Tanzania Safari

A Tanzania Safari is one of the best safari tours to Tanzania that one can engage in when they book an East Africa Safari and they can be able to see a vast variety of wildlife species. Enjoy the best of the juggle with your Tanzania Safari which is gifted land of the wildlife with millions of animals. Tanzania is an ultimate tour destination with the most famous national parks not only in Africa but entire world. The Tanzania Safari sums up great safari packages that are parked with great activities that guests can engage in while doing his or her Tanzania tour. The country has a vast protected land with iconic physical features alongside the endless plains that inhabit a wide range of wildlife.

Tanzania Safari

Tanzania is off the gateways of African wildlife safaris with some of the most glimpsing attractions. Almost ¼ of the country’s total land is covered by the protected areas with the largest national reserve in Africa that is Selous game reserve. The country has popular attractions that diversify the activities guests can get involved in from the endless plains that inhabits all the African big five to the clear crystal beaches of Zanzibar. The country entry is very open from all the sides with border crossing very easy. One can use Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, Zanzibar or Namanga which are all open for the guests 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Are you interested in beaches, snorkelling, diving or any other coastal activities Tanzania is the rightful destination with white sand beaches that run from Zanzibar to Pemba, Mafia Islands and other islands where Scuba divers enjoy coral gardens and other beautiful water creatures. However, much Tanzania tours are known for the largest wildlife migration that happens annually across the Mara River but the country has much to offer to the guests. It is true that the country is the base of the wildebeest migration which happens from July when millions of the wildebeest and thousands of zebras alongside other grazers.

You will never be disappointed after choosing your next destination country as Tanzania. Your wildlife safari experience will come true through your Tanzania Safari. You have a lot of attractions to explore in Tanzania with the list always continuous only that the time and your budget can limit you. Are you an experienced hiker, nature lover, a birder, game lover, adventure or cultural lover, Tanzania is a single destination where everything that is needed by travellers is present. Below are the highlights of the Tanzania attractions which guests can explore during their Tanzania Safari:

Mount Kilimanjaro: Tanzania is home of the African highest mountain and the world’s free-standing mountain with a peak of 5,895 Meters.  The Mountain area was declared a national park in 1973 so as to protect and conserve the diversity around the Mountain. The highest peak is called Uhuru peak which is one of the seven summits in the world. Its also listed as World Heritage site which was formed a way back through the process of Vulcanicity. The mountain gives hikers a good time of challenge while hiking. It always takes from 6 to 9 days to reach the summit depending on the hiking experience a guest has alongside fitness.

Wildebeest migration: Wildebeest migration is one of the highlights of our Safari Tanzania Tour. This is the largest animal migration on the planet earth. It happens annually in between Serengeti national park of Tanzania with Masai Mara national reserve of Kenya through the Mara River. There are many migration circulations in Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater conservation Area though the most recognized are the three:

  • The Mara River crossing that happens from July when millions of the wildebeest cross the river to Masai Mara.
  • The second wildebeest migration season is the Grumeti river migration that happens in June when the wildebeest cross the Grumeti River which is located on the western part of Serengeti national park
  • Lastly, the calving season that happens in late March when the wildebeest go to Ndutu area in Ngorongoro conservation Area for calving season. Here thousands of the young calves are born daily.

Zanzibar Beaches: The fumes of African honeymoon destination is Zanzibar where the gold meets love. Its also called Unguja in Swahili. Zanzibar has the best warm and pure water beaches in the world and its made up of different islands. This makes your relaxing stay in Zanzibar most unique with more activities done within the beaches. With any side of the beach, you choose to go the experience is recurring and everlasting with soft white sand and clear crystal water. Dive with the sea creatures, visit the coral reefs and many more. Historical point is also unmissable with a visit of Arabian townhouses, stone town, prison Island and many more. 

Ngorongoro crater: Taking a Tanzania Safari to the world’s largest unbroken and unfilled caldera is a lifetime experience. It inhabits the highest concentration of predators in the world. Located inside the Ngorongoro Conservation Area along Serengeti road. The crater is a popular destination for animals and other game not forgetting birds. In Tanzania, it is only deep in this crater that you can see black rhinos well. The crater is serviced by permanent Magadi lake that attracts more animals at the crater. The most cited animals include Gazelles, buffalo, zebras, wildebeest, leopards, lions, elephants, warthogs, hyenas, Rhinos, and many more.

The conservation also boasts with Olduvai Gorge which is one of the key archaeological sites in the world where the remains of the old stone age man were discovered. Congratulations to Dr Leakey and others who spearheaded the discoveries in 1911 and built a museum in the Area. 

Tanzania Safari
Wildlife in a Tanzania Safari

Tarangire National ParkTarangire national park is one of the premium parks of Tanzania that form the Northern tourism circuit. It was established in 1970 to protect the large herds of Elephants found in the Area. Your Tanzania Tour to Tarangire is great to deal. Enough wildlife to see in an open savannah plain dotted with baobab tree. Tarangire is one of the favourite parks which gives guest more experience and very near to Arusha with only 2 hours drive. See animals like Elephants, Wildebeest, hyenas, lions, leopards, zebras, impala, gazelles, buffalo, eland and many more.

Serengeti national park: Serengeti National park known as the endless plains by the local Maasai people. It is a famous Safari Tanzania Tour Destination that travelers ought to consider number 1 when they are choosing their Tanzania Safari. You will be able to see different wildlife species including the Big 5 animals and also you will be interested in the Wildebeest Migration which attract thousands of travelers.

Lake Manyara: Lake Manyara covers most of the parts of Lake Manyara national park. The park was named after the lake, the home of tree climbing lions, thousands of flamingos and many other aquatic animals and birds. It has the 4 members of the African Big 5 missing only Rhinos, the presents are Elephants, Lions, Leopards and Buffaloes. 

 Arusha Cultural Heritage Centre: The cultural heritage centre that is found in the middle of the tourist town Arusha. This is a centre of all historical events, country cultural parts, traditions, norms and others are represented. 

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A Safari Tanzania Tour is one of the ever best dreams every traveler may wish to achieve.


And enjoy the greatest wildlife experience on planet earth.

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