When and what to expect when you visit Volcanoes national park : When it comes to safari experiences, a trip to that one unusual destination is what gets you the best of an experiential and inspirational experience. Think of the world’s most remarkable bucket list destinations and think not beyond an experiential trip to Africa. And while in this magical continent, set foot in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park and get the best of African safari experience. A visit to this pristine wilderness area gets you the best of its breath-taking sceneries and a great opportunity to explore its diverse natural wonders. This is a 160 square kilometres’ protected area that lies suitably in north-western Rwanda and it is one of a few most magical and popular safari destinations in Africa. When you think of motivational African safari experiences then there are a million reasons Volcanoes National Park should be a must to visit.

Below are some of the reasons why you should pay a visit to Volcanoes National Park

Opportunity to track mountain gorillas

A visit to Rwanda is considered complete only when you take part in thrilling gorilla adventure. It is of no doubt that thousands of visitor’s flock in this beautiful landlocked country mainly to track mountain gorillas in the lush Volcanoes National Park. It is one of the 4 national parks in the world where mountain gorillas thrive. In other words, it offers refuge to a section of rare mountain gorillas that today remain not more than 1004 in the world and only thrive within Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). For visitors’ exhilarating experiences while on Rwanda safari, 10 gorilla families have been habituated and readily set for gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park, each of which has a unique story and experience to story to share. They include the Susa A and Susa B (also known as Karisimbi group), Agashya (Group 13), Sabyinyo, Amahoro, Umubano, Hirwa, Bwenge, Kwitonda and Ugenda. This represents about 80 gorilla permits that are always available for visitors to purchase. Note, in order for you to take part in this thrilling primate adventure, you must have a permit at hand. In Rwanda, you can obtain one at $1500 per person and you can do so through a reliable, trustworthy and recognized tour operator or Rwanda Development Board (RDB).

When and what to expect when you visit Volcanoes national park
Gorilla Tours

Sympathetic gorilla hikes and treks

The fact that mountain gorillas live in higher elevation, a trek to see them can be that strenuous and requires you to be physically fit. Therefore, if you are interested in gorilla trekking gorilla but in relatively easier terrains then Volcanoes National Park should be a must to visit. Visitors on Rwanda gorilla safari have opportunity to make a choice on which group he or she wishes to explore and this is usually done during briefing. Because of this, elderly trekkers too have realized dreams. Normally, the elderly and those who are moderately fit are assigned to easy find habituated families to trek. If you are worried of the age or your physical wellness but need to take part in this adventure, Volcanoes National Park is that one exceptional destination not to miss out in your bucket list. However, your physical fitness matters a lot when it comes to this adventure. If you don’t trust your level of physical wellness, please hire a porter to help you in case of heavy luggage. As well, do adequate exercise to help you overcome the terrain where these creatures live, thus When and what to expect when you visit Volcanoes national park.

Easily accessible

Compared to Uganda’s Bwindi National Park and Mgahinga National Park or even DR Congo Virunga National Park, Volcanoes National Park is about 2 to 3 hours’ drive from Kigali city centre. Remarkably, it is the only park that you can easily pay a visit and the same day you embark on gorilla trek. In other words, even those with limited time but wish to track mountain gorillas, Volcanoes National Park gets you covered. For primate enthusiasts, it is possible for you to take up the 1-day gorilla tour and equally, you have a chance to catch a glimpse at the mountain gorillas in the lush wilderness of Volcanoes National Park thus When and what to expect when you visit Volcanoes national park.

Safe and secure for gorilla trekking

Volcanoes National Park is undoubtedly one of a few safest and secure safari destinations that you can pay a visit to track mountain gorillas or even if you plan to take part in other safari activities. Part of the fees for gorilla permits is used to promote conservation efforts and it is this reason that 10 percent of revenue collection is given to local communities. This is mainly to support most of the projects in nearby local communities and also help keep the area safe.

When and what to expect when you visit Volcanoes national park
Gorilla trekking

In conclusion, if you are interested in more experiential African safari experiences then Volcanoes National Park has it all for you. Pay a visit to this park and get the best of primate adventures and hiking adventures.

Other tourist attractions

A visit to Volcanoes National Park rewards you beyond magical encounters with mountain gorillas, When and what to expect when you visit Volcanoes national park. This park also offers refuge to golden monkeys which makes it an ideal destination for you to embark on golden monkey tracking. Equally, you can take part in rewarding hike through Bisoke and Karisimbi Volcanoes, nature walks, boat ride, visit to Lake Burera and Ruhondo, Dian Fossey Tomb site hike, cultural visit to Iby’Iwacu cultural village. There are also over 200 birds for you to sight while on Rwanda safari. A birding tour in this park gets you the best sights at birds like the Rwenzori Turaco, Archer’s ground robin, handsome francolin, red faced woodland warbler, dusky crimson wing, Rwenzori double collared sunbird, Rwenzori Batis, collared apalis, strange weaver a mention but a few.

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