Hot Air Balloon Safaris in Uganda

Hot Air Balloon Safaris in Uganda : Hot air balloon safaris in Uganda are one of the most fascinating ways to explore the pearl of Africa, while up in the sky floating over the amazing savannah national parks of Uganda. Hot air ballooning involves getting on an inflated hot air balloon and floating over a selected area space primarily to enjoy the views.

Hot air balloon safaris in Uganda allow travellers an opportunity to experience the natural wilderness in a more special and fascinating way. Whereas hot air balloon safaris are a recent introduced tourist activity, it is catching up very fast and is much appreciated and welcomed by a number of travellers.

With hot air balloon safaris in Uganda, travellers can only get to enjoy the activity in only Queen Elizabeth National Park and Murchison Falls National Park of Uganda. Travellers on hot air balloon safaris in Uganda get to float high above any of these two Uganda national parks ; get to catch the sun rise over the plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park or Murchison Falls National Park and be rewarded with amazing views of among others the great rift valley and its escarpments, Lake Edward, Lake George, the Kazinga channel, the Rwenzori Mountains, amazing savannah plains and the abundant wildlife that includes large herds of buffaloes, antelopes, lions, giraffes, elephants, lions, among so many others.

The hot air balloon experience.

Important to note is that the hot air balloon experiences are provided only by Dream Balloons, who are capable and fully licenced to do the activity.  Travellers are transferred by their safari guide to the launch site of the hot air balloon at around 5am. Once here, you get to watch the whole assembling of the hot air balloons including pumping air into the balloon. You shall be briefed about the whole activity, including getting the safety and precautions laid out clearly for you. You shall then set off at day break, to fly high and float over the park, giving you some of the most scenic views you would ever see, as well as an aerial view of the park.

Travellers usually have one hour floating over the park on hot air balloons, after which they are get to proceed to experience a typical bush breakfast enjoyed in the wilderness. Travellers can then proceed with a morning a game drive if they wish, or transfer back to the lodge. Hot air balloon safari experiences can also be done in the evening, which usually starts at 4pm.

Hot air balloon safaris in Uganda are perfect experiences for travellers after some adrenaline feel, adventurous travellers as well as honeymooners. There is however an age limit to persons who can take up the hot air balloon experience; persons below the age of 6 are not allowed to take part in the activity. It is also important to note that only up to 8 persons can be allowed to fly on a single hot air balloon in Uganda, currently.

The cost of hot air balloon experience varies, with a single adult paying up to USD380 and a child paying USD180. This is the cost of just the hot air balloon safari experience, with other activities and items coming at an extra cost.

Hot Air Balloon Safaris in Uganda
Hot Air Balloon Safaris in Uganda

What to pack for hot air balloon safaris in Uganda

Given that most a times travellers do pick to take the early morning hot air balloon experience, carrying or wearing something warm is advisable. Given that it can be a little too warm later in the day, travellers are advised to pack and dress appropriately in this regard. Carry or wear closed shoes given that you shall be in the wilderness, sunglasses, a hat camera and a good pair of binoculars to help you spot even those far off wild game would come in handy.

Hot air balloon safaris in Uganda are an amazing activity that travellers visiting Uganda especially on a Uganda wildlife safari should take up. Get to buoy towards whatever path the winds of the morning or evening take you, flying high up over the savannah and slopes and get to appreciate all that Uganda has to offer.

With a good camera, you shall have some of the most beautiful pictures of the savannah plains of Uganda and its amazing wild game. Take time to check through the available Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls National Parks wildlife safaris and book yourself one of the most amazing Uganda safari.

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