Lion tracking experience

Lion Tracking Experience

Lion tracking is one of the new safari packages that the Uganda Wildlife Authority introduced to the Parks. It is still under the pilot study and only currently done in Queen Elizabeth National park in the Kasenyi sector. The experience is mostly done by the researchers who are doing research on the big cat’s family. The package gives you close experience with the king of the jungle that is the lion in their natural home. Guests off track to follow the lions in where they are but restricted in the number of guests per day. This is the only package where guests are sure of seeing lions during your trip. The lion tracking is more like Mountain Gorilla trekking with the only difference being in Lion tracking we use our safari cars not walking and the lions are found by GPS systems and trackers that are laid on the Lions.

The package is mostly done by researchers, film-makers, and documentaries that would like to get detailed depth about Lions in their natural habitats. The lion tracking starts as early as 7am to get the lions when they are very active hunting before they retire to the hiding areas for rest. This exposes you with their social characters, feeding habits, social habits and other aspects of lions. The lion tracking is directly managed by the Uganda Carnivore project which aims at promoting sustainable tourism in Uganda through direct involvement of the locals. The locals are sensitized on the ways that they can leave together with the wildlife especially the predators like lions in harmony in the same community.

The activity is restricted to a certain number of guests per day so as the observe the conservation concepts. The Lion Tracking permits are bought in Queen Elizabeth national park from the Uganda Carnivore project offices. The cost is different from the park entry fees that you pay to enter the park. The fee is 60 USD per person which is paid separately from the park entry fees 40 USD per person that is valid for 24 hours. The lion tracking fees are only valid for one tracking experience which starts early in the morning. Currently, lion tracking is only done in the morning time.

It is always a common thought for every guest who wants or plans to have a safari package in East Africa to think of African big five those are Lions, Leopards, Buffalo, Elephants, and Rhinos. If one misses seeing any of the African big five may consider his or her safari unsuccessful. Uganda is now lucky that besides Gorillas and Chimpanzee Trekking Lion Tracking is added on in order to make the guest’s total experience more great and complete. Lions population has for recent years increased steadily in Queen Elizabeth National park hence making the activity more attractive. There was a new arrival of pride around Hamukungu which had 11 members.

How to book a lion tracking permit?

The permits are booked from Queen Elizabeth national park in the office of the Uganda Carnivore project. The reservation is done early since the demand is high and the number of guests per day are restricted above all the activity is done once in a day.

How Lion Tracking is done?

The lion tracking starts early in the morning, you will be met by the rangers who will brief you about the experience. You will be given the rules and regulations to follow before, during and after the lion tracking experience. The park rangers go early ahead as you will be led by another ranger who will be communicating with the other ranger. After getting to the lions’ site you will be briefed about the pride, its history, members and the name. You enjoy the tracking as more other animals will also be around.  You will be allowed to spend a maximum of 3 hours with the lions after meeting them. You will do the Lion tracking alongside the researchers who are monitoring the lions in the park.

Lion Tracking Experience
Lion in Queen Elizabeth National Park

When to do Lion tracking experience?

The lion tracking experience can be done throughout the year. It is only done in Queen Elizabeth national park in Kasenyi Plains. The traveler has to book it early directly or through a reputable local tour operator. You will enjoy the most sensitive parts of wildlife experience with no boundaries at the park. You will be allowed to off track that is why the number is limited so as to observe conservation.

Lion Tracking can also be combined with other activities in Queen Elizabeth National Park like Normal Game drives to search for more game-like Elephants, buffalo, leopards, hyenas, tree-climbing lions, kobs, antelopes, topis and many more. Birding as you look for birds like Vultures, kites, bustards, Pel’s fishing owl, Swamp flycatcher, Caspian plover, Great blue turaco, Shoe bill, Papyrus gonolek, Yellow-throated Cuckoo mention but a few. Boat cruise in the Kazinga channel to enjoy the cold breeze of the fresh water channel which inhabits a large number of migratory birds.

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