Leopard Safaris In Uganda : Leopards are some of the most famous and greatly loved animals in Uganda leopards are animals that stand out for themselves in all wild animals that are found in the pearl of Africa.

On a Uganda safari have the chance to explore and get to know more about these beautiful animals and see the true meaning of beauty and also learn about these animals as well

The elusive leopards spend the day hunting in the trees and go to sleep alone. The hunt for a leopard in Uganda is exciting in and of itself because you are driven out onto the savanna while keeping your eyes open for a leopard.

The hunt also serves as a reminder that the animals of Uganda live in a vast wilderness and enjoy their freedom. The majority of leopards in Uganda have distinctive dark spots called rosettes. Black panthers are common names for leopards with spots that are difficult to distinguish and an appearance that is almost entirely dark.

Therefore don’t miss out the great fun of knowing this lovely adventure in the pearl of Africa Uganda is a great place to visit and a remarkable termism for adventure in all corners of Uganda you have the chance to see these fast and carnivore’s animals in Uganda.

There are some more other activities that can be involved in this venture and they are all exclusively fantastic and extremely enjoyable in all corners of the Uganda, Uganda safari is ready to give you this experience by just making your order and these are some of the activities

  • White Water Rafting
  • Hot Air Balloon Safari
  • Sport Fishing
  • Mountaineering and Hiking
  • Golf Safari
  • Zip-lining
  • Horse Back Riding
  • Quad Biking
  • Cycling and Mountain Biking
  • birding

and after all these get to also have a simple stay in the jungle as you enjoy your leopard safari in Uganda.

Where to get these animals in Uganda

These lovely and elegant animals can be viewed in different areas in Uganda and with the help of Uganda safari get to find them in the right period of time and moment of great fun and experience under well trained safari guides, these areas include:


  1. Queen Elizabeth National Park: In Queen Elizabeth national park if the target is to spot a leopard there are some special places to look, one being the track called the leopard loop. The beautiful cat is also known to be seen by the adventurous channel track, Kasenyi research track around the crater at Queen’s pavilion (recently seen with a cub here) and by the old mating ground in Kasenyi. There is as well a resident leopard around Kyambura Gorge. In the Ishasha area, the southern sector of Queen Elizabeth national park, it is to go for the Kigezi game reserve or for Ntungwe mating ground in the morning or late evening if the aim is to see a leopard in Uganda.

  1. Murchison Falls National Park: If your Uganda safari takes you to Murchison Falls national park chances are to spot a your Uganda leopard by the palms towards Tangi gate, along Buligi track in the elephant corridor and by Queen’s track through the sausage tree areas.

  1. Kidepo Valley National Park: Leopards in Uganda are as well found in Kidepo Valley national park as you go exploring this untouched wilderness.

  1. Lake Mburo National Park: Here the leopard search should focus on Warukuri track, Zebra track and Lake Side drive in the evening. There is as well a resident leopard around Mihingo lodge and Rwakobo Rock lodge. In Lake Mburo national park it is also possible with a night game-drive with spotlight to search for this rare great cat; the leopard in Uganda.

    Leopard Safaris In Uganda
    Leopard Safaris In Uganda

 Climatic conditions of Uganda

when planning any sort of travel one has to be in position of knowing the king of weather conditions of the places they plan to visit and sight therefore knowing the climatic conditions will make it much easier for one to have a good trip and a relaxed mind of no additional worries, Uganda has a tropical climate with temperatures falling in the 25–29°C range on an average. The months from December to February are the hottest, but even during this season the evenings can be chilly with temperatures in the 17–18°C

Uganda receives an annual rainfall of 1,000mm to 1,500mm. The rainy seasons are from March to May and from September to November. During these months, heavy rains can make roads and terrains hard to traverse. The period from January to February and again from June to August is dry.

Accommodations in Uganda

There are several accommodation facilities in Uganda From extravagant lodges to the luxurious ones preferences are those that combine the best views, wildlife, and activities to capture the best of magic. And they are both budget and luxurious accommodation facilities. With this vast selection of the best accommodation in Uganda, enjoy a relaxing and stimulating wildlife safari happenstances right in the heart of the African Wilderness on your Uganda safari.

Therefore worry not about the issues of accommodations in Uganda and just settle in the land of curiosity with all the beauty in it and have a relaxing stay in the country, just have a book with Uganda safaris for your safe movements in Uganda and all around the city, with all the fun and the safety that is there to be provided in the land of beauty.

What to pack for your Uganda leopard safari

Whether a first-timer or weathered bonus traveller, your packing list must embrace fitting clothing (short and long sleeved shirts, fleece rain jacket, pair/s of shorts, safari pants), footwear (sandals for use around the Safari Lodge or Camp, hiking boots for mountain climbing, gorilla trekking, chimpanzee treks), basic first aid kit (anti-nausea tablets, anti-malarial tablets, pain killers, gauze, bandages and sunscreen), camera with extra memory space and batteries, travel documents (passport, visa, air ticket, yellow fever vaccination certificate), toiletries (wet wipes, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, deodorant, toothbrush, hair combs), backpack, warm sweater and pair of binoculars among others.

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