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Birds in Lake Mburo National Park; Lake Mburo National Park is one of the best sites for Uganda birding best to see acacia dwelling birds. The park is a paradise of birds with over 300 bird species recorded in the park. Birders can as well do birding along the swamps that inhabits with six papyrus species which are residents including the papyrus gonolek and the blue headed coucal. There are also southern species found at the northern limit of their range including the black-collared barbet and bare faced go away bird and the migratory birds are present from November to April. Bird species include the endemic that only live in Uganda ‘s birding destinations and the near –endemic which lives in neighboring countries.

List of bird species to see in Lake Mburo National Park as highlighted blow;

Bare-faced go away bird

African finfoot

Rufous bellied heron

Black bellied bustard

Red headed lovebird

Ross’s Turaco

Elusive shoebill

Lilac breasted Roller

Birds in Lake Mburo National Park
Lilac breasted Roller

Shining blue kingfishers


Brown eared

African wattle plover

Yellow throated long caw

Black winged Bishop


Timmins’s courser

Great swamp warblers

Green wood hoopoe

Nubian woodpeckers

Red shouldered cuckoo shrike, Long tailed cisticola

White winged tit

African scoops owl

Yellow rumped tinker bird

White winged swamp warbler

Southern ground hornbill


Tabor cisticola

Red faced barbet

Papyrus yellow warbler

Mosque swallow

Hairy-breasted barbet

Papyrus gonolek

Greater painted barbet

Carruthers’s cisticola

Brown-chested lapwing

Blue-headed coucal

Brown chested lapwing

Blue-breasted kingfisher

Migratory Bird Species include;

The Gull


Small wader



The park is in water areas with over five lakes , where the name for the park were got from ‘’LAKE MBURO’’ ,the lakes inhabits with a diversity of animals species and plants which can be seen clearly  on the boat trip animals to see include crocodiles ,hippopotamus  and water bird species such as pelican ,Black crake ,Common Squacco ,Striated  ,Purple ,Goliath ,Grey and Black headed herons ,Great white and pink backed cormorants ,African fish eagles ,shoebill stork  among others. The boat cruise can take 1 to 2hours while experiencing African nature.

Where to do birding in the Lake Mburo national park

There are several places where birders can do birding from on their visit to the park such places include swampy valleys Warukiri and Miriti and the roadsides between Rwonyo camp and the jetty. They are ideal places to view variety of notable bird species and other area suitable for birding is at the salt lick and Rubanga Forest. Whereby, Rubanga forest can be toured using a vehicle or on foot, this is a real draw for keen birders which can be made with the wardens.

Best time for birding –Lake Mburo National Park

The birding in Lake Mburo is done all year around. Though the best time to enjoy birding is in wet season when food is in plenty inside the park, which starts from March to May and October to November. During these months they can receive heavy rainfalls which might lead you to disappointment and this is due to impassable roads and slippery hiking trails. Thus leading to time limitation of your birding Uganda safari.

The park also boosts with rolling hills, open grassy valley, interspersed with thickets, woodland and rich wet lands a home for wide range of antelopes such as impalas, herds of Eland ‘’which’s Africa’s largest antelope. Since Lake Mburo national park is a home to large population of antelope species   that may be sighted around the park’s scenic landscape including Bushbuck, Sitatunga, Common Klipspringer, Oribis, Defassa waterbuck, Bohor Reedbuck among others. Other attractions to encounter around the park, visiting the pastoral Bahima people who are famously known for their long horned Ankole cattle. And on your visit to the park as you enter entrance of the park, you will have a memorable sights of a lot of these animals as you will be able to see them graze near but inside the park

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