Kenya tours

Kenya tours are one of the highlights of true African tours that travelers dream to do as they explore East Africa’s wildlife and enjoy the wilderness. Kenya is historically known as the key African Tourism destination proud to be a home of the great wildebeest migration. The endless sweeping open savannahs that are dotted with little Acacia trees are a mega home of the African wildlife. The country has a great number of protected areas that cover almost 1\3 of the total land area. Kenya is one of the best holiday destination with incredible scenic beautiful nature, unique Maasai Cultural encounters. 

Kenya Tours

The Kenya country inhabits all the African big 5 which includes Rhinos, Elephants, Buffalo, Lions, and leopards. Encounter with largest African Elephants in Amboseli national park, largest animal migration that crosses the Mara River from Serengeti of Tanzania and back. Kenya has over 40 national game parks and game reserves that are distributed across the country though the most famous ones are found in the Great rift valley region. The premium national parks and game reserves include Masai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli national park, Tsavo East and Tsavo West National parks, Lake Nakuru national park,  Samburu National Reserve, Aberdare national park, Hell’s Gate national park, Kora national park, Nairobi national park, Meru National park and many more.

The unique African experience made every traveler who thins to have a wonderful wildlife safari to first think of Kenya tour before adding other destinations in his or her list. The country has very many attractions that make guests like the destination. The wide range of attractions has made it possible for the guests to have his or her long safari in the country more of a lifetime. The other deal why guests like to go for Kenya tours is that its more budget and pocket-friendly. A long trip of Kenya tours can be equivalent to the short trip of other countries yet the experience is abundant. 

Kenya tours can be done as a short trip like 3 days Masai mara safari, 1-day Lake Nakuru safari, 2 days Amboseli national park Safari to a long day safari that combines more than one national park. The Kenya tour can also take you to its fresh white sand beaches along the coast of Indian ocean. There are a lot of activities that can be done at the beaches mixed with the near Tsavo East and Tsavo West national parks. This makes one to enjoy combined safari of the wildlife with beach safari.

The landscape of Kenya increases tourism in the country with most of the great rift valley region on the North is characterised by the desert vegetation which is covered by more scenic volcanic features as well as dry open savannah grassland. On the West to the South is characterised by the dense forests, lakes and the coastal lives. Such a combination has made travelers enjoy their Kenya tours. The local tour operators are also experienced who know their country in and out hence giving all detailed information hence more luxury experience.  Kenya is always known as a never disappointing tourism destination that can be visited throughout the year.

Kenya location near the other African key tourism destinations like Uganda a home of the mountain gorillas, Tanzania the home of the endless plains of Serengeti which hosts Wildebeest migration, Mt Kilimanjaro the African highest mountain and the worlds free-standing mountain. This helps one to combined the wildlife experience like 6 days Masai Mara and Gorilla trekking safari, 7 Days Masai Mara and Serengeti safari and many other possible itineraries hence killing two birds using one stone. This further has been eased by the East African Tourist visa which can be obtained from the airport or the border of any East African country. 

What to do during your Kenya tour

Kenya is a rich country via scenic landscape with a couple of the best national parks and game reserves in East Africa. The wildlife safari of Africa is covered by the thinking that it is all about African big 5 but this is different from Kenya. The country has much more to offer to the guests during their safari in Kenya. Upon selecting Kenya for your next know that you’re in the right move a journey full of a lifetime experience. Below are the activities one can enjoy during his or her visit to Kenya.

Hot Air balloon safaris: Hot air balloon safaris is a unique safari experience termed as a lifetime experience. This can be done in two major national parks of Kenya those are Amboseli national park and Masai Mara national reserve. The Balloon safaris is like Gorilla trekking in Uganda which sales like hot cake. Travelers used to mislead themselves that hot air balloon is for the luxury guests by its not true. You can have balloon safari on budget safari and enjoy it very well. Hot air Balloon safaris are done very early in the morning when the weather is chilly and good.

The hot air balloon safaris are booked in advance since there is a maximum guest to do it per day. It starts with early pick up from your camp or lodge and transferred to the balloon starting point where you will enjoy the briefing before you enter to the basket and start experiencing the best. You will encounter live action of the wildlife as we have an aerial view of the park with our eagle eye. The balloon safaris is one of the unmissable safari experience when doing Kenya tour. You only miss if you must but you will indeed miss the lifetime experience.

Kenya tours

Cultural Tours (Visiting the Maasai tribe): Kenya is not only for African big 5 wildlife as many may think, but the country is also endorsed with a most adorable culture. It is only the Maasai people that modernization has failed to change their culture. Amidst all the technology of today, the Maasai people remain loyal to their culture. These are the only locals that have managed to leave together with wildlife in different parts of the African continent at peace.

The cultural tours to the Maasai which dominate most of the entry parts of the key national parks of Kenya is unique. They have unchanged traditions and cultures like dress code, lively hoods of pastoralists, high jumping dance and many more that guests can enjoy.

Wild game view: A home of African and world’s largest animal migration that is wildebeest migration that happens annually. This is a key attraction ad activity that is done in Kenya gifted with over 40 protected areas. The wildlife is protected well from poaching and other dangers that animals can encounter in. The game drives are done with good safari vans with a pop-up roof to allow you to take clear pictures of the wildlife. The most cited animals include lions, leopards, elephants, Buffalo, Rhinos, giraffes, zebras, topi, gazelles, wildebeest, elephants and many more.

Kenya Tours
Game Viewing / Wildlife Viewing while on the Kenya Tours

Hiking safaris: With one of the highest mountains in Africa that comes second after Mt Kilimanjaro is Mt Kenya. Hiking safaris are done in many of the mountains that are found in the country though the most renown Mountain is Mt Kenya. Hiking safaris to the mountain needs good hiking experience as well as enough physical fitness among the hikers.

BirdingKenya tour takes you to the destination of over 1000 bird species that are found across all the national parks and game reserves. The country acts as a transit route for the migratory birds that come during the breeding season around November and April annually. Kenya has more endemic birds that are only found in Kenya. The most common birds include Ostriches, lapwings, flamingos, martial eagles, lovebirds, ashy starlings, mourning doves, vultures, Kori Bustard, Common Bulbul, Little Egret, Secretary bird mention but a few.

Come to Kenya and enjoy Kenya tour to the highlights of the world’s best national parks and game reserves. See millions of animals without missing all the African big five in just a short safari in Kenya.

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