Rushaga Gorilla Sector – Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Uganda – Gorilla Trekking & Habituation Experience

Rushaga Gorilla Sector: This sector is one of the four gorilla sectors found in the famous Bwindi Impenetrable National Park above all, the only place in Uganda and not only here but worldwide where Gorilla Habituation Experience can be adventured a whole day excursion. Being the only location for gorilla habituation where tourists are given more time with mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Reasons why you should trek Gorillas in Uganda

Rushaga sector is situated in the south side of Bwindi Impenetrable national park, one among the four trailhead where daily trekking safari excursions begins in Uganda. This sector is popular with tourists for its gorilla habituation experience thus allowing the trekkers to spend more time of 4 hours with gorillas learning about their behaviors, feed, play, hunt, nest their bed on the ground during evening ours. Gorilla habituation is a whole day experience, experience the trek in the midst of the jungle with a wild gorilla family.

Bwindi Impenetrable national park is located in southwestern region of Uganda being one of the two inhabitant of the endangered mountain gorillas globally. Another gorilla destination that is found in southwestern is Mgahinga Gorilla national park. The park is renown to protect the half world’s gorilla population in the wild approximately 600 individuals out of total 1064 individuals. Bwindi’s gorillas are fully habituated ready for tourism as we can see millions of tourists who come visits the park on Uganda Safaris.

Therefore, gorillas in Rushaga sector are   habituated for tourism and research purposes it’s the only sector which was put aside purposely for Gorilla habituation experience.

The park covers 331 squares kilometers easy to experience it on foot and being a home of large population of gorillas ‘’UWA’’ Uganda wildlife Authority a body that manages all the parks decided to subdivided the sanctuary into four sectors to make it easy for tourists and researchers to reach the habituated gorilla groups.  As we see   Buhoma in north, Ruhija in east, Nkuringo in south as well as Rushaga in south.

This sector is in a beautiful location surrounded by hills and giving rewardable view across the vast, rugged rift valley landscapes with all the Virunga Mountain Vista insight. The areas also provide a spectacular sight on the top of any ridge in here. On your visit it will make you feel like you are in paradise. Just know, if the gorillas do not bring you to this nature rewarding   where you will feel you are in paradise of geographical nature.

Rushaga Gorilla Sector
Rushaga Gorilla Sector

Gorilla families found in the Rushaga sector include

Nshongi Gorilla Family

Mishaya Gorilla Family

Busingye Gorilla Family

Bweza Gorilla Family

Rwiigi Gorilla Family

Mucunguzi Gorilla Family

Bikingi Gorilla Family

Kahungye Gorilla Family

Nshongi Gorilla family

 This gorilla family is one of the families found in Rushaga sector fully habituated    with eight members lead by the dominant silverback Bweza.

Before the group size was large with the number of 34 members including several males but over time intra-male rivalry   caused notable dispersals of member males and fissions. By July 2010, the Nshongi family split to form the Mishaya family and again fashioned to form the Bweza group in August 2012.

The gorilla group is comprised of 1 silverback, 1 Blackbacks ,3 Adult females ,1 Sub adult and 2 infants.

Mishaya Gorilla Family

Mishaya Gorilla Family still new gorilla group available for gorilla trekking in the Rushanga sector. Unfortunately, Mishaya passed way   a sole dominant silverback, died from an obstruction of the intestinal.

Mishaya gorilla group is the latest addition to the Rushaga sector gorilla groups available for daily gorilla trekking excursion.

The group is comprised of 10 members including 1 silverback ,1 Blackbacks ,4 Adult females ,1 Sub adult females and 3 infants

Busingye Gorilla Family;

Busingye gorilla family is fully habituated gorilla groups available for gorilla trekking in Rushanga southern tourism sector of Bwindi.  Busingye silverback is the who leads the group in the dense misty jungle.

 The gorilla family is comprised of 12 individuals including; 1 silverback ,1 Black back ,5 Adult females ,3 Juveniles ,2 Infants.

 Busingye group is one of the most entertaining group in the Rushaga sector, its young one are ever playful and their father is a good father who let them play around him where he can watch closely.

