Nga Moru Wilderness Camp is a perfect Mid-range lodge that serves tourists on their safari to Kidepo Valley National Park, it lies close outside the park’s boundary hence giving rewardable view of Narus River where variety of wildlife species which can be spotted while on game drive.  Nga Moru wilderness offers a great location to guests that allows them to sight animals on the high rock ground of the camp site animals like; Cape buffaloes, zebras, buffaloes, Ostriches, Cheetahs, waterbucks many more. The lodge is perfect place to relax because of the cool climate it experiences during morning and evening hours. However, the word Nga Moru derives from the local word which means a place of rock.

The camp is comprised of 5 well maintained rooms –caravans, that suits with en-suite bathrooms and overlooking veranda to Narus Valley. Each room offers both warm and cold shower, power that get connected through solar panel.

Nga Moru Wilderness Camp
Nga Moru Wilderness Camp

They have perfect restaurant that serves delicious meals to the people.

Nga Moru wilderness camp boasts with 2 safaris stone bandas and 3 thatch shelter safari tents. The Banda stone cabanas offers perfect rooms to serve to maximum of 4 individuals. Moreover, the Bandas are composed of comfortable of en-suite bathroom with hot and cold running water and were furnished with an open air screen widow that offers spectacular view of endless plains of the park.

 The Camp also offers comfortable safari tents that accommodate 2 individuals per nights.

Nga Moru Wilderness Camp –Amenities

Spacious restaurant

Delicious meals

 On site hot water

Mosquito net with extra pillow

Offer rooms –comfortable and clean

 Hospital and friendly staff

Nga Moru wilderness offers a beautiful warm place where fire is lit for your evening chilling after day activity, enjoy the amazing story telling by the guide as well as getting marveled about beautiful night sky view as you listen to the yelping jackals, grunting lions and laughing hyenas around your campsite.

Things offered by Nga Moru Wilderness Camp –Kidepo Valley National Park

Nature walks tour; On visit to the lodge, you can go for nature walk around the Apoka Camp where you will be able to spot animals like Elephants, Reedbuck, Buffalo, Zebras among others. They can be done along interesting trails and circuits best adventure through during morning hours where you can watch park’s species at close range as well as enjoying the beautiful wilderness.

Nga Moru Wilderness Camp
Nga Moru Wilderness Camp

Game drive in Kidepo; The park is best for game drive viewing being a home of about 86 mammals which are more gainful when you take a drive to Narus and Kidepo valley area. It is more rewarding during the dry seasons of June to September and December to February. Animals to see includes; Oryx, zebras, Rothschild giraffes, Eland, Jackson’s Hartebeest, Buffalo, Lions, leopards, spotted hynes, black-backed ,side-backed Jackal ,Lesser Kudu , Klipspringer ,Bright Gazelle , among others.

 Bird watching and guided nature walk; Kidepo Valley National Park is one among Uganda’s top birding sites that hosts over 500 bird species and a good destination to spot raptors with over 56 species on record and migratory birds can be seen from November to April  .Some of birds to see include ; Ostriches ,White-bellied go-away bird  ,Rose-ringed parakeet ,Red-throated bee-eater ,Northern carmine bee-eater ,Greater Kestrel ,Golden pipit ,Pygmy falcon ,Purple grenadier ,Karamoja apalis among others.

Sand bed along River Kidepo; You can go for sand bed life experience during the dry seasons on river Kidepo. The activity can be enjoyable experience as you listen to sweat melodies of different bird calls.

Generally, Kidepo Valley National Park is located in northeastern region of Uganda, approximately 9 to 10 driving hours from Uganda’s capital city ‘’Kampala’’. Alternatively, you can decide to fly as a perfect way to access the park by domestic flight Aerolink Uganda from Entebbe International Airport. More so, the park icovers an area of about 1442 square kilometers that inhabits over 86 mammals ,500 bird species and among others.

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