Best time to go for Rwanda Tours; Overall, Rwanda a beautiful country with warm tropical climates favorable for tourists who visit Rwanda on their African Safari. However, the best time to visit Rwanda is during drier months from June to September and December to February are the best time of year to encounter the county’s undoubted highlight the mountain gorillas. During this period of the year makes hiking conditions easy and the lowest risk of malaria though you need to your insect repellent to safe guide you. But still you can visit Rwanda in rainy seasons from, March to May and November good for birding.

When and what to expect when you visit Volcanoes national park

Rwanda experiences temperature that hardly vary throughout the seasons due to the country’s location just south of the Equator.  More so, during the day the country experience warm temperature and at night can be cool, especially at altitude, Best time to go for Rwanda Tours.

Travel Rwanda in June –September

It can be a dry season in Rwanda from June to September. Therefore, you always have a chance of experiencing several remarkable attractions however, visiting in the rainforest waterproof remain a good idea. This is the popular time of the year to be rewarded with wildlife sightings though prices might increase accordingly.

During drier period of the year Gorilla permits needs to be booked along time in advance.

 The park doesn’t feel crowded during high season.

Best time to go for Rwanda Tours
Akagera national park  Game drives

In Akagera National Park vegetation is less thick and animals are easier to spot.

Forest trails are less slippery for birding and guided nature walk

Best time to go for gorilla trekking since its done in thick forest trails, Best time to go for Rwanda Tours.

Gorilla and chimpanzee tracking is generally more pleasant in dry conditions.

Things to do on Rwanda Tours include;

They include; Chimpanzee tracking in Nyungwe National Park

Gorilla trekking, golden monkey tracking in Volcanoes National Park

Game drives in Akagera National Park

Bird watching in Nyungwe and Nyabarongo

Visit Lake Kivu

Tea Plantations

Visit National Museums

Visit Kigali Genocide Memorial

Congo Nile Trail

Visit Kigali City Centre/Rwanda City Tours

Rwanda Cultural Tours

Do Canopy walks

Visit the local market –Kimironko market

Horseback riding experience

Hot Spring in Rwanda and Glamping

Canopy walk

This is one of the most common done activity in Nyungwe National Park which was introduced in the park in 2010 and marks one of the best canopy walks in Africa. The canopy walk raises up to 50meter divided into three categories due to its length 160meter. The first trail run up to 25meter and considered to be the shortest walk. Then second walking trains stretches about 45meter long while the longest one raises 90meter long. This activity is quite rewarding and memorable. One to be able to be to engage in canopy walk you need to first pay for the ticket, which costs USD150 for foreign nonresident, foreign resident USD60 per person per track. A visitor must be 6 years and above .15 years of age below must be escorted by an adult.

Best time to go for Rwanda Tours
Canopy walks in Rwanda

Rwanda Cultural Tours

Rwanda has unique culture that gives tourists a chance to get to know about the locals through one on one interactions, amazing traditional songs and dances many more.

Visit Kigali Genocide memorial

This is a famous place visited by the tourists who visits the place to learn more about genocide that happened in Rwanda decades, that lead many Rwanda to death and loss of properties.

Kigali City Tours

Rwanda ranks among the cleanest and beautiful city with a lot of attractions such as museum, Kigali Genocide memorial among others.

Visit Lake Kivu

Birders we recommend you to visit lake kivu and so many other activities to do around which include; Kayaking, Mountain biking, nature walks and bird species to see includes African pied wagtail, common waxbill, Tropical Boubou, African fish eagle among others, Best time to go for Rwanda Tours.

Birding in Nyungwe

Nyungwe national park is a great birding location on Rwanda Birding Safari, all you need to do is to pay for park entrance fees to enable you enter the park. Birds to see in the park includes; Handsome spur fowl, Dusky crimson wing Grauer’s swamp warbler, Red-faced woodland warbler, Shelley’s crimsoning, Ruwenzori apalis, Rockefeller’s sunbird, Regal sunbird, Red-throated alethe, Red-collared babbler, Purple-breasted sunbird, Neumann’s warbler, strange weaver among others.

 Game drive in Akagera National Park

Game drive in Akagera is the major activity and animals to adventure include; hippos, zebras, antelopes, bushbucks, elephants, black rhino, leopards, elephants many more.

Gorilla trekking

Gorilla trekking  is quite remarkable experience

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