Things to do in Lake Mburo National Park : Lake Mburo national park is the closet national park to Kampala and it is the smallest national park located between Masaka road and Mbarara district and it takes 4hours drive time to arrive  and the park covers 370km plus the lakes and wild life species and they include zebras ,buffalos ,giraffes .lake Mburo also has got some activities which include game viewing ,boat cruises .bird watching ,fishing and horse riding and culture tours lake Mburo can be accessed in two gates that is Sanga gate accessible when driving from Kampala and Nshara gate

Things to do in Lake Mburo national park   

Game drive

On game drive one is assured of spotting zebra, buffalo sand water buck and they are available sometimes in large numbers and most of the animals are rare to be seen during the day is provided during the night drives and they start at 6; 30pm -7; 00pm and they are sorted by game rangers and they are great chances to see nocturnal animals such as bush bays potto and even leopards

Natural walks in Lake Mburo

Taking guided nature walk at the park is the best activity and it is open for everyone who wants to visit and usually conducted by range guider from the Rwonyo the park center and the guide walks take you to the salt lick presumably the place for wildlife at the salt licks animals parade themselves to enjoy the taste of the salty licks made up of water and soils   .another nature walk is the hike this activity requires preparation for exapmle carrying the right clothes ,shoes and lunch box with drinking water because they sit at the ridge having lunch as well as viewing the national park

Horseback riding

It is most and the best activity done in lake Mburo and is best done only in the park to the rest of other national park and it is done in Mihingo lodge under the guidance of the trained staff in help with the game rangers and it takes 1to 3 as you see the beauty of the park horse riding can also be done at night as you head to savannah the night and there will be amazing sound of wild animals   and the Accommodation are vialed in form of tents

Things to do in Lake Mburo National Park
Horse back riding


Fishing is another tourism activity carried out in the park and the lake is characterized of 6 fish species with the most commonly caught species being tilapia other species include cat fish, lung fish ,tiger fish ,Angara fish ,and barbell an the most common fishing spotting at lake Mburo national park is mazing the park has got five lakes inside and a total of 12 small lakes and in the park and lake has more fish compared to other lake around and the most common fish is tilapia even the tourist can carry out fishing and loiter transport them to the lodge where its prepared for them to enjoy

Community walks

One of the lodges near the park is passionate about conserving the local tradition and cultures of the Bahima people and they therefore partnered up with local family close to the lodge which has helped the tourist to learn on the way Bahima do their things and even tourist leant on how to make the cogwheel and even some leant on how to milk cows and even they get to know the culture and trading of the Bahima people

Things to do in Lake Mburo National Park
Community Walks

 When is the best time to visit Lake Mburo national park

The park is open year round but the dry seasons from June to august and December to February are the best time for wild life viewing as animals gather around the lake and other around the water source and wild life is good during the wet season from march to May and from September to November and during that time the park is lush and scenic

How to get to Lake Mburo national park

The park lies between Masaka and Mbarara in western region 228km from Kampala and it has two gates to enter the park from Mbarara road approaching from Kampala the turning gate is 13km past Lyantonde while the junction for Sanga gate is at Sanga   trading center, 72km past Lyantonde and both junctions are sign posted and it is about 20 minutes’ drive from the gate to Rwonyo


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