Visit The Kenya Laikipia Plateau; Laikipia Plateau offers sheer adventure of bio-diversity of wildlife life species during your safari here. This wildlife inhabits stretches over a vast area right from the foothills of Mount Kenya to the shore of Lake Baringo that offers a great view of bird life species. More so the Laikipia Plateau is one of Kenya’s lesser known wildlife areas.

 Wildlife Species of the Laikipia Plateau are endangered species which include; Gravy’s zebra, Jackson’s hartebeest and wild dog. Other species to see includes; Reticulated giraffes, Somali Ostrich, beisa Oryx, gerenuk as well as large number of elephants, thriving lions, leopards and cheetah and numerous impala and gazelle.

 The plateau’s land is divided into huge wildlife conservation which is known as ranches after the farms that used to exist around. Although now were all devoted to wildlife conservation. However, there are seven large conservancies such as the Lekurruki Group Ranch, Borana Ranch, II Ngwesi Group Ranch, Sabuk Wilderness, Lewa Wilderness Conservations, Loisaba Wilderness as well as Sosian Ranch.

Visiting Laikipia plateau, you have chances of visiting Local Masai communities enjoy their unique life style. Visit the Lewa –instrumental in research and education as well as guest projects.  Visit also the Sabuk works who resides closely with Samburu communities who are great in running camel treks into remote wilderness whilst Loisaba the creator of the inventive star bed.

Visit The Kenya Laikipia Plateau
Visit The Kenya Laikipia Plateau

More then, all the conservancies are far from the interesting tracks and good places to relax in untouched wilderness. While on visit to Laikipia Plateau you can experience elephant tracking on foot accompanied by the guide, enjoy ride a camel across rugged plains or have a great evening watch of the sunset from the top of a Kopje.

Absolutely, the earth is brick red and game wild viewing as far as the eye.

Meanwhile, on visit here there are good comfortable places to visit in the Laikipia plateau. The place features with lots attraction, activities to experience with the expert guide who are always available to help you choose right area to visits here.

Places to visit includes; II Ngwesi group ranch a great location to see variety of giraffes and other species. Also offers scenic landscape.

, Lewa wilderness conservancy a great location to see large range of buffaloes among other wildlife species

 , OI Pejeta conservancy great location to watch various species of zebras among others.

Loisaba wilderness conservancy great location to see to watch wide range of elephants and other wildlife species.

Tourists attractions to experience in here at Laikipia Plateau;


Laikipi plateau offers excellent wildlife viewing opportunities, where you can be able to view all the big fives such as lions, leopards, buffaloes, elephants and rhino. Also big cats are habituated here   and its great location to   see large number of wild dogs in its northern hemisphere. There is also night game drive which are remarkable which gainful sights of genet, bush baby and aardvark.


 The area offers gainful spectacular view of the snowcapped peak of Mount Kenya. Visit the semi- arid plains which are interrupted by basalt outcrops and lush, forested slopes. If gives scenic view of Ewaso Nyiro and Ewaso Narok Rivers cut through the plateau via impressive rock gorges.

Weather and climate

 Since it is located near the equator makes Laikipia Plateau’s temperature not to change much from month to month. Due to the variation that exists in two seasons governs the plateau’s climate of which the dry season occurs from June to September and Wet season ‘’October to May’’. The drier months there can be plenty of sunshine and sometime experiences less rain. Then wet season it experiences three distinct stage –heavy rain tends to falls to less rain too.

Where is Laikipia plateau located?

Laikipia plateau is located on the edge of the Northern Kenyan Frontier that stretches from the slopes of Mount Kenya to the rim of the Great Rift Valley above the sea level.

Visit The Kenya Laikipia Plateau
slopes of Mount Kenya

 What is Laikipia known for?

 The laikipia area is known for its rewardable traditional ranches and rolling farmland. Just know the area offers scenic landscape which is totally different to elsewhere in Kenya and although spotting of wildlife might not be as plentiful as in the Mara.  Visit Laikipia area for wildlife viewing thus interesting place to include on a Kenya safari circuit of Kenya, Visit The Kenya Laikipia Plateau.

Is Laikipia worth visiting?

Yes, Laikipia worth visiting safari destination renown as one of the best wild dog spotting sites Africa has to offer and a great site to view wildlife species. It also offers Luxury mobile camp with quality amenities that boost the wants of the visitors as well as fabulous walking safaris carried by camels across the vast Laikipia Plateau. Meanwhile, this the camp with in is comfortable to get you to best track on Kenya Wildlife Safaris.

How long is Laikipia from Nairobi?

 There is a distance of about 180 kilometers between Nairobi and Laikipia. Other option can be reached through three ways of transportation; Travel by Matatu, bus, car and plane.

What is the best time to visit the Laikipia?

The best time to visit the Laikipia starts from June to September when the area is drier.

Where to stay on visit to Laikipia Plateau;

 There are comfortable range of accommodation option for where a visitor can choice to stay. Accommodations ranges with good amenities and facilities as well as easy service and location. They include;

 Sosian Ranch House found in Sosian Ranch-Kenya.

 The Sanctuary at Ol Lentille found around Ol lentille conservancy offering all facilities that matches your wants.

Lewa Safari Camp found in Lewa Wilderness Conservancy

Visit The Kenya Laikipia Plateau
Lewa Safari Camp found in Lewa Wilderness Conservancy

Loisaba Star beds found around Loisaba wilderness conservancy.

 Porini Rhino camp found around Ol Pejeta conservancy.

Tumaren Tented Camp found inside Laikipia Plateau,

Laikipia Wilderness camp in Laikipia plateau among many.

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