How to Book a Safari to Uganda

How to book a safari to Uganda. How to book a safari to Uganda is a comprehensive guide that one ought to follow to successfully book and confirm a Uganda safari. Whereas procedures of booking a Uganda safari may differ from one Tour Company to another, it is generally the same with very little changes here and there. Uganda, located in the heart of East Africa, is a landlocked country with beautiful landscape, wildlife and a people. Uganda as a destination has a lot to offer to tourists. Uganda is one of the only three countries in the world to host mountain gorillas where travellers can enjoy gorilla trekking adventures with more than 19 habituated gorilla families, offers the best chimpanzee tracking experience in the wild, has authentic cultural encounters, great wildlife safaris, and so much more that one can enjoy while on a Uganda safari. Uganda safaris can be as short as 1 day, say 1 day Bwindi gorilla trekking from Kigali, or as long as 30 days or more for there is much to experience in Uganda, remember, it is the Pearl of Africa. Below is how to book a safari to Uganda successfully;

How to Book a Safari to Uganda

Identify the Uganda safari package or just what you would like to do

With the various Uganda safari packages available on websites just like this one, you are sure to come across one that is fit just for you. If it is that you would like to have a change in the safari package that you do come across, you can do so along the way during your interaction with the company tour consultant. Information about Uganda national parks and other tourist sites is all available on the website, but you can still get more information if you asked. Most travellers who choose Uganda as a destination usually have gorilla trekking in Bwindi and the friendly and cultural people of Uganda in mind. There is however more to Uganda than just that, bird watching, boat cruises, visiting the source of the Nile, bungee jumping, white water rafting, and so much more can be enjoyed in this country that is gifted by nature.

Knowing the number of days you are to spend on a Uganda safari is very important. Before you reach out to a tour consultant, you should know the number of days you are to spend on safari, the very exact dates for these are important especially when the tour specialist or consultant is booking for you accommodation and most importantly gorilla trekking or chimpanzee tracking permits; as well the number of people that will be taking part in the safari. 

Now that you have an idea of what you would like to do and experience while on a Uganda safari, have the dates of travel as well as know of the exact number of persons to participate in the safari, you just need only to get in touch with a tour consultant, in this case, one from Achieve Global Safaris. On the website, there are inquiry forms that you can fill out, or can get in touch directly either on phone or email, this is what is termed as an inquiry.

Get in touch

Once you make an inquiry or do get in touch with us, our friendly, experienced and very professional specialists at Achieve Global Safaris are always available and shall respond to you accordingly in the shortest time possible. The tour consultant then proceeds to check availability of different items and tentatively book them say gorilla permits for particular dates if it is one of your activities, as well as accommodation facilities and anything else worth checking availability for. She then proceeds to share with you a quote for your Uganda safari package. Once you do agree, the next step is to confirm the safari.

Uganda safari tour confirmation

A Uganda safari tour is considered confirmed once a deposit is made. Usually, travellers are required to confirm a safari with at least a 30% of the total tour cost deposited with the company. This is what is used to often times pay for urgent safari items like gorilla permits. When you do make a payment, you shall be required to share the proof of payment. The balance of your safari is paid over time as may be agreed upon.

With your Uganda safari tour confirmed and just waiting for you to travel on the D-day, all you need is more information about Uganda and also about what documents you should prepare, the necessary vaccinations, a guide on what to pack, and so much more, which your tour consultant shall duly share with you. As you await for the start of your Uganda safari tour, anticipate nothing but the best and memorable experiences with Achieve Global Safaris.

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