3 Days Sezibwa Falls & Itanda Falls Tour

3 Days Sezibwa Falls & Itanda Falls Tour takes you to Eastern Uganda to experience a calm and relaxed day in Sezibwa and a white water rafting adventurous day on the Itanda falls. 

3 Days Sezibwa Falls & Itanda Falls Tour

Highlights of the 3 Days Sezibwa & Itanda Falls tour

  • Tour of the Sezibwa falls 
  • White water rafting 
  • Departure

Day 1: Tour of the Sezibwa falls 

Day 1 of the 3 days Sezibwa falls and Itanda Falls tour will find you in Kampala district. You will be up early have breakfast and after breakfast you will embark on a jounery to eastern Uganda to Sezibwa falls in Mukono. Mukono is about an hour and half from Kampala, so you will be at Sezibwa in about 2 hours. 

At Sezibwa falls you will take a hike up the falls and then you will participate in rock climbing and also take part in the nature walk to explore the area and the surrounding vegetation and then you will close with visiting the cultural sites in the falls vicinity. The visit to the cultural sites is optional so don’t feel obligated. 

This whole tour will take most of the day and it will end in the afternoon. After the tour experience you will head to an eating place for a late lunch and after lunch you will continue east to Jinja town where you will spend a night. 

You will be in Jinja in the evening, and you will check into your accommodation for dinner and a night rest. 

Day 2: Itanda Falls

Day 2 of the 3 days tour, you will be up early have breakfast and after breakfast you will head out to the Itanda falls for a full day water adventure experience. 

On the Itanda falls you will have water activities like white water rafting that will go on until about 2pm or 3pm; this experience will be so fun and exciting and will challenge your adrenaline levels. You will have snacks on this adventure and after the adventure in the afternoon; you will also have a late lunch. 

After the white water rafting experience you will then head back to your accommodation for the rest of the afternoon at leisure. Later you will have dinner and a night rest at your accommodation. 

Day 3: Kampala 

Day 3 of the 3 Days tour, is the last day of exciting tour, you will be up at leisure, have breakfast and after breakfast, you will check out of your accommodation to embark on a jounry to Kampala. 

As you head to Kampala, you will make a stop at the source of the Nile, to see where the Nile River starts; after you will continue on to Kampala, arriving in Kampala in the afternoon. The guide will drop you at a location of your choice in Kampala or Entebbe. 

On this journey you will either have lunch en route or a late lunch when you arrive in Kampala, whatever you prefer. 

End of the 3 Days tour

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