What Is So Special About The Masai Giraffes? The Masai giraffe is a special kind of specie, which can be spotted in many different parts in East Africa, and they are considered the largest bodied giraffe species and making it the tallest land animal in the whole world. The Masai giraffe is also easily distinguished because of the irregular and jagged spots on its body. More so, the Masai giraffe, which are also commonly referred to as the “Kilimanjaro giraffes”, are also unique species which are famously known of their graceful movements and they are fast animals that run at a speed of about 50 to 60 kilometers per hour.

The Masai giraffes are social animals that live in small groups due to the fact that it is well noted that these species like in herds slightly smaller than other giraffes and they are quiet friendly and tolerant among themselves and can live up to 10 to 15 years in the national parks and the best countries to visit while on a safari specifically with interests in seeing the masai giraffes is within the central and southern parts of Kenya and in Tanzania.

Masai giraffes especially the male species usually show aggression being that they are leaders of their small groups and during when they are mating hence creating a strong bond among themselves. In addition, these species can be easily distinguished from the reticulated giraffes because of their colored spots.  And another way to distinguish Masai Giraffes from the reticulated giraffes, the male Masai giraffes are taller than the fairer gender and usually grow to heights of around 18 feet as Their females grow to an average of about 14 feet.

More so, the Masai giraffes spend most of their time for example about 16 – 20 hours each day while feeding and grazing and their preferred feeding is to browse on various Acacia species using their long lips and tongues to reach between the thorns to extract the leaves. More so, when it comes to their feeding, the male species usually consume a lot the top tree branches unlike the females feed which feed in the lower branches. However, another interesting to known about the Masai giraffes is that their mouth is small compared to the size of their body therefore; they are able to take in small portions of food, which they chew with their black and black tongue.

Masai Giraffes have a four-chambered stomach and can chew their own cud, if fresh vegetation is available in large quantities they can go without water for weeks, extracting it from their food. In addition, these species can be threatened with animal species in the game parks such as; the lions, hyenas and leopards among others and poachers who tend to kill these species.  In addition, the only way that these Masai giraffes usually defend themselves is their speed and their powerful kick that can render a lion unconscious and, in some case, it can even decapitate it hence saving their lives.

Masai Giraffes have no seasonal breeding; they can breed at the age of 4 years. About 50% to 75% of the calves die in their few months due to predators. A single calf is born after a gestation period of 14 – 15 months, the calf is 6 feet tall when born and grows rapidly.

What Is So Special About The Masai Giraffes?
Masai Giraffes

During the first month of its life, it stays wit its mother. After this period, it will join a group of calves and will be looked after by a babysitter cow. The calf will remain in this nursery for one year, Masai Giraffes have a life span of 25 – 30 years.

Appearance of Masai Giraffe

Female Masai giraffes have thick head hair while the male Masai giraffe is bald on top, both male and female have skin-covered horns called Ossicones. Their coat is covered in irregular star-shaped patches and is buff – colored below the knee, as with all giraffes. The spots on the coat act like human fingerprints, no two patterns are the same and they can be used to identify an individual.

The male Masai Giraffe grows to a height of 19 feet (5.5 metres) and weigh 2475 – 4275 pounds (1100 – 1900 kilograms) while the females grow to 16 feet (4.8 meters) and weigh 1575 – 2700 pounds (700 – 1200 kilograms).

Masai Giraffes tongues are 18 inches in length and their lips are long and prehensile. The Masai giraffes can run to speeds of 35 miles per hour.

  In Kenya, these magnificent creatures can be spotted while on a wildlife safari in some of the Kenya’s popular wildlife destinations such as Masai Mara National park which is located in the southwestern region of the country covering a total surface area of about 1,510 square kilometers and it is dominated by rolling African savannah plains which make it a perfect place for the species and in Nairobi National Park among others. More so, individuals can also visit in Serengeti national park, which is located in the Southern part of Tanzania.

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