Safari Lodges in Uganda

Safari Lodges in Uganda are located in the precious sectors of the national parks of Uganda to help you experience the wildlife as you sleep in the Wild. A majority are strategically found in the wildlife routes or directly having a good view of the national parks where guests can enjoy game viewing in their own balcony. The safari lodges in Uganda have the most hostable staffs with great experience to serve the guests.

Safari Lodges in Uganda

There are several factors that determine the safari price in Uganda among which the type of safari lodge is the key factor as different guests have different lodge choices according to their planned budget. The safari lodges in Uganda are distributed across the protected areas inside the parks while few are located just at the park gates. 

The Safari lodges are divided into three that is Budget / Basic lodges, Mid-range safari lodges and luxury safari lodges. This arrangement helps the guests of all the budgets who want to explore the pearl of Africa. With the difference of only the cost but they all provide excellent services to the guests making their stay a very comfortable and memorable experience in Uganda

Food or Drinks: They provide both local dishes of Uganda and international dishes and it’s the choice of the guests to choose the dish of their preferences. In all our Safari lodges in Uganda, the three-course menu is provided that is Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner. Depending on the booking made like a full board, half board or bed and breakfast. Before the meal is served the starters are served first and after the meal, the Deserters are served. Some provided a bottle of water or soft drink during the meals while doing not but have parked bar where the guests can order all kinds of drinks at an extra cost.

The food is served in three ways those are Buffet, Alakat, and Menu which is served in the restaurant and served inside your room under request. Orders for the next meal is made after the first meal. Special cases like Vegetarians and other specials like allergy are catered for in all the lodges with only communication made in time.  

All safari lodges in Uganda have three to four room types those are the single room, double room, and triple room. Other lodges have family cottages or family tents which can accommodate more than 4 people.

The single rooms are basically for single travelers having a single bed. On the other side, the double room is good for couples. It’s a room with one kingsize bed which can take two people. The triple rooms have two or three beds, the room has one king-size bed and one single bed. The family cottages or tents are the ones that can accommodate families with children. They are also good for honeymooners.

Budget/ Basic Safari lodges in Uganda: The basic Safari lodges in Uganda are lodges that charge 100$ and below but provide luxury tourist facilities and services. Basic accommodations are distributed to all the national parks of the country. The basic lodges are mostly located outside the national park but close to the park with a fair view of the park.  The basic lodge provides the following services:

Room service, Local and international food, some have free wifi that works only in the main restaurant. Some of the basic safari lodges in Uganda include Heritage safari lodge, Red Chilli Rest Camp, Budongo Eco Lodge, Pumba lodge, Engiri game lodge, Insunga Lodge and many more.

Mid-range Safari lodges in UgandaThis is a little different and better than the basic safari lodges. They are 3-star hotels and mostly found inside the national parks with a clear view of the scenic beauty of the Ugandan national parks. They have great services and modern facilities like swimming pools, fitness gyms, a small bar, and DS Television. They have larger rooms which are self-contained with wifi on the rooms. The showers have both hot and cold water with steady power supply and great African dishes.  Some of the mid-range safari lodges are Parkview Lodge, Ichumbi Gorilla Lodge, Trekkers tarvan cottages, Fort Murchison Lodge, Pakuba lodge and others

Luxury Safari lodges in Uganda: These are upmarket lodges with modern facilities of a 5-star level. They are found inside the national parks with swimming pools, Wi-Fi, stable power supply, larger executive rooms with DS television, mini bar in the rooms, enough spacious balcony and others. The services are a class with high-end services. Examples of luxury lodges in Uganda are Mweya safari lodge, Chobe lodge, paraa safari lodge, Silverback Lodge, Clouds, Buhoma lodge, Apoka lodge and many more.

Safari Lodges in Uganda
Chobe Safari Lodge

Activities that can be done around the Safari lodges in Uganda

The lodges are located inside or near the parks across the country and this has made it possible for the guests to be engaged in several activities during their stay in these lodges.

Some of the key activities include:

Game drives: Uganda is gifted by ten national parks with 5 of them have open savannah plain animals and the big cats. Guests who stay in these lodges have a great opportunity to enjoy wildlife game drives to see big games like lions, leopards, elephants, buffalo, giraffes, zebras, topis, kobs mention but a few. The lodges organize these activities for the guests at an extra cost depending on the arrangement of the booking.

Birding: Uganda is a home of over 1000 bird species distributed across the country. Birding can be done in any of the 10 national parks of Uganda. Guests can enjoy birding k=just at their balcony while chilling at any of the Safari lodges in Uganda. 

Boat cruise: Safari lodges in Uganda that are located in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, and Lake Buyonyi all organize boat cruises for their guests. Sailing along the fresh water bodies in the country are very lifetime experiences one can ever enjoy during your stay in any of the Safari lodges in Uganda.

Horse rides: Some Safari lodges in Uganda like Muhingo lodge in Lake Mburo organizes horse rides in Lake Mburo. One of the unique ways of doing game drives in a classic way on the back of the horse.

Gorilla trekking: Uganda habits almost half of the rare mountain gorillas in the two parks those are Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga national park. Gorilla trekking is a highlight of true Ugandan safari. The parks are surrounded by very many Safari lodges some inside the parks and others outside the parks.

Chimpanzee trekking: Safari lodges in Uganda which are found inside or near the chimpanzee trekking parks organize chimpanzee trekking for the tourists. Uganda remains the best destination of primate tracking in Africa. Lodges like Park view lodge, Chimpanzee guest house, Budongo eco-lodge, Kyambura game lodge, and others organize chimpanzee trekking in Uganda.

There are all categories of Safari lodges in Uganda it is only your budget to tell which lodge you will prefer. 

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