Ndere Cultural Centre –Discover Uganda Cultural Safaris

Ndere cultural Centre is such an  amazing and wonderful cultural when it comes to  unique culture to discover on Uganda Cultural Safaris .Ndere is a place located few kilometers away from Uganda’s capital ‘’Kampala’’ which is best visited in evening hours because it’s their hours of entertaining to visitors with interesting traditional dance and drummer ,where visitors can be filled with laughers as waiters serve them with sweet campaign and snacks , it’s a place you will leave with a story to tell the rate  because of their worth traditional dances.

However, Ndere culture Centre was officially opened in 2003 as a home of Uganda pioneering traditional dance group which sits 9 acres of well-maintained green environment with beautiful flowered walk ways, shaded by very mature fruits and other African trees. The Centre has a unique architecture a seamless combination of artistic creativity with simplicity takes African forms, materials, colors and construction to unprecedented heights. The Centre is tranquility at its best to attract visitors.

The Centre is open on daily basis but more especially the evenings of Wednesdays, Friday and Sundays when the Ndere Troupe is performing a feast at Ndere. They have BBQs who normally serve every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evening hours and permanent nostalgia and never ending desire of Uganda’s cuisine.

Cultural Nites

Uganda is truly Africa’s cultural microcosm. Ndere Troupe captures has the most impressive cultural songs, dances and unique instruments from the 56 nationalities ‘’tribes’’ which   rides them humorously informative stories and presents them in an authentic but more especially every Wednesday and Friday at 7pm and Sundays at 6 pm which is a remarkable experience not to be missed by the entire family. In Uganda, this is the best introduction to Africa’s culture and ways of life and firm bridge to your own country and culture.

Accommodations at Ndere Cultural Centre

 The Centre has quality bed rooms where you can experience your comfortable stay and wake up to a sumptuous breakfast, in a quiet and endless area of fresh air that gives you the perfect holiday experience. Families and group; They have clean and spacious cottages which are homely and private.

Ndere Cultural Centre
Ndere Cultural Centre

The sitting capacity

4 functions are held at the same time.

2 open air theaters ,800 people max for each

Indoor auditorium, have a sitting capacity of 3000 people maximum.

Gardens, makes 3 different venues for 1000 maximum

Ndere Venue and food cost

Depends on menu chosen but one person cost UGX40,000.

Then venue without food costs UGX20,000 per person.

Charges at Ndere Cultural Center

Non Ugandan adults pay UGX50,000.

Uganda Adults pay UGX30,000 and all children 10 years and below UGX15,000.

What is so special about Ndere Cultural Centre that attracts both foreigners and locals to visit the place;

The Centre has a beautiful place for meetings and also offers buffet lunch at affordable prices.

It’s a place of its own with taste local food and drink tour place.

The place its educational as well as much entertaining in living life style of traditional, because the dancers and singers are extraordinary talented and diverse.

It is a place of entertainment where you can request a buffet meal and sit at your seat watch the unforgettable shows. A place where you will wish to visit whenever you visit Uganda destination.

They do entertain to visitors for quite hours and just know the experience is worth seeing.

The Centre is good in preparing local food and describing different regions and customs of Uganda through entertaining beautiful music and dancing from all the performers

Ndere Cultural Centre
Ndere Cultural Centre

 They have a staff with sound mind and a unique garden where you can walk or sit and enjoy the fresh air.

And to be honest, Ndere cultural brings out a true African experience about culture and the traditions, above all, the staff is friendly with nice restaurant good in preparing delicious food just know a place worth a visit.

Their show is quite interesting and the traditional dance outfits are vibrant. The dances entertained is all over Uganda so funny since it tells you exactly region each dance comes from. It also introduces you to some dancers who are good in storytelling.

The place is excellent and if your visiting we advance you to book in advance since the is well worth the visit.

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