Visit the Itanda falls in Jinja City : Itanda falls is located in Jinja flowing along the River Nile. Just as the famous Bujagali falls, which attracted so many tourists in the past years.  Over so many years, the major Bujagali falls was the talk about in Jinja, it therefore became everyone’s destination. However, this has changed following that there are now just a few ripples along that same River Nile, only a few miles away is the Itanda falls. Itanda Falls a great place to visit on your Uganda adventure safari although it is not much popular. These falls are located about 27 kilometers away from Jinja town and you may need only about 45 minutes driving along that rough road to access the falls.  When you get there, you will definitely have an experience of the Authentic Africa, particularly Uganda.

Visit the Itanda falls in Jinja City

Itanda is an extremely stunning site with lots of ripples compared to Bujagali falls therefore has the potential to attract hundreds of tourists and they engage in the different activities like kayaking and also water rafting, an activity that interests hundreds of people from different corners of the world. Today, there are still very few tourists that have  visited Itanda therefore it is still one of Uganda’s underutilized resources that is yet to be fully explored.

White water rafting and Kayaking are two activities that are only doe in Jinja and only done at the Nile. A trip to Jinja can be a lot more interesting if there is more to look forward to while there which may include the beautiful waterfalls, the nature walks, cultural sites around Itanda falls, the bird species, among other attractions. While at the falls, you will be amazed by the sound of that rushing water gush by and then form the three levels of rapids. The sound of the water is heard miles away from the actual spot. The water volumes, the force at which it flows makes it a perfect place for rafting exercise and kayaking, which both are interesting games for those that love the water. What is unique about this place is the fact.

Visit the Itanda falls in Jinja City
White Water Rafting

Besides the waters games, other activities that you can do while at Itanda Falls may include a visit to that forest islands which is  in the middle of the water for a simple walk in that small forest. Besides the tree species, you may also see a few bird species; it’s a perfect excuse for you to take a boat ride across. A visit to Itanda falls is a perfect activity that you can always include in your Jinja itinerary because it will be more refreshing and relaxing spending time there enjoying the beauty.

Unfortunately, this site is still not yet commercialized which explains why it has not yet received the expected number of tourists in a year.  To the local people, Itanda falls is a unique place and that is why people living around this place go there to pray especially during the time of hardships and need immediate physical miracle.

Itanda and all the other waters highly contribute to the growth of tourism in Jinja and without the waterfalls along the famous River Nile; Jinja would probably not be the same. Visit Itanda falls and you will not be disappointed, more and more tourists are expected to visit the itanda falls in jinja city after vigorous marketing the place is done for people to know about its existence and this will make the trips to Jinja more enjoyable.

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