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Queen Elizabeth National Park Tourist Attractions : Queen Elizabeth National Park is Uganda’s second largest national park with an open savannah grassland that are in habitat of wide population of wildlife species with over 95 mammals such as African elephants ,waterbuck ,giant forest hog ,Nile crocodiles ,Leopards ,spotted hyena ,lions ,hippopotamus ,Uganda kobs ,African huff floes  among others ,however a paradise of birds over 600 bird species are recorded in here ,birds to see include; white winged warbler ,greater swamp warbler ,lesser swamp warbler ,pied kingfisher ,white winged tern ,papyrus gonolek , malachite kingfisher , chestnut wattle eye ,Sulphur breasted bush shrike ,black bishop among others species to encounter on Uganda safaris Tours.

Furthermore, the park was gazette in 1952 covering an area of about 1978 square kilometers under the protection of Uganda Wildlife Authority and it’s on the list of UNESCO world heritage site. Queen Elizabeth national park is located in Southwestern region of Uganda in Kasese districts close to famous magic mountain of the moon ‘’Rwenzori Mountain’’.

Tourist attractions in Queen Elizabeth national park is the reason why the park is so fame on world map, all because of diversity of flora or plant, fauna or wild animals and scenic landscape they are truly humbling thus a great reason why Queen Elizabeth national park is called the ‘’ Medley of nature ‘’ by many authors and writers.

Queen Elizabeth National Park Tourist Attraction


The Equator is one of the tourist attraction to see on Safari Uganda Queen Elizabeth national park, the park is crossed by the equator at zero coordinates, which is a highlight latitude demarcated with a circular sculpture. At the equator, tourists normally stop by to take photos and sometimes they enjoy it by the local children filled with happiness. Hence, becoming the very first attraction for visitors that come to the park.

  The queen’s pavilion is also worth encounter attraction within the park besides the wildlife. The pavilion was well built for the sake of Queen Elizabeth 11 of England when she visited Uganda in 1952. Later it was renovated for the royal guest from England in 1954. While at here at pavilion, it gives a great view of the entire park. After your game drive, you can request your guide to pass you by the queen’s pavilion where you can clearly adventure the park’s land with rewardable views.

Queen Elizabeth National Park Tourist Attractions

Salt Lake –Katwe Salt Works

Lake Katwe lies north of mweya peninsular in the north western side of Queen Elizabeth national park, however salt crater lake is one of the crater lakes of the park. Katwe is saline crater lake with inlets but no outlets which makes it salty. While in the dry season the water becomes concentrated hence forming salt pans on the bottom and also crystalized salt forms on the surface.

On your visiting, you will enjoy the salt mining process and the narrative as told by the salt miners. It is really emotional story of mining by the local women miners at Katwe Salt Lake.

The Landscape

Queen Elizabeth national park has a land mark landscape with fresh breath taking cool air and it gives a good glimpse of the true pearly glamour of Uganda. The park also has undulating hills that make stunning scenery for the sight. Facts about Queen Elizabeth national park is situated on the back drop of majestically mountain Rwenzori that rewards with stunning view of the Rwenzori ranges and you can be able to see mountain Rwenzori as touching the clouds thus a reason why it is called the Mountain of the Moon.

Kyambura Escarpment

Kyambura is attached with lots of amazing features ‘’Kyambura gorge’’ which is a rain forest in through the vast savanna grass land plains. This gorge was shaped by Kyambura River. The Kyambura escarpment is a marvelous site for many safari accommodation facilities within Queen Elizabeth national park. Then from the escarpment you have a gainful view of the park and the vast open savannah plains dotted with the savannah woodland tree species such as the acacia tree.

The Crater Lakes

Queen Elizabeth national park is positioned in the western rift valley of Africa, the reason being with a number of volcanic craters in the area. The park covers also 10 crater lakes. Along the 27 kilometers crater drive you can be able to watch a number of crater lakes, the story about their formation in an amazing one as it is reported by the ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority guides. Moreover, the crater lakes are also associated with scenic scenery goods for photography and hiking.


Queen Elizabeth national park home rich in diversity of wildlife where game drive is more fabulous to the visitors. Above all, a great location with the largest population of hippos in East Africa, over 4000 elephants and over 2000 buffaloes, together with unique tree climbing lions.

The unique tree climbing lions rare to be seen may be on television .These tree climbing lions are special species of lions and really exclusive to East Africa. They are only found in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth national park and lake Manyara national park in Tanzania. However, the best way to adventure these tree climbing lions is in Ishasha sector south part of Queen Elizabeth national park than in Tanzania.

They are normally observed hanging up in the candelabra trees during the hot weather to cool down but also climb to the trees in eager hunting for their prey the Uganda kobs. The tree climbing lions are one of the major highlight of any African safari, a major attraction that attracts a lot of visitors to visit Queen Elizabeth national park purposely to encounter this unique species.

Queen Elizabeth National Park Tourist Attractions
Tree Climbing Lions

Kazinga Channel

This is a magical   feature  found inside the park basing on the guest review on  trip advisor .The kazinga channel harbors with  lots of wild animals in Queen Elizabeth national park during the dry season .Its where  famous boat cruise is operated ,you can be able to spot a number of school of hippos cooling in the water ,herds of buffaloes can also be seen, snacking crocodiles trying their trick hunt and number of elephants can be seen showering along the shore line ,you can as well spot a pride of lions with cab  trying to run after the birds at the shore of kazinga channel. It is also a wonderful place to birding.

Local Communities

The park is surrounded with a number of communities where your community walk can be carried out for example the busonga fishing village found on the further shore of Lake George. You can as well engage in a lot of activities like boat racing, tasting of the local fish prepared right from the water.

Visit the Coffee Plantation

It is called Omwani coffee plantation a women association that is dedicated to produce exclusively organic coffee for both the local market and export. From this association has enable these local women to achieve their goal that help them to earn a living for their home consumption and school fees for their children.

Where to stay on Safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth national park offers with quite a number of comfortable accommodation facilities ranging from luxury to budget safari. They are built in a rewarding perfection of the beautiful natural surroundings. They are locally constructed cottages reflect the African tradition way of building, thatched with grass and some are constructed using reeds. Cottages in the park have gainful view of the park, the savannah plains and the magic mountain Rwenzori as well as the wildlife species.

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