How to get to Serengeti National Park

How to get to Serengeti National Park: Serengeti can be accessed through different means which include flight and by road depending on the choice of a tourist and convenience of means of travel. This national park is located in the northern part of Tanzania and is known for the wildebeest migration as well as great wildlife viewing opportunity.

How to Get to Serengeti National Park

Arusha is the nearest town to Serengeti national park and there are a number of flights that operate between Serengeti Park and Arusha and they include Flight link, Auric Air, Regional Air, Air Excel, Precision Air, and Coastal Air.

Airstrips in Serengeti which provide flights for tourists include Kogatende airstrip, Seronera airstrip, Serengeti Kusini airstrip, Lobo airstrip, Fort Ikoma airstrip, Kirawira airstrip. These airstrips are located in the different parts of the national park.

Kogatende airstrip is located near the Mara River and it provides a convenient way of accessing the remote areas of the national park by means of flight. The location of this airstrip makes it easy for tourists interested in the wildebeest migration to watch as the migration taking place at the time of crossing the Mara River.

Seronera airstrip is the main airstrip providing services to tourists visiting Serengeti park. It is also referred to as Serengeti airstrip and is located in the central part of this national park not far from the Seronera River.

Flights to Serengeti national park are also available from Kilimanjaro international airport. Other options for flight to this national park include Julius Nyerere international airport and domestic flights are also available from Arusha airport

Domestic and charter flights are available to Serengeti. These flights can be booked with help of tour operators who organize trips to this national park and alternatively domestic flights can be reserved with various domestic carriers such as Air Tanzania, Precision Air, Regional Air, Zan Air, Safari Air Link, Coastal Aviation.

The park has different sections that attract tourists for wildlife viewing and other activities and they include the Seronera area or the central region of the Serengeti, the western part which is marked by the Grumeti River and the northern part of Serengeti.


There are also different accommodation facilities within Serengeti ranging from luxury accommodation, mid-range accommodation, and budget accommodation. Some of the lodges in the national park also have airstrips in which they operate.

For tourists who opt for road transport enjoy the beautiful scenery as they are driven from Arusha to Serengeti national park and tourists enjoy views of wildlife species as they drive through the national park. 

How to Get to Serengeti National Park
How to Get to Serengeti National Park

The distances from Arusha to Serengeti vary depending on the location in the national park and they include;

  • From Arusha to the central part of Serengeti is about 350 km
  • From Arusha to the western part of Serengeti is about 460 km
  • From Arusha to the northern part of Serengeti is about 8 hours’ drive.   

The information about how to get to Serengeti national park helps the tourists to get to know the different routes and means to access the national park for a wonderful game viewing experience and other safari activities in its open plains.

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