8 Reasons Uganda should be on your Bucket List

8 reasons Uganda should be on your bucket list: Most travellers do have bucket lists, or wish lists of all the places they wish to travel to or MUST travel too at least before they leave the world. Well, Uganda is one such country that should be on your bucket list, and if it is not, this article “8 Reasons Uganda should be on your Bucket List” should be able to have you consider adding this amazing country of diverse culture and abundant natural beauty to your list of countries or destinations to visit.

8 Reasons Uganda should be on your Bucket List

Uganda is an amazingly beautiful country, though land locked but could be accessed by both road and air, that you should include on your list of countries to visit. Uganda is the Pearl of Africa, as was described by the great Sir Winston Churchill so many years ago when he visited. Uganda has abundant natural resources much of wish are not largely exploited. The exotic wildlife, numerous bird species, fresh water lakes and rivers, diverse culinary including the famous “Rolex” diverse culture and great a people are some of the most amazing things you shall encounter while on a Uganda safari. Visit Uganda for these and so much more and you shall forever long to return.

8 reasons Uganda should be on your bucket list include;

Gorillas and gorilla trekking

Uganda is the best place to enjoy gorilla trekking in Africa. There are about 1000 mountain gorillas still left in the world, and Uganda alone hosts about three quarters of the total population. The endangered gorillas and the activity of encountering them, gorilla trekking, is one of the 8 reasons Uganda should be on your bucket list. Mountain gorillas are a rear primate species only found in three countries in the entire world, that is Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in the Pearl of Africa Uganda specifically in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, all located in the western part of the country and recognised UNESCO world heritage sites. It is only in these mentioned areas that you can encounter these endangered mountain gorillas in the wild. 

Gorilla trekking in Uganda can be done all year through, but the best time would be between the months of June and September. The beauty of the tropical rainforests of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park are also great to watch as they unfold especially the beautiful flowers and various species like butterflies during the wet season. To enjoy gorilla trekking in Uganda, you ought to purchase a gorilla tracking permit at $700 for foreign non-residents, $600 for foreign residents and ugx250000 for East African citizens.

Biggest population of chimpanzees in the world

Uganda is believed to host the highest or biggest population of chimpanzees in the world. It is also one of the best places to see these noisy and very active primates in their natural habitats. Most of the chimpanzee population of Uganda is in Kibale Forest National Park, known as the primate capital given that the park hosts 13 primate species, all of which you may encounter while on a chimpanzee tracking experience. It is important to note that chimpanzees share a 98% DNA with humans so yes, you shall be encountering near-humans!

Big five wildlife experiences

Uganda is one of the still wild and untouched landscaped area in Africa. Uganda safaris not only have gorilla safaris to offer, but also the amazing and abundant wildlife experiences in the savannah national parks of Uganda, including the big five! While on a Uganda safari tour, you shall be able to experience authentic Uganda wildlife safaris, where you should expect to sight many of Africa’s most celebrated wildlife species. Whereas in both Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park do inhabit mountain gorillas and a number of other primates and bushbucks as may be pointed out to you by your ranger guides during a gorilla trekking safari, venturing into the savannah parks in Uganda shall have you sighting wildlife including leopards, lions, buffaloes, hippos, giraffes, to name but a few, especially in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park and Murchison Falls National Park. The Ziwa Rhino sanctuary which is usually visited en-route to or from Murchison Falls National Park has tourists rhino tracking, on foot! These extraordinary wildlife experiences make Uganda one of the best destinations to place on your bucket list.

Visiting the source of the Nile River

Do you know the longest river in the world? Well some do dispute it, but the famous River Nile which flows in over 11 countries to pour in the Mediterranean Sea has its source in Uganda, can you believe it?! To see the starting point of the Nile River as it takes its long voyage to the Mediterranean, you should visit Uganda. To see the source of River Nile therefore should be one of the 8 reasons Uganda should be on your bucket list.

Off the beaten track adventures

Uganda is one of those countries from where you shall enjoy the off the beaten track adventures, especially encountered while on game drives in the national parks. Asides from the wildlife, forest walks, game drives and the like, venturing into the very adventurous attractions that Uganda has to offer shall fulfil your thrill-starved self to the core. Bungee jumping, white water rafting, abseiling, and so much more shall leave your blood pumping for long after taking part in the activities. Quad biking, horseback riding, mountain biking and the like have you taking the typical off the beaten tracks as you explore the communities and sometimes even national parks say Lake Mburo National Park.

Diverse culture

Uganda is a country vibrant and rich in diverse culture. With over 50 tribes, all these have a unique and authentic touch to their culture and cultural beliefs, all of which when shared with travellers make the visitors’ stay and visit all the more memorable. The Batwa, the Buganda culture, the Ankole and Bugisu culture among so many others have travellers experiencing authentic cultural experiences in form of dances, home visits, and so much more.

The welcoming people of Uganda

All over the world, Uganda is known to have the friendliest and welcoming people in Africa. These people shall do all that there may be to make your stay all the more colourful and accommodating, that though you may be far away from home, you shall feel at home in Uganda, and shall definitely long to return thereafter.

Uganda is also cost-effective

One of the 8 reasons Uganda should be on your bucket list is because touring in Uganda is quite cost effective if compared to other tourist destinations. Uganda is a great destination even for budget travellers, much as there are packages for the luxury travellers. For whatever budget you may have, all you need to do is to reach out to your tour operator of choice and you shall get a travel quote fit for just you.

The above are the 8 reasons Uganda should be on your bucket list. Uganda can be visited all throughout the year, to take part in various activities like game drives, gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, golden monkey tracking, launch cruises, white water rafting, bungee jumping, bird watching, and so much more. Though you can visit Uganda throughout the year, the best time for game drives and gorilla trekking and chimpanzee tracking is during the dry season, whereas the best time for birding safaris in Uganda is during the wet season, in the months of November and May specifically. Irrespective of when you do visit, be sure that you shall have the best experiences while on a Uganda safari tour.

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