Mkomazi National Park : Tanzania is one of the greatest countries in the entire East Africa with a lot of attractions that attract several sightseers to visit and get to have some of the best safari experiences.

Some of the most attractive areas to visit in tanzania is the Mkomazi national park, Mkomazi National Park is situated in the Northern part of Tanzania in the Tanga region surrounded by the well-known Tsavo National Park of Kenya.

Being a merge of 2 previous game reserves, the Umba Game Reserve in the East and the Mkomazi Game reserve in the West with quite a number of attractions that lead different kinds of sightseers to come and behold the beauty that lies in the area.

Achieve global safaris gives the historical facts about this national with facts that it was first established as a game reserve in 1951, upgraded to a national park in 2006.

Mkomazi National Park is best visited in the dry seasons for remarkable game viewing and Tanzania birding experiences and this is in the months of June to October even though the park can as well be visited during the wet season providing beautiful views of the green vegetation and migratory birds.

Being that Mkomazi National Park falls in the Mkomazi-Tsavo ecosystem, known as the 2nd largest Trans boundary ecosystem in East Africa after the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem this give a huge opportunity to view animals migrating from Tsavo National Park into Mkomazi.

when it comes to the beauty of the areas Mkomazi National Park has got a lot in storage to offer to you as you have your venture in Tanzania expect to come across the inhabited species of over 450 birds such as Hornbills, Weavers, Guinea Fowl, Kori bustard, Von der decken hornbill, Martial eagle, Ostrich, and some migratory birds like the European roller and this is purely breath taking to all bird lovers.

Carry on to the endangered African wild dogs and the Black rhinoceros and Other animals that can be mottled just like common elands, hartebeest, lesser kudu, impalas, dik-dik, topi, fringe-eared Oryx. African elephants and zebras can be seen migrating from Tsavo National Park.

Having a visitation at Mkomazi National Park you can either choose to go through Achieve global safaris in order to skip all the stress that comes with the preparations of the safari and get to just sit back and relax as you have your safari experience.

Mkomazi National Park
Mkomazi National Park

Or you can choose to go have it arranged by you and your family and the way to reach the destination fly to Kilimanjaro International Airport positioned halfway between Arusha and Mosh about 30km from Moshi from here have another flight into Dar es Salaam and fly to Arusha, you can then drive to the Same 112km south of Moshi, same is a town near Mkomazi National Park before forgetting the park can also be visited en route to the Usambara Mountains.

Once you reach the destinations expect to get involved into so very many different kinds of Tanzania safari activities and some of these involve;

Camping: Mkomazi National Park owns different campsites that offer a exceptional and astonishing camping experience in the wild that make your stay contented and outstanding then after this you the chance t jump in for.

Bird watching: The Park is considered as the number one destination for birding safaris inhabiting over 450 bird species, as earlier mentioned bird species like Martial eagle, Ostrich, Weavers, Kori bustard. These and more can be spotted as you take a walk or a game drive in the park premises this activity makes you to run into.

Walking safari: The park is best explored on foot with a well experienced guide and have the chance to get an up-close look at some animals and bird species as you capture eye-catching pictures for your memory storage.

With the sense of accommodation Achieve global safaris can easily arrange this for you but while on a sole Tanzania safari get to notice that Mkomazi National Park has got variety of accommodation facilities ranging from luxury, midrange and budget accommodations according to one’s choice and budget for the trip, some of these include: Mambo Viewpoint Eco Lodge, Babu’s Camp, Pangani River Camp, Orlando Lodge and lots more others.

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