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Silverback lodge: Silverback lodge is one of the Uganda’s pristine accommodation facilities found in a famous Bwindi Impenetrable national park a location to the great mountain gorilla populations which are visited on daily basis in their preserved nature inhabitants. However, Bwindi sits in the southwestern region of Uganda, approximately 9 to 10-hours’ drive from Kampala to access the main destinations. Alternatively, a traveler can use a domestic flight from Entebbe Airport or Kajjansi Airfield to access a landing to Kihihi Airstrip within 1hour.

Silverback Lodge
Silverback Lodge

This lodge sits in Buhoma sector one of the four gorilla sectors of Bwindi Impenetrable forest in southwestern Uganda and it is a 5-minute walk to the national park. Furthermore, a home to variety of wildlife species mainly the habituated mountain gorillas, non-habituated chimpanzee, over 120 species of mammals ,350 bird species and over 163 tree species.

Silverback lodge provides a perfect relaxing stay and a place to enjoy the magnificent landscape of the Bwindi Forest after a long day hike.

Silverback lodge is perched on high with gainful overlooking of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and the views are rewarding meaning a great place to enjoy a pres–tracking cocktails as well as having sweeping views of the valley and forest that surrounds it. On visit to the lodge you have a closer birding sights and primates viewing right from the front door of your room.

Moreover, the lodge is designed with 12 rooms meaning is the largest lodge in the area and will remain one of the best value properties in the region, with   comfortable stay and hospitable staff.,

At Silverback lodge they have a lovely welcoming staff that makes your visit to feel at home.  There room –bathrooms are all adequate with breakfast served and dinner being delicious.

The lodge also have a verandah looking onto Bwindi Impenetrable Forest with great view that sets you up for the trek of mountain gorillas. During your time for gorilla activity, the lodge gives out a stick to the guests to help them trek which you really need to avail of. Remember trekking with the gorilla for the first time visit looks to be unreal experience yet it’s one of the most humbling experience you will ever do in life time.

Silverback Lodge
Silverback Lodge

The lodge have outstanding Kitchen that runs by a skilled chef who prepares nice food with delicious tasty. The lodge is professionally managed.

After your gorilla trekking, you can look at the forest in awe and trepidation afterwards you will get a glass of juice or wine thinking of how you managed to fulfil your dream of encountering mountain gorillas in the midst of the judge. Also knowing that the gorilla you hopefully met are still in there. You will also enjoy bird watching right from your veranda and they can be seen knocking around.

Along your comfortable stay at Silverback lodge consider as well the situation you have met in those people who live around the park, you can decide to leave clothes, boots and other things not in use to them.

Amenities at Silverback lodge;

They include;

Free internet

Laundry services

Free park space

Activities to do on safari to Silverback Lodge

They include; Gorilla trekking, Bird watching, visiting the six trail for hiking, ride for a woman Biking, Visit the Batwa trail.

Gorilla trekking experience; This is the main done activity while at Silverback lodge Uganda safari tours. An activity that attracts many tourists to come be part of it. Gorilla trekking experience starts early morning at the park headquarters with a briefing about gorillas. The trek starts at 8am lead by park ranger who knows the history behind the park and willing to give you all the information touched about Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park. It’s an activity done in a group of eight people and it can take 30 to 7 hours to locate the gorilla family you’re trekking. Once you locate that gorilla family an hour is allowed to visitors to watch mountain gorillas as they play around, feed, groom their hair, hunt, built their nest on the ground and some high on the tree branches, you will as well enjoy taking unforgettable photography. After, your done return back to the lodge.

Bird Watching Experience

Along your stay to Silverback Lodge ,you will be able to have gainful sights of various beautiful bird species right from your veranda and some of the birds to be spotted include ;Western green tinker bird, Yellow streaked greenbul ,Ruwenzori apalis ,Olive breasted sunbird ,Neumann’s warbler , Many colored bush shrike ,Purple breasted sunbird ,African broadbill ,Black bee eater ,Black-billed turaco ,Blue headed sunbird ,Cinnamon –chested bee eater ,Grauer’s broadbill ,Handsome  francolin ,Mountain masked apalis ,Black faced warbler among others.

Visit the Batwa people

On your Uganda safari to Silverback lodge, never leave the place without visiting Batwa trails where your able to meet the ancient people who used to stay with mountain gorillas in the midst of the jungle eating together in harmony before Bwindi gazette into a national park. As we talk Batwa people stays around the park and some have become local guides of the park whom you can visit and enjoy their amazing entertainment, dance and storytelling. An encounter where you won’t be disappointed.

Visit water trails / Guided nature walk; Visiting water trails you will be able to have spectacular view of birds, scenic land scape of the park as well as primates viewing such as black and white monkeys, Red tailed monkeys, colobus monkeys among others.

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