda.
  • Uganda has a variety of activities that travellers can do. Some activities are however too strenuous and very active therefore proving exhausting to children and the elderly as well. Activities like mountain hiking, nature walks that take up to more than 4 hours may be too much for some members of the family given the length of hours and the terrain. Alternative activities like game drives, short nature walks, community visits and the like can be arranged for them while the more capable members of the family take up the other strenuous and very active activities. Note that Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Kibale National Park in particular have child-friendly activities that they can do while you the adults enjoy your gorilla trekking experiences, all the while supervised by trained park staff thereby guaranteeing their safety.
Family Tours in Uganda
Family Tours in Uganda
  • There are fees paid to the park for entrance. Both adults and children above the age pf 5 pay entrance fees, though children do pay a much subsidised fare. Children below 5 years have free access to national parks and most tourist sites in Uganda.

When thinking of having family tours in Uganda, most travellers have a number of questions that do cross their mind. Some of the questions include;

Are there accommodation in tourist sites and national parks suitable for an entire family?

Whereas some families are small, there are those that are relatively large and also large ones, with varying age brackets of family members and tastes and preferences. The planners therefore tend to worry if there are any suitable accommodation in say national parks that would suit the entire family, as well as take them all in without as much as separating them. Destination Uganda has a number of hotels, lodges and camps that travellers can stay and can comfortably accommodate different travellers depending on one’s budget. Most accommodation facilities in Uganda have age limitations with children of say 5 years and below in some lodges staying for free, while others may have different age limitations but in all children pay much less than the adults, if not not pay at all. Accommodation facilities also have amenities like swimming pools, and child-friendly staff and areas that the family can stay in without much as to worry of their safety.

Are there safari vehicles to accommodate even large numbers of family groups?

Is your family large or small? Worry not about the availability of the kind of safari vehicle to accommodate you all. Depending on the number of persons per family, there are appropriate safari vehicles ready to transport you and your family all throughout the safari days. Most commonly found in Uganda are 4WD safari vehicles that seats 8 people. Just let your tour operator know the number of expected travellers and all shall be put in consideration while planning for your wonderful and memorable family tours in Uganda. In most safari vehicles, you shall be provided with bottled drinking water to keep you rehydrated throughout the road drive.

Activities that tourists on family tours in Uganda can enjoy include;

Family game drives.

Family game drives are some of best way to experience the breath taking wildlife of Uganda. Travellers get to sight the amazing big five 5 and more of the wildlife in the Uganda national parks like lions, elephants, buffaloes, zebras, antelopes, and elands, among so many others. Travellers on family tours in Uganda can enjoy family game drives in Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, and Lake Mburo National Park.

Family Game Drives in Queen Elizabeth National park
Family Game Drives in Queen Elizabeth National park

Horseback riding

Horseback riding especially in Lake Mburo National Park has travellers enjoying their stay while on family tours in Uganda. Get to ride on horses, with children being catered for as well, and get to chase wildlife in its natural habitat. Horseback riding is done in the presence of armed rangers to protect you in case of anything.

Cultural encounters

Cultural encounters is an activity that has families learning new cultures by engaging in various activities with the locals, including among others weaving, cooking, playing local games, visiting local schools, among others.

Boat safaris, picnics, walking safaris in parks say Lake Mburo National Park, hot air ballooning safaris, cycling, among others are some of the activities that travellers on family tours in Uganda can enjoy with their families.

Spending quality time with one’s family, every now and then is a great thing that has one creating the most amazing memories as well as reminiscing some of their past fun activities shared. Family tours in Uganda shall have you enjoying great experiences, in the wild with your loved ones and bond even the more. Just reach out to a knowledgeable and reputable tour operator to help you put together one of the most memorable all inclusive family tour in Uganda.

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