Bweza Gorilla Family

Bweza gorilla group is led by dominant silverback kakono and is one of the fully habituated gorilla group available for gorilla trekking in the Rushaga sector.

The group is renowned for foraging on community land adjacent to the Bwindi than deep inside the canopy. It is comprised of 11 members including: 3 Silverbacks ,4 Adult females ,1 Juvenile and 3 Infants.

Kahungye Gorilla Family

Kahungye Gorilla family is a family of thirteen individuals lead by silverback Ruziika dominates the Kahungye group. But before the group had 29 members including 3 adult males. In March 2012, mature silverback Busingye began the fission that split the members to create the Busingye gorilla family. Now the group is left with 19 family members.

Biking Gorilla Family

 Biking gorilla family is the founder and Bikingi silverback died on 9th June 2018 after a brutal encounter with a lone wild silverback around the sector.

Currently, the group is led by unnamed silverback and available for gorilla trekking in the Rushaga southern sector of Bwindi Impenetrable National park.

Rushaga Gorilla Sector
Rushaga Gorilla Sector

It is reported that, the group has left with 10 members including;1 silverback ,1 black back ,4 adult females ,2 Juveniles and 2 Infants.

Rwiigi Gorilla Family

 Rwiigi Gorilla family is a new group in Rushaga gorilla sector   that separated from the Kahungye gorilla family. All members in Rwiigi were fully habituated in Kahungye before creating Rwiigi. The group is under monitored by Uganda Wildlife Authority.

 Rwiigi group is currently   comprises 10 members with; 1 silverback ,5 Adult Females ,2 Juveniles and 2 Infants.

Mucunguzi Gorilla Family

 Mucunguzi gorilla family is a group of 12 members ready for gorilla trekking in Rushaga sector.

Gorilla Habituation Experience in Rushaga

The exclusive gorilla habituation experience in Bwindi Impenetrable national park in done Rushaga sector, an activity that offers outstanding opportunity to spend up to four hours with remarkable wild primates, observing and photographing them.

Unlike gorilla trekking   which offers an hour trek. The unrushed habituation process extensive gives more time to relax and understand the very day gorilla family. Through engaging in gorilla habituation you’re able enjoy the nature in a relaxed environment to capture great shots in a challenging wild scene.

On Gorilla habituation experience expect to find gorillas not so relaxed around humans than in a usual gorilla trek. Because these gorillas they first undergo a training process of 2 to 3 year before they open it for tourism.

Gorilla Habituation Permits

In Uganda a gorilla habitation permits costs USD1,500 per person and are available for the Rushaga sector only in Bwindi. The price seems to be high but considering Rwanda gorilla trekking charges for an hour costs the same as of gorilla habituation. But the activity is worth it. For foreign resident pay USD1000 and UGX750,000 East African citizens. Then gorilla trekking costs USD700 for Foreign nonresident and USD600 foreign resident.

Please note, gorilla habituation permits are sold at ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority offices or you can call your tour agent to book for you at the UWA offices. The age limit of habituation is above 15 years.

Other activities to do on visit to Rushanga sectors include; Visit the Batwa people, walking trails, birding and community walk among other.

Best time to visit

 Rushaga sector is open for gorilla trekking and habituation throughout the year but the best months to do it is from June to August and December to February.

What to pack

 Rushaga sector is located in Uganda’s wettest tropical region, meaning that you should pack warm clothes which will drench you while walking under the forest canopy.

It’s good to pack rain jackets, sweater, poncho, comfortable hiking shoes, Insect repellents, long sleeved trouser and shirts, enough mineral water among others.

Where to stay

There are many comfortable lodges where you can sleep on visit to Rushaga sector ranging from Luxury, Mid and Budget accommodation facilities; Chameleon Hill lodge, Clouds mountain gorilla lodge, Rushanga valley camp, Bwindi jungle lodge, Wagtail Eco safari camp among many more.


From Kampala to Rushaga sector takes a driving distance of 9 to 10 hours to access the main destination.

Alternatively, fly from Entebbe International Airport by Aero link to land you to Kihihi is only 1hour, then be picked up by a safari guide and be dropped to the park.

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