Adjustments on COVID-19 restrictions for travellers : As the Covid-19 cases and transmission rates continue to decrease in Uganda and the world at large, the Ugandan government has through its ministry of health have adjusted the covid-19 restrictions for travellers leaving and entering country. The new guidelines are more relaxed and make entering and exiting Uganda more convenient.

The adjustments include:-

  1. The requirement of negative PCR test results
  • Requirement for negative PCR test done within 72 hours pre-boarding for all incoming travellers is suspended for persons who are fully vaccinated.
  • Requirement for negative PCR test done within 72 hours for all outbound travellers is suspended for persons who are fully vaccinated, except where it is a requirement of  the destination country, or the carrier airline.
  • Travellers with partial or no vaccination will be required to present a negative PCR test done within 72 hours of travel.
  • Travellers below 5 years are not required to present a negative PCR test upon arrival or departure.
Adjustments on COVID-19 restrictions for travellers
Adjustments on COVID-19 restrictions for travellers

You should note though that the ministry of health will continue Covid-19 surveillance in the country and can at any time perform random sampling for COVID-19 testing for inbound travellers.

If this is to happen your tour operator will let you know and advise on how to go forward.

  1. Covid-19 Standard operational procedures.
  • Fully vaccinated individuals will not be required to wear face masks when they are outdoors provided there are no crowds.
  • Wearing of face masks when one is indoors or in closed spaces like public transport, shops, schools and offices etc. where 2 meters distancing can’t be observed with other individuals, is required whether one is vaccinated or not
  • Washing of hands and sanitizing though no longer mandatory should continue.
  • If you are coughing or have flu, you will be required to wear a face mask whether you are vaccinated or not.
  • If you are in a public place that requires mandatory wearing of face masks, you will have to wear the face mask irrespective of your vaccination status.

We believe that the new adjustments in the covid-19 guidelines will ease travelling to Uganda for many and will make having a safari in the pearl of Africa more comfortable and relaxed.

Uganda the pearl of Africa is one of the top safari destinations in East Africa and Africa at large. The country is not only beautiful but its home to some of the most rare and unique wildlife and flora you will ever think of.

When you visit Uganda you will be amazed at the landscape and physical features like lakes, hills, mountains, rivers, rocks etc which include:- the Nile river – longest river in Africa and the world, Mt. Rwenzori, Lake Victoria – largest lake in the region, Nyero rocks among others.

The country has over 500 mammal species living in the different game parks across the country. The mammals include the big five lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes, rhinos and other animals like the waterbucks, kobs, cheetahs, antelopes, zebras, topis, warthogs, hippos, giraffes and many more. Not forgetting the rare and popular primates the mountain gorillas and the chimpanzees plus other 11 primate species.

The array of bird species is also to die for, its includes of course the crested crane, the endemic albertine birds, shoe bill stork, African eagle and many more birds. The country is home to over 700 bird species.

You can enjoy all this wildlife and nature anytime you like to Visit Uganda. The country is open to tourists all year round and all safari and tour activities can be done anytime of the year at all the safari destinations.

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