Activities to do in Mabira forest 2024 : Mabira forest is one of the dense rainforests of Uganda and it is found in the eastern part of the country along the Kampala-Jinja highway in Mukono district.

The forest has about 312 species of trees as well as over 315 bird species and numerous butterfly species (over 218 butterfly species) and also 23 mammal species. Mabira forest can be visited on the way to the adventure city of Jinja during tours around the eastern part of Uganda.

The size of the Mabira forest is about 306 square kilometers and there is a wide range of activities carried out around the forest and they include the following;

  1. Activities to do in Mabira forest 2024 : Primate viewing

There are different primates found in the Mabira forest and these include grey cheeked mangabey which can be seen during mangabey tracking experiences in the forest.

Other primates found in the Mabira forest include red tailed monkeys and baboons. Guides can lead the search for the mangabeys found around the forest and during this experience; tourists can also encounter various bird species as well as butterfly species.

Mangabey tracking experience in Mabira forest allows tourists to observe the grey cheeked mangabeys in their natural habitat. The cost of this activity is 50,000 Uganda shillings for Ugandans and 100,000 Uganda shillings for non Ugandans.

  1. Activities to do in Mabira forest 2024 : Nature walks

There are different trails which can be followed by tourists as they take part in the guided forest walks around Mabira forest. Guides lead the way during these nature walks and it is important to stay with the group during the walks to avoid getting lost in the forest. Many other rules to be followed during the walk are communicated before starting the activity.

When exploring the forest during nature walks, tourists can also enjoy getting close to the nature around the forest and get to learn about the different tree species, see primates among the trees and also enjoy photography in Mabira forest.

Nature walks around Mabira forest involve guided walks around different parts of the forest. some of the trails used during the forest walks include the 33 kilometers red trail, the yellow trail which is about 12 kilometers long, the white trail which is about 5 kilometers long.

Tourists can choose to take part in walks along these trails for the whole day or engage in half day nature walks combined with other activities in Mabira forest like zip lining.

The cost for a nature walk tour around the Mabira forest is 5,000 Uganda shillings for Ugandans and 30,000 Uganda shillings for foreigners.

  1. Bird watching

The Mabira forest is among the locations where different bird species can be seen during tours in Uganda.

Bird species which can be seen around the Mabira forest are over 315 species and they include White-spotted Flufftail, Grey Parrot, Yellow-crested Woodpeckers, Red-capped Robin-Chat, Hairy-breasted Barbet, African Shrike-flycatcher, Blue-throated Roller, Honey guide Greenbul, Buff-spotted Woodpeckers, Green-breasted Pitta, Dusky Long-tailed Cuckoo among others.

Mabira forest can be a stopover location to watch birds by tourists on their way to explore the eastern parts of Uganda in search for various bird species in places like Kidepo valley national park in north eastern Uganda.

Activities to do in Mabira forest 2024
Blue-throated Roller

Bird watching for a full day costs 150,000 Uganda shillings for foreigners and a half day birding tour costs 100,000 Uganda shillings per person when visiting the Mabira forest.

  1. Zip lining

Zip lining is among the adventurous activities which tourists take part in during their tours around the Mabira forest.

The zip lining experience in Mabira forest can be done in the morning and in the afternoon and there are different locations within the forest where the activity is done. This activity is popular among Uganda tourists and can also be done by foreigners as they visit Uganda.

The first zip lining session in Mabira forest starts at 08:00 am and the second session is done at around 01:00 pm. This activity can be done as a private tour or as a group tour and is commonly done as part of team building experiences in Uganda.

Safety equipment is provided and a briefing is also done before taking part in the zip lining tour in Mabira forest. There are different obstacles around the Mabira forest which tourists go through during the zip lining activity over the forest canopy.

The zip line course found in Mabira forest was set up by a volunteer who was part of the peace corp from USA and the people in charge of the activity are well trained and know how to operate the equipment and ensure the activity takes place safely.

The price for zip lining in the Mabira forest is 60,000 Uganda shillings for Ugandans and 50 USD per person for foreigners.

  1. Cycling

Tourists visiting Mabira forest can also engage in cycling tours using different trails in the forest and exploring the tropical rainforest by bicycle.

These cycling tours are also done in the neighboring villages around the Mabira forest which gives tourists a chance to interact with the locals and experience the culture. Some of the locals living around the forest include the Baganda and Basoga.

The bikes used for the bicycle tours around Mabira forest can be hired from places like Griffin falls camp and tourists can also use their own biked for the activity.

Apart from the above mentioned activities, tourists visiting the Mabira forest can also take part in butterfly watching and identification. Students also visit the forest for purposes of study and research and Mabira forest also acts as a center for environmental education and research.

Tourists can also engage in camping when visiting the Mabira forest and there are also some lodges around the forest such as bandas at the eco tourism site, Mabira forest lodge, Griffin falls camp among others.

Throughout the year tourists can visit the Mabira forest and engage in the different activities and the best time to visit the forest is the dry season around June to October and in December to February.

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