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Best Time to Visit Kidepo Valley National Park : Kidepo Valley National Park lies in the northeastern region of Uganda in the semi-arid valleys between South Sudan and Kenya boarder, approximately 700 kilometers from Kampala –Uganda’s capital. Although is the least visited of all Uganda national parks but ranks the number one Africa’s true wildernesses. Many may wonder why the park is less visited yet it ranks the number one Africa’s true wilderness. Below are the reasons;

The answer is that; Since Kidepo Valley national park takes long driving hours ‘’full day trip drive’’ which is bit tiresome to a person who cannot afford money for the flight as the easiest way to access the park. Moreover, Kidepo is less marketed out to the world not because of few species and attraction within the park but unlike the recent efforts. For more information, read the travel blogs.

Perhaps getting attractive videos about Kidepo national park in Uganda while on Uganda Safaris and wish to visit the place, you may wonder what is the best time to visit Kidepo Valley national park.

Below is major highlight on how and when the best time to visit the park;

The best time to Kidepo Valley National park for game drive viewing is during dry season from the months of July to September and December to February it’s when you are able to explore high concentration of animals near water point quenching for their thirsty. Wet season usually occurs from the month of April to May and November to October and during the rainy seasons, animals disperses from the valleys and move to higher and drier ground where they are not easily spotted. Note this, there are two hottest months which are considered to have the worst weather with average temperature of 27.5degrees Celsius with variation from 21.5 degrees Celsius to 34 degrees Celsius thus making it very hot and dusty.

The park is not only visited in dry season but also during the short rains that falls from the months of September to December in the comfort of our 4×4 wheel drive safari vehicles. It is necessarily a visitor to start comparing what time of the year can I be able to access Kidepo Valley national park. It’s not all about what time one should visit the park, it’s all year visited destination since it is located in semi-arid region.

Best Time to Visit Kidepo Valley National Park
Kidepo Valley National Park wildlife

Kidepo can also be visited between December to March and June to Mid-August –dry season

During this period of the year, water becomes scarce with in the park, meaning wildlife viewing becomes easier to see lots of animals seeking out reliable water source and vegetation thins.

Within this period of year, it is sunny with few cloudy days, very arid and dusty and can be hazy and views are not so rewarding.

Visit Kidepo between April to May and September to November –Wet season.

Although the best way of spotting animals in the park is during dry season, whereby you can still encounter animals in wet seasons. During wet season rates of the rates of the accommodation lows and the tourists can be few in number.

But in wet season is the best way to see migratory birds and birding can be rewarding.

Park’s scenery is lush and green and the air is crisp.

The park’s animals disperse from the valley and moves to higher and drier ground thus making it more difficult to locate the animals.

It’s you the travelers to decide what time of the year is best for you to visit Kidepo Valley National Park on your next safari to Uganda Wildlife Safari Tour. For more information about Kidepo, please you can contact or email us Achieve Global Safaris, do not hesitates to call us because clients are our first priority.

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