How Many Lakes And Rivers Are In Uganda? : Uganda, which is East African country that is commonly referred to as “the Pearl of Africa”, is a highly blessed destination with thousands of attractions, which lead many people to travel from all over the world. Apart from Uganda being known for its beautiful landscapes, it is also occupied with around 165 stunning water bodies and some these include; fresh water lakes, waterfalls, rivers, dams and other crater lakes. In addition, all these diverse water bodies in the country contribute a lot towards Uganda’s rich Biodiversity and they play a vital role in developing and supporting the local communities within their surroundings by providing essential resources to the local people. More so, these water bodies also play and crucial role in the country’s ecosystem because they support various plant species and act as a home to numerous wildlife species.

In addition, in the context below, we will delve more into the rich aquatic features found in the country by providing more information about depth overview of the lakes and rivers, which contribute a lot towards the natural beauty, economic significance and its ecological diversity among others.


Uganda as a country boasts a remarkable number of lakes and what makes them unique is that each has its own characteristics. Therefore, some of these lakes include the following below;

  1. Lake Victoria: This is famously known as the largest lake in Uganda and it is ranked as the second largest waterbody in the whole world. This lake offers a picturesque backdrop because of its beauty and it is known for playing a crucial role towards supporting the local communities through fisheries and many other economic activities that can be conducted on the lake. More so, Lake Victoria is shared between countries like; with Kenya and Tanzania among others.

  1. Lake Albert: which is also commonly referred to as Lake Mobutu Sese Seko is Located in the western part of Uganda and it is shared with the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It’s a significant part of the East African Rift system. More so, Lake Albert is famously known for its breathtaking scenery and as a key reservoir for oil exploration activities conducted within that region.

  1. Lake Edward: it is located in the Southwestern part of the country and it shared between countries like; Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, it lies in the Albertine Rift, providing a habitat for various wildlife species. In addition, it is considered to be among the notable lakes that can be found in the country.

  1. Lake Kyoga: it is another stunning water body, which is nestled between Lake Victoria and Lake Albert. Lake Kyoga is situated in central part of Uganda and it is characterized as a large shallow lake surrounded by swamps and marshes, making it an essential water body in the region. more so, this lake is famously known for its rich biodiversity and its various fish species hence acting as a vital source for local agriculture and fishing industries in the country.
How Many Lakes And Rivers Are In Uganda?
Lake Kyoga
  1. Lake George: it is found with in the western part of Uganda, it is connected to Lake Edward through the Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

  1. Lake Bunyonyi: Known for its scenic beauty, this lake is located in southwestern Uganda, near the border with Rwanda. It is a popular tourist destination with many islands and surrounded by lush hills.

  1. Lake Mutanda: Situated in the southwestern part of Uganda, close to the borders of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, it is surrounded by volcanoes and is known for its stunning views.


List of rivers

  1. Nile River: The longest river in Africa, originating from Lake Victoria and flowing through Uganda.

  1. Victoria Nile: A major tributary of the Nile River, starting at Lake Victoria and flowing northward.

  1. Albert Nile: Another significant tributary of the Nile, originating from Lake Albert in western Uganda.

  1. Achwa River: Flows through northern Uganda, eventually joining the Victoria Nile.

  1. Aswa River: Runs through northern Uganda and joins the Achwa River before reaching the Nile.

  1. Kafu River: Begins in western Uganda and flows into Lake Kyoga to the Victoria Nile. This river is also considered as a major tributary of the Victoria Nile hence enhancing the hydrological diversity of Uganda.

  1. Mpologoma River: Enters Lake Kyoga and is part of the Nile system.

  1. Sezibwa River: Flows near the town of Mukono and is a cultural and historical site in Uganda

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