Why Do People Visit Mombasa? Mombasa is highly considered as one of the top tourist destinations in Kenya and it is considered as the second largest city in the country and an old town that tourists should never miss out visiting while on their safari in Kenya. Mombasa is commonly visited and famously known because it has so many beautiful beaches and also its historical significance due to the fact that it is a home to Fort Jesus which is known to have been constructed by the Portuguese during the 16th century and also the Old port hence touring around this city gives you a lot of chances to learn about its history and enjoy its beautiful landscapes. In addition, below are so many reasons and facts why one should visit Mombasa and these include the following.

  1. Kenya’s Capital city in the old times.

Mombasa was first considered Kenya’s capital city in the years between 1887 to 1906 however, later capital city was later moved due to medical reasons. In addition, currently today, Nairobi is known to be the capital city of the country.

  1. Fort Jesus.

Fort Jesus is today is not known as a UNESCO World Heritage site but also a museum that is always there for tourists to visit. Fort Jesus was constructed by the Portuguese during years between 1593 to 1596 and it was designed by the Italian architect Giovanni Battista Cairati  and it has played about roles in about 9 different battles which were between different nations aiming at controlling the Kenya’s coast which includes, England, Oman, Portugal among others. Therefore, during those years of battling, Mombasa was famously known as the Island of War.

  1. Mombasa as a centre of Slave Trade.

Mombasa is also used to be seen as the main point for slave trade activities as part of its history and this was during long time ago in the 19th century before it gradually died out. And during that period of time, a bell was one of the most alerts that was rang  in order to inform the local people that the slave ships still stand and the shackles are still visible in the city.

  1. It was discovered by Vasco De Gama.

In history, it is noted that a European named as Vasco De Gama who was a renowned Portuguese explorer and these Portuguese who saw so were so excited because they had to return after two years to capture it well first saw Mombasa in 1848.

  1. To visit the Hindu Union of Mombasa.

The Hindu Union in Mombasa was formed in the year of 1899 and visiting around Mombasa gives you chances to see the two big Hindu temples such as; Lord Shiva temple which is known as the epitome of Indian culture and architecture and the other Hindu you shouldn’t miss out visit is the Swaminarayan temple which has ornately painted doors and the paintings from Hindu mythology. In addition, these temples were constructed in the central region of Mombasa after a group of Gujarati Indian immigrants opted to move from one to village in order to be able to raise the money to build the large temples.

Why Do People Visit Mombasa?
Haller Park

More so, there are so many things that tourists most especially those who are visiting in Mombasa for their first time such as; visiting the Haller park which is known as a majestic natural scenery where they can get chances to  enjoy the beautiful scenery of the flora and fauna, feeding the giraffes, horses, and tortoise riding which are always good experiences, visit the stunning marine park where you tourists can opt to embark on the interesting adventurous water sport activities such as; snorkeling, windsurfing and skiing and many others. More so, while in this park, individuals can get to see marine species like; starfish, stonefish, crabs, birds like crab plovers among others.

Also visiting in Mombasa blesses you with opportunities to enjoy different sounds of music such as; chakacha, Bango, Mwanzele among others and these are known to be the popular sounds in the city. More so, Mombasa is famously known for its Taarab music which originated from Zanzibar therefore visiting places with traditional music should never miss on your to do list while in Diani hence ranking the city as a cultural hub for music and many others.

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