Kyaninga Lodge is ultimate luxury African safari lodge which was built on the edge of a crater lake overlooking the Mountain of the Moon ‘’Rwenzori Mountain’’. The lodge gives great views from the main building and the individual cottages are rewarding with hospitable staffs are available to give full serves to the guests. While on visit you can try to peep down at the crater lake, view the rolling hills surrounding you and the Rwenzori Mountains as the perfect backdrop are quite beautiful and peaceful.

Kyaniga Lodge location is greatly for exploring the Fort portal area. In the evening, you can have a beautiful walk or climb down the 200 something stairs to the lake for a dip.

Interestingly, Kyaninga is one of Uganda safari lodge destination where lawn tennis court is set next to a boules court amidst gardens which were designed by a London based garden architect with no worry, it has the best intensions but with a tenuous grasp of gardening in the tropics. The make and design of the lodge is an engineering wonder.

Their cottages are spacious and well decorated with big verandas and rewarding views, large beds.

Kyaninga rooms are no longer called rooms, they are houses /cottages with the largest double beds you will be surprised. The most outstanding highlight here are the bathrooms. Amazing bath tubs with lemon grass scented bubble-bath what a comfortable amazing bath room everyone could wish to enjoy while on safari thus becoming loving place to who so ever visit the lodge.

Room tip, you can ask for the room with the lake view instead of a forest view thus to have a gainful significant different experiences within the park.

The lodge has well trained staff and management which are really good and cautious. They are very helpful and accommodative with service mind. Their welcome with a smile makes you feel at home.

The design of the lodge is quite awesome with lots of stairs to climb where ever you wish to go. Perhaps not recommended to people with walking difficulties.

Kyaninga Lodge
Kyaninga Lodge

They have nice restaurant with professional chefs who are good in preparing lovingly and tasty food. This is by far some of the best food you would have in other safari lodges in Uganda.

The lodge has outstanding menu for each meal after which one can   be served and a relaxed conversation by the fire place. Nothing is delicious   and tasty food which comes in big portions, prepared with locally grown veggies and herbs. Meals served are a delight!

Activities to do while at Kyaninga Lodge-Kibale Safari Lodge Uganda

Kyaniga lodge also offers a beautiful swimming pool which overlooks the lake, providing the perfect spot to soak up the surrounding natural beauty. On visit to the loge and you wish to enjoy the surrounding, you will go nature adventure as you follow the step down from the pool to the rewarding blue waters of the lake surrounded by primeval nature forest. Continue to walk to a crater edge with a remarkable chance of viewing vervet monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys and notable variety of birds and since Kibale forest is a stopping destination for birders.

You can opt to go forest walk which is so interesting to the nature lovers or engage in cultural walk through the surrounding communities who provides the insight into daily life in rural Uganda.

Kyaninga Lodge
Kyaninga Lodge

Visitors can do nature walk to Great Rift Valley walking through different trails one will take you down to the very rim of the escarpments. Or Visit Queen Elizabeth national park and enjoy a romantic boat trip up the Kazinga Channel that take you through the magically biodiverse Tooro Botanical Gardens.

What more about Kyaniga Lodge; Being one of great location for Africa’s premier destinations to meet up with Chimpanzee ‘’ the great apes ‘’ our close related cousins through engaging in Chimpanzee tracking or habituation.

Enjoy a game of tennis with your partner on the lodge’s green grass court, so rewarding and amazing to have such games in the midst of the jungle.

You can choose to explore the kitchen and garden together that provides freshly picked up ingredients for the restaurant.

This is the lodge where you will enjoy every minute of your stay, very recommendable.

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