What is Maasai Mara National Reserve Famous for?  Maasai Mara national reserve is world renowned for its exceptional population of lions, African leopard, cheetah and African bush elephants and above all, a great wildlife conservation and wilderness areas in Africa.

Maasai Mara is considered as one of the famous safari destination in Kenya that provides visitors with authentic based African wildlife experience mixed with unique cultural tours. However, the reserve has  a long list of attractions  that gives a perfect answer to the question –What is Maasai Mara Famous for?

Diversity of Predators

 Maasai Mara National Reserve is one of the popular park to be visited by millions of tourists because it inhabits a lot of predators ranging from the big cats like Lions, Cheetahs, leopards, Jennet cats and other predators like Hyenas, Jackals among others. The park has high population of lions which surpasses number of lions in some of the African countries. Meaning the predator ratio is very high to the extent that shy leopard can be explored during your game drive.

What is Maasai Mara National Reserve Famous for?
Predators in Maasai mara

Most of visitors who visits Africa safaris specifically Maasai Mara come to adventure   African Big Five like Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard and Rhinos. Although there a variety of animals like zebras, gazelles that acts as food for the predators.

Wildebeest Migration

 This is one of the greatest reasons and answer to the question –What is Maasai Mara famous for? The wildebeest migration is the greatest event on the earth, this event is done annually. The migration of wildebeest starts in July when millions of wildebeest cross the might river Mara from Serengeti to Maasai Mara. It is named world’s famous event since it attracts millions of tourists to Masai Mara wildebeest migration from  Serengeti National park in the month of October. The process of migration is survival as the animals cross the river through the escape of the crocodile’s mouth alongside the awaiting of kings of the judge. This animal cross over to Mara purposely to search for freshwater and green pastures and they can take two to three months before they return back to untouched Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, What is Maasai Mara National Reserve Famous for?.

Maasai Cultural Tour

 The maasai cultural tours sounds as untapped African culture that is taking the world in storm. However, the park is occupied by the Maasai locals who protects and conserve the reserve. But before the area was a grazing land for the Maasai cows. The outskirts of the reserve are now ranches of the Maasai locals.

This is a unique cultural experience and acts as a tourist attraction as a tour package for the guests who come to Masai Mara thus getting your answer of what Maasai Mara famous for. Visit to Maasai people, you will enjoy their amazing dance ‘’jumping style’’ which is one-time experience.


 Maasai Mara is a hoven for birders with over 500 bird species recorded. The reserve has both migratory birds and residents which visits the park from different parts of the world that come for mostly breeding. Bird species to encounter here include; Maasai Ostrich, the Secretary bird, Vultures, Lovebirds, different types of doves and more. List of birdlife to see in Maasai Mara national park include; Ross’s turaco ,Hildebrandt’s startling ,Lazy cisticola ,Denham’s bustard ,Cinnamon-breasted bunting ,Rufous-bellied heron ,Rosy throated long claw ,Purple grenadier ,Abdim’s stork ,African wood owl ,Ayres’s hawk eagle ,African finfoot ,Grey penduline tit ,Jackson’s widow bird ,Trilling cisticola ,White-bellied go away bird ,Tabor cisticola ,Silver bird ,Schawlow’s turaco ,Saddle –billed stork ,Rufous-bellied heron ,Rufous-throated wryneck ,Silver bird ,Swahili sparrow ,Usambiro barbet ,Southern ground hornbill ,Yellow-mantled widowbird ,Yellow-throated sandgrouse among others.

What is Maasai Mara National Reserve Famous for?
Yellow-mantled widowbird

Best to visit Maasai Mara National Reserve

The best time to visit the Maasai Mara national reserve starts from late June to early October, only great time to catchup with wildebeest migration in full flow.  Still you can visit the reserve at the beginning or end of that period for full on wildlife without crowds of visitors.

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