Ishasha sector tour 2024 : Ishasha sector is in the southern part of Queen Elizabeth national park which is among the safari destinations located in the south western part of Uganda.

Queen Elizabeth national park is the second largest national park in Uganda and is home to a variety of wildlife species which can be seen in different parts of the destination including the Ishasha sector which is known for being home to tree climbing lions.

Around the Ishasha sector, tree climbing lions can be seen during safaris around the plains as they rest among the tree branches. This unique attraction of lions can also be seen in Lake Manyara national park in Tanzania. The types of trees which are climbed by the lions include acacia trees, fig trees and also candelabra shrubs.

There are different reasons which have been stated to explain the tree climbing nature of lions and they include;

The lions climb the trees in Ishasha sector to cool off from the hot temperatures.

Another reason why the lions climb trees in the Ishasha sector is to avoid insect bites especially on ground.

They also climb trees to be able to observe their prey such as the antelopes in the Ishasha plains below.

Apart from the tree climbing lions, many other wildlife species can be seen during Uganda safaris around the Ishasha sector and they include Uganda kobs, buffalos, topi, warthogs, waterbucks, bushbucks, leopards, hyenas among others. There are also various bird species which can be spotted around the Ishasha area.

The Ishasha river is also among the attractions found in the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth national park. Hippos can be seen around the river which also has a neighboring forest where primates like black and white colobus monkeys among others can be seen during safaris.

During the tours in Ishasha sector, tourists are encouraged to respect the wildlife during the game drives and other activities, to avoid making noise, maintain a speed limit of about 40km/hr,  to avoid feeding the animals, avoid littering and to avoid driving off track during the search for the animals in Queen Elizabeth national park.

Some of the items to carry for the exciting wildlife tour in Ishasha sector include binoculars, insect repellant, cameras, sunglasses, sunscreen, mineral water.

To visit the parts of Queen Elizabeth national park including Ishasha sector, tourists are charged park entrance fee of 40 USD for foreign nonresidents, 30 USD for foreign residents and 20,000 Uganda shillings for East African citizens.

Activities to do in Ishasha sector

Around the Ishasha sector, there are different activities which can be done during safaris and they include the following;

  • Game drives

The Ishasha sector is home to numerous wildlife species which can be seen during safaris including the tree climbing lions. The game drives can be done in the morning and afternoon in search for the tree climbing lions and other animals like topi, waterbucks, topi which roam around the savannah plains.

Game drives can also be done in other parts of Queen Elizabeth national park such as the Kasenyi plains, the Mweya peninsula among others during safaris. 4×4 safari vehicles can be used to explore the plains of Ishasha sector in search for the different wildlife species.

Ranger guides can also accompany tourists during their tours around the wilderness of Ishasha sector during the game drives.

To engage in the game drives in Ishasha sector, tourists can also access the area from Bwindi national park which is about 4 hours drive away.

  • Bird watching

Another activity to do around the Ishasha sector is bird watching which can be done throughout the year during safaris around the destination.

Some of the bird species in Ishasha sector include African crake, African Crowned Eagle, Green Crombec, Grey-backed Fiscal, Long-crested Eagle, Yellow Billed Ox peckers, Cattle Egrets, Wattled Starlings, Grey Woodpecker, Double-toothed Barbet, Ross’s Turaco, Cisticolas, Striped Kingfisher, Black-Bellied Bustard, Helmeted Guineafowl, Martial Eagle, Palm-nut Vulture, Brown snake Eagle among others.

These bird watching experiences can take a whole day or half day and be combined with wildlife viewing experiences around the Ishasha sector as tourists look out for the tree climbing lions among other animals.

  • Community tours

Tourists can also engage in community tours during their safaris around the Ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth national park.

Community tours involve visiting the neighboring villages and interacting with locals like the Bakiga and getting to know more about their culture, enjoying traditional dance performances, learning how to prepare local food among other experiences.

Ishasha sector tour 2024
Lake Katwe

Many other activities can be done when visiting Queen Elizabeth national park and they include boat rides on the Kazinga channel, chimpanzee tracking in the Kyambura gorge, Mongoose tracking in Mweya peninsula, visiting the Lake Katwe salt lakes, crater lake tours, lion tracking experience in Kasenyi plains, guided nature walks among others.

Best time to visit Ishasha sector

The best time to visit the Ishasha sector is the dry season from June to September and also in December, January and February. It is considered the best time for safaris because of less rainfall received and short grasses which are favorable conditions for wildlife viewing around the sector.

Tours around Ishasha sector can also take place in the rainy season around March to May and November which is a good time for seeing wildlife species and the different bird species. This is also considered a low season because of the few tourists who visit Queen Elizabeth national park during the rainy or wet season.

How to get to Ishasha sector

The Ishasha sector can be accessed by driving from Kampala to Kasese and continuing to Queen Elizabeth National Park southern area which takes about 7 to 8 hours.

By air, tourists can access the Ishasha sector by booking scheduled or charter domestic flights from Entebbe international airport to Kihihi airstrip in Bwindi national park or using Mweya airstrip in Queen Elizabeth national park.

Lodges around Ishasha sector

There are different budget, midrange and luxury lodges to stay around the Ishasha sector and they include Ishasha jungle lodge, Topi lodge, Ishasha wilderness camp, Enjojo game lodge among others.

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