Game drives in Nairobi national park : Nairobi National Park covers north of 117 square kilometers, this noteworthy preservation region is a safe house for wildlife fans and nature sweethearts looking for a true African safari experience.

Nairobi national park offers game drive action to sightseers who would love to venture the destination more and more for its exclusive sceneries, Game Drives in Nairobi National Park are the most famous action done in the national park.

Game drives in the national park allow sightseers to sight wildlife in a 4 by-4 open land cruiser or another safari vehicle and this tends to be an excellent experience in the national park.

This is the closes way you can see wildlife creatures as well as spot bird species and the drives occur in different time intervals that is the morning shift that beginnings at 6:00 am-9:00 am and the midday game drive that starts from 4:00 pm-6 pm.

In order to experience the best kind of game drives in Nairobi national park is during the months of the dry season from July to October and January to February due to the fact that during these months the vegetation is scanty which makes it simpler to recognize different wild creatures.

Game drives in Nairobi National Park require 4 hours in order for one to have the best experience of this Kenya safari activity besides there is likewise a night game drive, the daytime drives that regularly begin at 3 pm-6 pm and the night game drive begins at 7 pm-10 pm.

During the game drives a sightseers can see fascinating wild creatures of more than 80 creature species that incorporate, north of 40 lions, and north of 90 rhinos.

During the game drive you will actually want to see creatures of land and water and reptiles since they are finished 40 in number not forgetting over 400 bird species such as; Falcon, Jackson’s widow bird, metalworker lapwing, hartlaub’s bustard, lesser kestrel, gray harrier, secretary bird, conjugal hawk, African fish falcon, Kori bustard, delegated crane, lilac-breasted roller, super starling, vultures, normal moorhen, long-followed financial, ostrich, dark headed heron, hornbills, and weavers among others.

Game drives in Nairobi national park
Game drives in Nairobi national park

Game drive in Nairobi National Park You ought to wear free yet fitting long pants, a Shirt, a cap, shades, and boots and you can also carry along with you some snacks to keep you during the game drive.

Game drives in Kenya are just excellent activities to engage in while at the Nairobi national park, this will permit one to know more about the park’s history and also the variety of wildlife in the national park hence thrilling ventures in the Republic of Kenya.

With Achieve global safaris you can get to explore the national park both day and night with the help of well-trained safari guides who will drive you around to see to it that you get the best moments in the country and also make bookings for your accommodation facilities.

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