What Are The Two Twin Lakes Found In Rwanda? Twin Lakes of Burera & Ruhondo are ranked as one of the top tourist attractions found in the Northwestern region of Rwanda and they are situated just a few kilometres from Volcanoes National park in Musanze district Rwanda. A climb down Mount Muhabura, which is a part of the Virunga mountain range and home to mountains like Mount Gahinga, Mount Sabyinyo, Mount Karisimbi, Mount Bisoke, Mount Nyiragongo, Mount Nyamuragira, and Mount Mikeno, would allow you to reach the lakes. Since the lakes are located in the same region and were both created by Mount Muhabura’s eruption, they have been referred to as twin lakes.

More so, we will delve into knowing how these twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo were formed, Nyabarongo River flowed northward to Ndorwa in Rwanda. However, following the volcanic eruption, the river’s flow was blocked to the north, resulting in the formation of the twin lakes. The diversion created after the river’s upward flow was stopped eventually met the Akanyaru River, which in turn led to the formation of the Akagera River, which passes through several sites, including the Akagera National Park.

Once you have hiked the Muhabura Mountain, you will descend to the twin lakes, where you will see not only the lakes but also wetlands, a lake that offers a fantastic view of the Virunga Mountains, and local communities that surround the lakes where you can see many people going about their daily lives, including fishing.

Activities to do while on the Twin Lakes of Burera & Ruhondo.


On the banks on the fresh water lakes, there are constantly canoes that are prepared to take tourists and give those tours on the lakes. Many aquatic birds, such as the African kingfisher, can be spotted on the canoe excursions as they work hard to capture their prey. Canoe trips are a relaxing safari activity that will allow you to take in the beauty of the lakes and the breathtaking views of the Virunga Mountains. You will also be able to meet members of the local communities and, if you choose to spend time with them, learn a little bit about their fascinating culture.

What Are The Two Twin Lakes Found In Rwanda?


 Burera and Ruhondo, the twin lakes, provide excellent fishing chances. You can choose to participate in the fishing process with the anglers and gain the opportunity to catch a variety of fish species, including tilapia, which is the most frequently caught fish in the lake, with the assistance of local anglers who have over 20 years of experience. As a bonus for finishing the task, you will also get to keep the fish. You will be able to interact with the angler through the exercise, and they will even try to teach you Kinyarwanda.

Visiting Islands.

Several prominent islands are visible in the twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo. These include the islands of Bushongo, Munanira, Cuza, and Bishosho. It is rewarding to visit the islands because you will witness the various communities that call the islands home, their way of life, their everyday routines, and much more. On some of the islands, children can attend schools by boat, which is quite interesting to watch because of how easy it is for them to get there and how fearless they are.


There are many communities on the various islands that can be visited. This allows you to spend the night at the home of any family in the community, where you will learn how to do everyday tasks like weeding and crop growing. You will also take part in other family activities like cooking, where you will learn about Rwandan cuisines like Ibiryo, how to cook beans in a pot, and a variety of other dishes to make your stay in the village home educational, entertaining, and magical.

Farm trips.

You should also take advantage of long-distance journeys around the lakes and to various islands, where you may observe how the locals farm and what kinds of tools they use. You can even compare their farming practises with some of those back home.

In the event that you have never seen a plantation, you should visit as many as you can, such as banana and coffee plantations, where you can observe the steps involved in making coffee, such as harvesting the ripe coffee, selecting the best, drying, grinding, and packaging. After these steps, you will have the opportunity to sample the best organic coffee in the world, straight from the plantation to your cup.

In addition, tourists can also opt to tour around tea and banana plantations, where they will get chances to learn about how to harvest bananas and sort the best ones to use in banana beer. You will also learn the process of making beer, and at the conclusion of the activity, you will be able to sample the incredibly sweet beer.

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