Chimpanzee Habituation in Kibale National Park : Chimpanzee habituation Tour in Kibale national park ;This is  a special activity which can be done with every adventure and primitive lovers  ,where you involve in a full day activity while in the jungle tracking these habituated unique species and four hours allowed to spend with them while in their nature inhabits as you learn  about their excellent amazing lifestyle  and memorable photography .However ,Kibale National Park  is one of the most loveliest   tropical forest  comprising of patched grassland ,swamp   and other parts of the park are found on an elevated plateau.

More so ,Kibale famously known for Chimpanzee tracking and habituation which attracts number of travelers  to visit Uganda and meet up with this unique great apes .The park houses a total of 70 mammal species  mostly the 13 primates species including the Chimpanzee .It also hosts over 375 species of birds ,as well as adjoins Queen Elizabeth National Park to the south to sustain a 180 kilometers long corridor for wildlife between Ishasha ,the remote Southern sector of Queen Elizabeth National park as well as Sebitoli in the north of Kibale National Park.

Chimpanzee Habituation Experience-CHEX

The Chimpanzee Habituation Experience ‘’CHEX’’ enables visitors to be accompanied by the researchers and habituates into the forest. The chimpanzee groups involve in much time to human presence than those visited on the primate walk and viewing them is both exciting and bit challenging.

Chimpanzee habituation experience is available on a full or half day basis starting and you require advance booking for this activity through help of tour agent.

The activity starts early in the morning after visitor’s breakfast  and then be driven to the park headquarters for briefing about rules and regulations .And after head to the forest with researchers ,doctors and park ranges ,since it’s an activity that takes 2 to 3 years process under training to chimps to get used to eye contact with humans and if they get ready with the training and they notice it by the researchers .The habituated chimpanzee group will be opened up for tourism with allowed 4 hours while watching them.

This activity you will be accompanied by the acknowledgeable researchers, doctors, journalists and park ranges. Once are seen, you will watch them how they breastfeed, rest, patrol, hunting, copulating, watch them how they make their overnight nests between 6:00-6:30am before feeding and displaying until is time to build new nests around 7 pm. Also capture photos.

Chimpanzee habituation experience is not like chimpanzee tracking which is an hour experience with the primates once they encounter them. For it is 4 hours and even more than that, you can even spend the whole day with the primates.

In general, Chimpanzee habituation experience is a process taken training these primates to get used to human presences and preparing them to get used to people. The process can take 2 to 3 years before they open it to the public-tourism. However, Uganda boosts with over 5000 chimpanzee individuals and of over 1,500 species of chimpanzees are found in Kibale National Park. Kibale national park is located in western region in Kabarole district and the only location where Chimpanzee habituation can be done in Uganda.

Chimpanzee Habituation in Kibale National Park
Chimpanzee Habituation in Kibale

Chimpanzee habituation experience requires one holding a permits to give the travelers access in order to engage this activity.

The habituated permits costs USD250 and chimpanzee tracking costs USD200 per person per track. One to be able to enjoy this amazing activity of chimpanzee habituation needs to book for their permits in advance at least 3 to 5 months before their date of travel to Uganda’s destination. Book your chimpanzee habituation Uganda  safari with a trusted tour operator which is very essentials, who will also help you to book your accommodation, permits, transport and meals.

Rules and Regulations Chimpanzee Tracking and Habituations

Before you set out

Always wash your hands before you head out no your trek in order to protect the health of the gorillas.

You hiking shoes must be clean for each gorilla visit.

Ill visitors are not allowed to visit the gorillas and please you should notify to the park headquarters if you’re feeling ill.

Please always use restrooms before head out trek because there are no facilities available in the forest.

While you are in the park

Don’t litter in the park always take it out with you.

Flash discs are not allowed to take pictures.

Don’t make noisy stay calm

Always follow the guide’s instructions

If you relieve yourself, bury all solid wastes and toilet tiss. Your guide will dig for you hole.

No smoking or spitting permitted inside the forest.

What to carry with you;

You should forget to pack your waterproof bag where you can keep all your personnel documents, cameras and packed lunch boxes

Carry enough mineral water, snacks, packed food because, chimpanzee habituation is a full day experience.

It also requires you to carry drinking energizer on your full day hike

Carry the pair of binoculars to help you see species which are in far distances

Carry your comfortable shoes which will help you in ascending and descending back after tracking chimps.

Not forgetting to carry insect repellent because Kibale forest is a home to wild animals and some thing can bite you.

Uganda is a blessed country to be the only place where chimpanzee habituation can be done worldwide because Kibale National Park is a paradise of primates on African continent – Uganda Safaris.

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