City escape to Lake Bunyonyi : Lake Bunyonyi is one of the greatest and biggest birding site in Uganda that offers the best bird viewing experience in the whole country. Different kinds of people travel from near and far just to come and have a thrilling sail along the lake Bunyonyi, well located in the southwestern Uganda close to Kibale and vertically at the boarders of Rwanda, is one of the greatest treasures the pearl of Africa has.

Lake Bunyonyi has warm and tropical climate all throughout the year with cool and relaxing breeze, lake Bunyonyi is the rewarded to be the most safest lake in Uganda with no dangerous animals like hippos, crocodiles or furthermore the risk of bilharzia.

Uganda safari is on a go for you to escape the traffic your town so that you can have some fun experience as you the lake is full of amusement that can leave your minds well settled in the different islands that are found on the island and they all offer different kinds of excitements.

lake Bunyonyi is made up of over 29 islands even though only 3 are majorly spoken about at most cases, Uganda safaris brings these three majorly talked of islands.

Lake Bunyonyi
Lake Bunyonyi

these major islands have at least 20 kinds of bird species that are found on them and even other kinds of small animals such as sitatunga and among the birds that are found there is the great shoe bill bird that is loved by numerous bird lovers therefore when on your on Uganda safari have it at thought to pass on each of them and these are:

Major islands at Lake Bunyonyi

  • Bwama Island
  • Njuyeera Island
  • Akampene Island

lake Bunyonyi is a perfect area to sit and relax while one is reading a novel of even much better authoring or even composing a song, therefore Uganda safari says that having an escape from the city to lake Bunyonyi could end up to be the thing any person who need some rest and a place to rest the mind from can run to.

Attractions at Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi is home to over 200 species of birds that are majorly found at the shores of the lake and even harbors several of frogs and fish plus shrimps, not forgetting monkeys and zebras in the surrounding area as well.

Besides the attractions lake Bunyonyi has thousands of things to do as you city escape to lake Bunyonyi in this lovely season as we celebrate the independence of the pearl of Africa.

Things to do on a city escape to Lake Bunyonyi

  • Chilling out with loved ones
  • Swimming
  • Canoeing
  • Island hopping
  • Community and Cultural Visits
  • Visit the Batwa people
  • Nature Walks
  • Mountain Biking
  • Visit the local market
  • Bird watching
  • Eating Crayfish

Other activities that can be added onto Lake Bunyonyi city escape and these can be done in other different areas of Uganda as you try to escape the pollution, jam and stress in the city and these involve”

  • Bungee jumping
  • White water rafting
  • Horse riding,
  • Kayaking
  • Quad biking
  • Jet boat cruise ride
  • Sport fishing
  • Swimming in the source of the Nile

Best season to city escape to Lake Bunyonyi

In Uganda we have two seasons that we experience throughout the year and that is the rainy season and the dry season which influences the flow of tourist in the country.

But best recommended season to travel is during the dry season when it is easy to drive through the dusty road trails, at the same time also visiting Lake Bunyonyi

The dry season is during the months of June to October the long dry season, December to February the short dry seasons in the year.

What to pack on a city escape to Lake Bunyonyi

Whether a first-timer or seasoned traveller to lake bunyonyi, your packing list must include appropriate clothing (short and long sleeved shirts, fleece rain jacket, pair/s of shorts, safari pants), footwear (sandals for use around the Safari Lodge or Camp, hiking boots for mountain climbing, gorilla trekking, chimpanzee treks), basic first aid kit (anti-nausea tablets, anti-malarial tablets, pain killers, gauze, bandages and sunscreen), camera with extra memory space and batteries, travel documents (passport, visa, air ticket, yellow fever vaccination certificate), toiletries (wet wipes, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, deodorant, toothbrush, hair combs), backpack, warm sweater and pair of binoculars among others.

Accommodations at Lake Bunyonyi

Accommodation facilities in numerous, campsites and ecologies have been set up for the best of the escaper therefore accommodation should not even have to be the main things of stress in this escape to lake Bunyonyi.

How to get to Lake Bunyonyi

Lone travelers to Lake Bunyonyi need to first get to Kabale town. It takes 8 hours of driving by car to reach Kabale town from Kampala. It takes between 20 to 30 minutes at most to reach the lake from Kable town. To reach the Lake from Kabale town, one needs to hire a bodaboda (motorcycle) or taxi. Those coming from a safari in either Queen Elizabeth or Kibale National Park will need to travel for about 5 hours on road before reaching the lake.

Lake Bunyonyi attracts tourists, honeymooners and Ugandans who wish to get away from the busy town life and enjoy the cool weather and beautiful islands. The lake offers great panoramic views from all sides and is a great place to go for meditation and relaxation.

The beautiful scenery and cool weather is perfect for relaxing after tiring activities like tracking the gorillas, climbing mountains or doing game drives in Uganda’s national parks, Food is plenty and consists of local vegetables and fruits as well as international dishes. The crowning moment is watching the Lake Bunyonyi sunset. The setting of the sun provides an opportunity to take beautiful photos of the sun’s rays reflecting on the lake waters.

Lake Bunyonyi is closer to Kigali in Rwanda than Kampala (Uganda’s capital). It takes 3 hours of driving by car to reach the lake. Have you escape from the city for some days to Lake Bunyonyi and enjoy the delightful moments at the lake.

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