Monuments in Uganda

Monuments in Uganda are spread throughout the country, with most of them found in the central region and Kampala city specifically. A monument is a statue, building, structure or landmark put up to commemorate a notable event or person. Uganda has a number of monuments spread throughout the country, many of which are historical which travellers can visit and explore and learn about the histories about Uganda and her people.

Monuments in Uganda and Kampala specifically can be explored on foot, on boda-bodas or on a car for those that cannot take long walks. Monuments in Uganda are scenic, historical and give great photographic opportunities. Whereas some monuments in Uganda can be accessed at no cost, some require a substantial amount of money to be paid at the entrance. Some do have local guides who would take you through the histories and all that there is to know about the place. Your guide should however be in position to guide you and share with you all the necessary details about any of the monuments in Uganda.

Below are some of the most prominent and most visited monuments in Uganda;

Independence monument

The independence monument is the most important and historical monument in Uganda, for it depicts the independence that the country got on the 9th October 1962. Uganda had been a British colony, up until then that the country got its independence from the colonialists. The Uganda independence monument is located along Speke road, and is of a man tied up with hands lifting high a child whose hands are reaching at the sky.

Edward Muteesa II Presidential Monument

Muteesa II presidential monument is also located on Speke road just near the Uganda independence monument. This monument depicts the very first president of the Republic of Uganda, Sir Edward Muteesa II, who was also the then reigning kabaka of Buganda Kingdom.

Edward Muteesa II Presidential Monument
Edward Muteesa II Presidential Monument

The Statue of Leadership Monument

The statue of leadership monument is also found in Kampala, on Kampala road. This monument is of Sir Apollo Kaggwa who pioneered the use of electricity campaign when he was the Prime Minister of Buganda, locally known as the Katiikiro. Also, he is remembered for having encouraged Ugandans to grow coffee as a cash crop extensively. To remember him therefore, a statue of himself was put up, and travellers can visit it at any time, or spot it while on their walks in the city.

Muzinga Park Monument

The Muzinga park monument is a one of the oldest monuments in Uganda, located on Entebbe Airport road just below the State House. The Muzinga park monument is of an anti-aircraft canon gun that was put up to remember Uganda’s participation in the Second World War. One can easily spot it even when from the Entebbe International Airport as they are heading to Kampala, or when head to the airport to catch one’s outbound flight.

War Memorial Monument

The war memorial monument is found in Kampala just within the constitutional square of the Kampala City Centre, built to remember or commemorate the fallen Ugandan soldiers who lost their lives during bot the first and second world wars which they participated in. This is one of the very oldest monuments in Uganda, built in 1945 while the World War II was at the peak.

War Memorial Monument
War Memorial Monument

The Stride/CHOGM Monument

The CHOGM monument can found just behind the parliament gardens in Kampala city. This CHOGM monument commemorates the Commonwealth heads of state meeting which Uganda the Pearl of Africa hosted from the 23rd-25th November 2007. The stride/CHOGM monument is one of the most expensive monuments in Uganda having cost 150 million Uganda shillings.

Centenary Monument

The Centenary monument is located also in Kampala city, along Jinja road. The Centenary monument is found inside the Centenary Park, and was put up to commemorate the Century celebrations of the Kampala City Council, now the Kampala Capital City Authority.

The above are a mong the many monuments in Uganda which travellers can see while in Uganda. While on your Uganda safari, be sure to see many more monuments in Uganda, like the Pearson memorial site which is where the famous European sport hunter was killed by elephants. Have your camera ready at any time during your stay in Uganda, for you shall spot a monument with the guidance of your knowledgeable tour guide. Want to explore and see the above and more monuments in Uganda, say for a photographic monument safari, and get in touch with a reputable tour operator and be helped to put together an amazing Uganda safari.

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