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River Sezibwa  : The River Sezibwa, is quite life time adventurous, that lies in the Central Uganda in East Africa. The named Sezibwa derives KKubo which means ‘’my path cannot be blocked’’. The falls starts from the wetlands between Lake Victoria and Lake Kyoga which is in western direction of the Victoria Nile and Flows in a general northerly direction and pour its waters into the Lake Kyoga. The source of River Sezibwa is positioned in Buikwe districts near the Ngogwe town. The Sezibwa also enters Lake Kyoga in Kayunga district close the town of Galilaya, it has the length of River Sezibwa which is approximately 150 kilometers from its source to the end.

River Sezibwa

The river and falls are in one area making both features to be named Sezibwa, on tour you will also have chances of adventuring the falls which are approximately 20miles east of Kampala capital, along the Kampala –Jinja Highway. This falls are marked with an out span of sharp edged rock and the magnificent reward of waters flowing down the steep ridged stones.

Sezibwa Falls are located in Mukono District, measures 7metres high with rewarding scenery for relaxation as you enjoy sweet melodies of bird species.

Sezibwa Falls is found in Uganda pearl of Africa, one of hidden gem with beautiful water falls we have in Uganda which can easily be located taking about ‘’30 minutes’’’ drive from Kampala without traffic and a traveler doesn’t require a lot of money to visit this stunning place, all you need to do is to go with your own food and drinks which is highly recommend but if you’re to visit the place with the tour company ,we Achieve Global Safaris we can arrange for you things concerning about transport ,meals and safari drive guide.

This falls sounds as one of the best beautiful eco-tourism destination in Uganda with great opportunities to tour the source of the Nile just to compare the two experience. Sezibwa falls is distinct in several ways because of the quietness and the rewarding nature environment around the area.

Sezibwa falls lies 43 kilometers from Kampala taking around 90 minutes on Jinja Road, enjoy a day picnic spot, water falls, restaurant with warm drinking and no other drinks only serve better foods and drinks. Along your visit always carry you some of the mat, chair to sit, limited bandas, local religious place and some rituals are performed at one corner of the falls and if you’re not comfortable with traditional rituals avoid that corner.

 Despite the fact, Sezibwa falls are one the few places that have not been tempered with in form of developing it as a tourism site. Though do not expect eats like snacks, food, drinks or anything. On visit here come with such as expectation which you will only be setting up for quite disappointment yet the scenery of these falls is exceptional.  Travelling to Sezibwa it is a real adventure.

Sezibwa falls is quite a great location to relax after a long week of work on weekends to enjoy the fresh air from the city, lush green environments.

River Sezibwa
River Sezibwa

Visit Sezibwa falls a gainful place to stop after along safari weekend in the Eastern Uganda, with great view of mysterious and stunning waterfalls, walk around the woods before heading back to the city center for a more gorgeous Safari. Of all its desert after the main course.

Around Sezibwa falls tourists on visit can do rock climbing and bird watching and nature walk where you can be able to explore wildlife in the forest such as bush monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, bird life plus other primates.

Activities to do at Sezibwa Falls

Birding at Sezibwa Falls

Sezibwa falls is one of the a great location for birding encounter on Uganda Birding Safari .The area is rich with colorful water bird and forest  species and savannah species which can be viewed in the agricultural gardens adjacent to the falls .Some of birds to see are the unique Africa  finfoot  which can also be watched on a boat cruise in Lake Mburo national park .The giant kingfisher is also spotted  in the lower tree branches of tree near the flowing River Sezibwa after the water falls .

Other notable bird species to see out at Sezibwa falls include ;African Ground Thrush ,Black and white Manikin ,Grey headed Nigrita ,African pygmy kingfisher ,African paradise flycatcher ,Red bellied paradise flycatcher ,Rock Martin ,Grey backed Camaroptera ,Had dada Ibis ,Tambourine Dove ,Eastern Plantain Eaters ,Northern ,Grey headed sparrow  ,Dark capped Bulbul ,Red eyed Dove ,Great Blue Turaco ,Splendid Starling ,Black and white casqued Hornbill , Buff-spotted Woodpecker ,Northern crombec ,African Grey parrot ,Klaus’s cuckoo ,Cassin honeyguide ,white headed sawing ,collared sunbird ,shinning Blue kingfisher ,Green throated sunbird ,African Golden breasted Bunting ,willow warbler ,Brown throated wattle-eye ,Olive bellied sunbird ,African yellow  white eyes ,Dusky-blue flycatcher ,Yellow long bill ,palmnut vulture ,Speckled Tinker bird ,Scarlet chested sunbird , Yellow fronted canary ,Brown throated wattle eyes ,Diederik cuckoo ,western yellow wagtail ,Northern black flycatcher ,Rock Martin ,White Manikin among others.

Rock Climbing at Sezibwa

On your visit to Sezibwa falls, a tourist can engage in rock climbing that gives beautiful view of falls while at the top, climbing is not such difficult or high but enough for you to enjoy the attractions around.

Cultural Experience at Sezibwa Falls

The falls are surrounded by the ancestral traditions who perform cultural rituals at the top of the Sezibwa falls and shrines are many here where people visits to be blessed with wealth, others seeking for love, children and success in business by the ancestral spirits.

Book your trip now and visit one of the Uganda’s fantastic falls ‘’Sezibwa falls’’.

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