Things You Should Know Traveling Post-Covid in Uganda

Things you should know traveling post-Covid in Uganda are those important aspects or pieces of information a traveler intending to visit Uganda ought to know. It has been more than a year now since the Coronavirus disease devastated the world, crippling various industries and having countries close themselves without allowing entry of foreigners in. Covid 19 has claimed many lives since it emerged, but with social distancing and following various standard operating procedures provided by Ministries of health in respective countries as well as the development of various Covid-19 vaccines like Pfizer/Biontech among others, countries are re-opening and allowing foreign travel. In the same vain, Uganda re-opened her doors to foreign travel and consequently allowed the tourism industry to resume. 

Adjustments on COVID-19 restrictions for travellers

With tourism resuming in Uganda and world over, travellers have a number of questions that they raise in a bid to get accurate answers so as to plan or book their Uganda safari packages without much worry. These frequently asked (FAQs) about traveling to Uganda in the wake of Covid-19 has us writing this article to answer and inform you of the things you should know traveling post Covid in Uganda. 

Is Uganda fully open for tourism and international travel?

Yes, Uganda is fully open for tourism and international travel. Uganda resumed international travel since 1st October 2020 when Entebbe International Airport was opened for international passengers as well, following strict standard operating procedures to curb the spread of Covid-19.

What are the Covid-19 travel entry and exit requirements for Uganda? 

Notwithstanding the already known and general immigration requirements, Uganda has the following put up to curb the spread of Covid-19;

  • All travellers entering and exiting Uganda ought to present a valid Covid-19 negative test certificate within 72 hours before travel.
  • All travellers entering Uganda shall be subjected to a Covid-19 test paid for by the traveller, and temperature check. 
  • Travellers who show signs of Covid-19 shall be put into isolation and subjected for further Covid-19 test and treatment should they be positive.
  • Travellers who test positive for Covid-19 are taken into isolation and designated treatment centres.

Are all visitors to Uganda required to have a Covid-19 test slip?

Yes, all travellers are required to have a Covid-19 test slip, irrespective of one’s status. This test certificate should have been taken and issued 72 hours before arrival in Uganda, as well as departure.

Do I still need to be tested for Covid-19 even if I present a negative Covid-19 certificate?

Yes, all travellers entering Uganda are still subjected to an invasive Covid-19 test even having presented a negative Covid-19 test certificate following the check-in agent’s recommendation.

What kind or type of Covid-19 test is required for entry to Uganda?

The type of Covid-19 test required for one to enter Uganda is the Real Time-Polymerase Chain Reaction (TR-PCR) Covid-19 test. It is this test that travellers traveling to Uganda should take before entry and departure.

Can I freely enter Uganda if I have received full doses of Covid-19 vaccine?

If you have received a Covid-19 vaccine fully, you can travel to Uganda freely given that you are protected already. However, keep in mind that surfaces still carry the coronavirus so keep sanitizing lest you caused infections to those who haven’t received the Covid-19 vaccine yet.

What are the most important safety tips I should keep in mind when traveling to Uganda during Covid-19?

  • Wear your face mask correctly at all times, especially when out in public
  • Maintain the recommended social distance advised whenever possible
  • Properly hand sanitise yourself frequently. Having a personal hand sanitizer is advised for you can use it any time you want to or deem important.
  • Know and practice to the dot all the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for respective places you are to visit. Your tour operator shall avail them to you, and some of these places have their SOPs displayed in the vicinity of the area. The Uganda Wildlife Authority published SOPs travellers are to follow in all Uganda national parks, be sure to check them out on their website.
  • Travellers are also advised to consider making e-payments instead of cash transactions as often as possible. 
  • You are also highly advised against being in a crowdy place and if it is unavoidable limiting the time spent is highly advised. 

Is Entebbe International Airport transportation accessible?

Yes, airport transportation is still accessible. These transportation means are in designated areas. Having your tour operator pick you up from the airport can also be arranged, liaise with them during the safari planning process.

Are all Uganda national parks open for tourism?

Yes! All Uganda national parks are open for tourism, including the primate parks of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Kibale Forest National Park, and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Though open for visitors, all Uganda national parks have SOPs that travellers are to follow as advised by the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Can I do gorilla trekking and chimpanzee tracking amidst Covid-19?

Yes, you can still do gorilla trekking and chimpanzee tracking even with Covid-19 still prevailing. SOPs like wearing a face mask and maintaining a distance of at least 10meters from the primates are to be observed strictly given that the primates can also contract Covid-19. So yes, you can proceed and book that gorilla tracking safari you have been longing to do all this time.

The above are the most commonly asked questions about travel to Uganda amidst Covid-19, and thereby providing you with Things You Should Know Traveling Post-Covid in Uganda. Book a Uganda safari package for that much needed holiday after such a long time under quarantine and lockdown due to Covid-19. However, be sure to keep safe even during your safari in Uganda and beyond.

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