Ruaha National Park Safari : Ruaha national park is considered to be the second largest national park in Tanzania and in the whole of East Africa which is located in the Southern region of Tanzania and it is situated in a distance of about 130 kilometers from the west of Iringa. Ruaha national park derived its name from the Great Ruaha river which is considered to be the top tourist attraction in the park and it is noticed to be flowing through the southeastern part of the park and many animals are usually spotted around this area.

How to access Ruaha National park.

For tourists planning on travelling to Ruaha national park can use road transport means or air transport in order to be able to access the park.

Road transport.

therefore who opt to use the road transport can always get opportunities to jump on the long trips as they explore through the beautiful landscapes of the country and enjoy the beautiful insights of the rural areas and they can get chances to make stop over in areas like Iringa and Morogoro where they get to interact with the local people. More so, the road trips always cover about a distance of about 625 kilometers from Dar es Salaam and about 9 hours. And then later, they can take a drive of about 130 kilometers from Iringa to be able to access the park.

 Air Transport.

For those individuals who would love to skip the long trips and be able to accesss the park in a short period of time can choose to book their flights from either; Arusha, Dar es salaam, Serengeti, Dodoma, Kigoma local airstrips.

Best to visit in Ruaha national park.

Tourists are always advised to visit Ruaha national park during the dry season which is between months of June to October and from mid-December to March. And this season is considered the best because it is when less rainfalls are received and the grass vegetation is always short which makes it difficult for animals to hide hence helping tourists to capture clear views of many attractions within the park.

Things to do in Ruaha national park.

Exploring around Ruaha national park blesses individuals with great opportunities to participate into several activities where they gain new experiences and also create remarkable memories and some of these activities include; Game drives which are normally conducted in different sessions such as; in the afternoon, evening and in the morning which is considered to best time because it is when animals seem more active while they move out of their hiding moving from one place to another while searching for food, they can opt to embark onto guided nature walks during their free time and this helps them to get closer to the amaizing nature in the park and be able to see many wildlife species however, they are always accompanied with the park guide whose role is guide them through different trails and to ensure the safety of both individuals and the animals.

Ruaha National Park Safari
Ruaha National park

More so, tourists can decide to go community visits and cultural encounters, wildlife viewing due to the fact that this park is a home to over many animal species such as; zebras, elands, giraffes, cheetahs, leopards, bat eared foxes, crocodiles, jackals, snake among others, bird watching, photography moments, and hot air balloon safaris which is another great way for tourists to capture classic views of the whole park and its wilderness as they are in the sky and individuals are encouraged to pay a cost of about 550 USD per person.

Where to stay in Ruaha National park.

Ruaha national park has so many accommodation facilities that are always available for tourists who opt to have their stay after their long day of tourng around the park. however, these accommodation facilities are ranged and classifies differently such as; from budget, mid-range and luxury  hence helping guests to choose where to stay according to where it matches with their budget and preferrences. Therefore, some of these lodging facilities include the following; Ruaha river lodge, Ruaha hill view lodge, Queen Elisabeth bush lodge, Paradise eco club, Kwihala camp, Nomd kigelia camp and many others.

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