Primate Lodge Kibale National Park – Safari Lodge Destination Uganda

Primate lodge is a luxurious safari accommodation located inside Kibale National Park and one of the most booked lodge by tourists on their safari to Kibale Chimpanzee tracking experience. The location of the lodge is perfect for   chimpanzee tracking as a starting point.

Moreover, primate lodge has a welcoming and team building staff who are well organized and accommodative. They are also friendly in taking care of your hiking shoes by cleaning and providing crocs in the meantime.

At Primate lodge they do care for their clients through providing with perfect hospitality services during your day visit to the lodge. While at the lodge you will feel a home to stay the least and the visit is topped with a perfect meal of favorite chilli con carne.

Overall, the lodge is a convenient next door to the visitor Center but supremely comfortable and beautiful place to stay. Their cottages are private and visually attractive. Meaning they are outstanding sleep over   and it’s easy to find such comfort stay in the middle of the jungle.

Primate lodge has a Jungle perfection overlooking the green nature surrounding the lodge, with caring staff who are exceptional to the guests.

However, Primate lodge is an eco-executive safari lodge that sits in the midst of the jungle with unrivaled nature in the serenity heart of Kibale rainforest national park. Kibale renown as Uganda’s primate’s capital and home with high concentration of primates over 13 different species of primates and various other mammals, beautiful butterflies and birds.

Primate lodge is located at the edge of the park with tucked deep in the forest and right next door to the starting point for chimpanzee tracking excursion as well as fabulous chimpanzee Habituation marking Kibale two of the most genuinely breath-taking wildlife experiences on the planet earth.

Primate Lodge Kibale National Park
Primate Lodge Kibale National Park

The lodge is designed with nine spacious and en-suite Luxury Cottages each secluded deep in the forest for maximum privacy and   rewarding nature. Get started now and live in nature filled with cool breathing air, you can choose to sleep in double size bed or king size bed with a sitting area with two comfortable arm chairs, a reading table and adjoining large veranda with gainful view to the forest. It also offers seven mid-level forest cottages which are private and en-suite with spacious bathrooms, twin size beds or King size bed as well as a spacious veranda overlooking the thick rainforest with lounge chairs.

Primate lodge also has outstanding storied Elephant Band with an upstairs bedroom fitted with a giant King Size Bed and a downstairs living room very adorable. Being a double occupancy, its good with honeymooners, anniversaries as well as hopeless romantics mostly to those who enjoy private lounging and dining at the extensive upstairs veranda that overlooks into the forest.

The lodge offers other suitable amenities that attracts guest who usually make this lodge their comfortable stay such as a spacious dining terrace, complimentary room service, a secluded area with a small library and an evening fire place, laundry service and free Wi-Fi in the public areas.

Book now! Your safari to the paradise of primates ‘’Kibale Forest National Park’’ best visited for chimpanzee tracking or Chimpanzee habituation experience. Start now your journey to Uganda Safaris Destination and get to enjoy one of the incredible bucket list on Pearl of Africa-Uganda.

Primate Lodge Kibale National Park
Primate Lodge Kibale National Park

Primate Lodge welcomes everyone to enjoy unforgettable life time experience in the midst of the paradise of primates with amazing wonders of the African Jungle like the brightening sky at night, the greatest variety and concentration of primate species as well as delicious tasty food made by professional chef. As well as enjoying the warmest services and hospitality from our friendly staff who always assure you with great memorable accommodation experience.

Plan now your safari to Uganda’s Kibale National Park where you will witness the wonders of the true African jungle where Primate Lodge will be your home of comfortable stay.

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