The Umubasi waterfall hiking in Nyungwe forest national park : The Waterfalls hike is simply a breathtaking and rewarding adventure experience with exceptional encounters and sights. Visitors can discover alot of the hidden treasures in Nyungwe forests that feature spectacular views of the beautiful Umubasi waterfalls.

Umubasi waterfall is located in Gisakura village in Nyungwe area – Rwanda. This waterfall trail in Nyungwe forest takes tourists through an off-beaten track.  Visitors can encounter some precious attractions found within the mountainous rainforest of Nyungwe National Park while on your Rwanda tours. Hiking the waterfall trail makes visitors explore the verdant vegetation, streams, river flowing through the forestlands, and the enormous bird species.

Things you can experience while trekking the Umubasi waterfall

Nyungwe forest has a sheer landscape, various waterfalls, and enormous wildlife, which makes it a popular safari destination in Rwanda. By hosting many waterfalls, Nyungwe offers some of the best Umubasi waterfall hiking among others.

Hiking the Umubasi waterfall makes visitors explore the verdant vegetation, streams, river flowing through the forestlands, and the enormous bird species.

Best time to visit the Umubasi waterfalls

The Umubasi waterfall trail hike is conducted at any time of the year. Overall, the dry season between June to September is the perfect time for hiking trails.

Because during the dry months the hiking trails are less muddy and slippery. Apart from that, during the hiking trail to the Umubasi waterfall, you can spot numerous bird species in Nyungwe.

What to carry for Umubasi waterfalls trail in Nyungwe forest national park

While going on a Rwanda tour to Nyugwe forest national park, it’s quite possible to take the Umubasi waterfall trail. It’s needed to take some essential things with you while going on trekking.

The Umubasi waterfall hiking in Nyungwe forest national park
The Umubasi waterfall hiking

Rain Gear – As the Nyungwe National Park is a tropical rainforest, it can rain anytime. The weather is found unpredictable sometimes and if it rains, you will need rain gear.

Insect repellent – The Nyungwe Forest National park, a tropical rainforest with lush vegetation may encourage all kinds of insects that can disturb you during your hike.

Binoculars – Like other safari destinations in Africa, Rwanda, Nyungwe National Park Umubasi waterfall trail also needs a pair of binoculars. Because the park is home to many beautiful animal and bird species.

Camera – Do not forget to take a camera while you are going on the Umubasi waterfall trail in Nyungwe forest national park.

Hiking Boots – As you will go on a waterfall trail of Umubasi, it can be slippery, especially during the rainy season. So, pack closed shoes with low heels to protect you from painful injuries.

Water bottle – No matter how long your waterfall trekking will take, remember to take enough drinking water to avoid dehydration.

Hiking stick – the park management provides tourists with a light wooden walking stick before starting the trail.

How to get to Nyungwe forest national park

The park is situated in the southwestern part of Rwanda on the border of Burundi. It will take you about 5 hours to drive from Kigali city.

Alternatively, you can opt for a flight from Kigali international airport to Kamembe by Rwanda air. It is scheduled every morning from 8.30 am and arriving at 9.00 am which takes only 40 minutes.

After visiting Nyungwe Forest National Park, you can also travel to other parks in Rwanda like Volcanoes national park. There you will explore more about mountain gorillas or golden monkey tracking. Akagera national park is also another best option for wildlife viewing safari for the big 5.

Take a hiking trail on Umubasdi waterfall In Nyungwe for a safariof your lifetime! However deeply you wish to steep yourself in Rwanda’s scenic beauty, the country offers an abundance of trails to suit your interests. Breathe in the high mountain air, witness wildlife in an unspoiled setting, and be amazed by unparalleled views, all in one place – Rwanda!

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