Rubondo island national park is located in the Northwestern region of Tanzania and it is situated in a distance of about 150 kilometers 995miles) from the wet of Mwanza and it is considered to be of one of Africa’s largest island national park which is about 26 kilometers long and around 10 kilometers wide hence covering a total surface area of about 456.8 square kilometers. More so, Rubondo island national park is known to be one of the two game parks in the country, which are situated on an island in Lake Victoria while the other one is Saanane island national park.

Rubondo island national park was officially established as a national park in 1965 and the Tanzania National park Authority is managing it. And this national park is considered as an adventurous place where one can visit while on a safari in the country because the big part of the park is covered with a good vegetation cover such as; dense forests and has around four volcanic hills which are surrounded with semi deciduous forests which all act as good natural habitats to many wildlife species and birds.

Tourist Attractions in Rubondo Island National park.


Rubondo island national park is seen a birders paradise that harbours around 300 bird species however, it is famously known for having the largest population of the African fish eagles in the whole world. In addition, other birds to see while touring around this park include; the marital eagles, sacred ibis, Bee-eaters, Sunbirds, hornbills, saddle-billed stork, king fishers, herons, egrets, African fish eagles and many others. In addition, all these birds are classified in different types such as; some are water birds and migratory birds.


The park hosts large numbers of indigenous species that are always available in many areas around the park therefore, it is always best when tourists embark onto game drives where they get opportunities to see many of these these species as they are touring around the park. and some of the animals to see include; giraffes, elephants, antelopes, bush bucks, hippos, chimpanzees, crocodiles, hyrax, giraffes, hyrax, bush pigs, warthogs, spotted genet cats, buffalos, suni and grey parrots and more primate species like; black and white colobus monkeys, sitatunga, vervet among others.

Rubondo Island National Park
Rubondo Island

Cultural sites.

 In Rubondo, island national park has several cultural sites, which are considered one of the major attractions in the park. Therefore tourists exploring around this park can visit these sites such as; Ntugamirwe, Altare, Maji, Matakatifu and solo among others. More so, visiting these cultural sites gives you chances to learn more about the culture, history and traditions of the natives.

Activities done in Rubondo Island national park.

Exploring around the park grants tourists with opportunities to participate in several activities and some of these include; chimpanzee Habituation due to the fact that this game park is a home to many chimpanzees and this activity involved individuals to spend sometime around the chimps which helps the species to get used to presence of humans. In addition, people are always grouped according to which chimpanzee group they are going to trek. In addition, tourists can opt to for guided nature walks where the park guides whose role is to lead them through different trails and ensure the safety of both animals and people always accompany them. In addition, these walks always go for about one hour.

More so, in Rubondo Island national park tourists can go on a jungle safari during their free time as you enjoy the breathe taking scenery, canoeing, fishing where tourists will be able to get fish species like; Nile perch, bird watching, wildlife viewing, game drives which are done in different sessions for example; in the morning, afternoon and evening where they are able to see animal species such as; crocodiles, bush bucks, giraffes, black and white colobus monkeys and many others.

Best time to visit in Rubondo Island National park.

Rubondo Island National park can be visited at any time throughout the year however, the best when tourists should visit the park is during the dry season which is between months of July to September when there is less rainfall which enables tourists continue with their daily schedules as planned and the grass vegetation is always short which enables tourists to capture classic views of the park.

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