Guide to visiting Arabuko Sokoke Forest National Park: Arabuko Sokoke National Park is one of the destinations that blesses tourists with unforgettable adventure because exploring this national park gives you a glimpse of the unique wilderness around the country due to the fact that it has a rich biodiversity and it surrounded with beautiful physical features such as; ancient forests, dense forests, wetlands, sand dunes, savannah, stunning water bodies, a wide range of plant species and various wildlife species which act as top tourist attractions that lead many people to travel from different parts of the world. Arabuko Sokoke forest is considered a good natural paradise and there are various activities within the park, which tourists can engage in while on their safari.

Guide to visiting Arabuko Sokoke Forest National Park

Arabuko Sokoke forest is found on the east coast of Kenya which is among the top destinations for wildlife lovers this national park was first gazetted as a forest reserve in 1943 and it was upgraded to a national park in 1998 because of its good ecosystem.  This game park covers a total surface area of about 420 square kilometers. More so, this national park derived its name from the common words that were used by the Waata tribe who used to live within this forest such as; Arbi which means elephants, Sokoke which refers to short trees, Huko which means thin hence which makes this national park is a forest of the thin elephant species. More so, Arabuko Sokoke National Park is being managed by Kenya Wildlife Services who have the major role of protecting all the national parks in the country and the parks conservations. This organization helps enforce anti-poaching activities, which always lead to a reduction in the number of animal species within the parks. More so, the Kenya Wildlife Services also outreach many programs in order to promote the sustainable development of the areas by focusing on environmental education and awareness, which helps people within the neighboring communities to appreciate and love the natural heritage within the surrounding.

Amazing things to do at Arabuko Sokoke National Park.

Exploring within Arabuko Sokoke National Park offers tourists marvelous opportunities to engage in several activities, which are interesting and give them a lot to learn about the adventure and some of these activities include;

Bird watching.

Arabuko Sokoke National Park boasts flora and fauna and has the most impressive array of animal life and many plant species however, it is also seen as a birder’s paradise because it harbors around 260 bird species that are always available within different areas of the park that individuals can see such as; Sokoke pipit, Sokoke scops owl, Clarke’s weaver, crowned hornbill, lizard buzzard, crested guinea fowl, Northern carmine bee-eater, African goshawk, Accipiter tachiro and many others.

Wildlife viewing.

Arabuko Sokoke forest is a home to variety numbers of mammal species which tourists can see best while they explore different areas of the park and some of these animals include; buffalos, elephants and around 49 reptile species such as; rock pythons, day geulo, forest cobras, bush snake, sharp nosed viper and other primate species like; the rare golden rumped elephant shrew, endangered Ader’s duikers, antelopes and many others.

Butterfly sighting

Arabuko Sokoke Forest National Park is home to a huge number of butterflies including the flying handkerchief butterflies, making it possible for visitors to immerse themselves in this fascinating activity. The Arabuko Sokoke forest offers a cool breath that favors the breeding of the butterflies. For the butterflies watchers, here is the ideal place in Kenya to visit. Tourists on a butterfly watching safari in the park will have an opportunity to spot different colorful butterflies such as Mimetic, Boliochila Minima of Lycaenodea family, the Charaxes blende of the Nymphalidea family, and there is other several species that dwell in the forest reserve such as amuris ochlea, danaus chrrtsippus alcipus among others.

Nature walks

Nature walks in the forest reserves are one of the exciting activities to take part in while on a Kenya safari, nature walks offer visitors the opportunity to explore the hidden treasures of the forest because they involve on foot adventure safari. During a nature walk safari in the forest reserve, you will have an opportunity to encounter with different fascinating creatures that dwell in the forest such as animal species, birds, reptiles mammals, as well as butterflies which gives them a good nature experience.

Guide to visiting Arabuko Sokoke Forest National Park
Nature walks and viewing


The beautiful trails have favored those who love some athletic sports like running. You can take a run in one of the short or long trails as you explore the forest on foot. You will encounter a number of birds and butterflies along the way. The forest is so much cooler, that you will only feel your own heat in the body, as you enjoy the forest canopy.


The national forest reserves have 3 excellent sites the official campsite, upon the tall tree platforms, or at the Nyari Cliff, taking in a spectacular sunrise. Camping here is so much reward, especially in the dry season when the weather favors camping. The natural environment will reward you with the most magnificent campsite you dream of. There is enough firewood for cooking and the environment is so cool for you to enjoy the forest feel. Visitors who rea interested in camping for a fascinating night’s stay in the forest reserve should move along with their camping equipment and spend a night with their families, and friends while enjoying the campfires, and the natural wilderness of the reserve during the Kenya safari.

When to go to Arabuko-Sokoke National Park

The humid coastal climate of the forest means it’s often very hot at the park. Visit between August and April for the most comfortable conditions, but you’ll need light clothes and plenty of water at any time of year.

Getting to Arabuko-Sokoke Forest National Park

To get to Arabuko Sokoke National Park from Mombasa, you have several options:

By Road, the park is accessible by tarmac road from Mombasa along the B8 coastal highway to Malindi. The gate to the park is a slight detour from the main road, about 1 km before Watamu and Gadi.

By air

You can fly to Mombasa airport and drive up to the coast or take a domestic flight to Malindi, which is just 20 km away from the forest. from Malindi, you can access the park by bicycle for about 1 hour or a bus.

Public transport

You can also reach the park using both taxi and public means of transport from Mombasa

 Accommodation safari at Arabuko Sokoke Forest National Park

Arabuko Sokoke Forest National Park, located on the coast of Kenya, is a unique destination known for its biodiversity and rich birdlife. Accommodation options for a safari in this region range from eco-lodges to campsites, providing a variety of experiences for different preferences and budgets. Such accommodation options such as Kipepeo Butterfly House, Turtle Bay Beach Club, Watamu Treehouse, Mida Creek Eco Camp, Hemingways Watamu

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